Wicked Gummies Review and Giveaway

Wicked Gummies Review and Giveaway

Something we are all thinking about more at the moment is our health.  Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living in the constraints of a lockdown.  Which is why I have a great new review and giveaway with Wicked Gummies.

About Wicked Gummies

Wicked Gummy Co have launched a range of six Vegan Society registered nutritional gummies.  Unlike other supplements where you swallow a pill or capsule, these are like gummy sweets. Each  of the nutritional gummies have a great taste so it feels like you are having a treat rather than just another pill. It has been proven that 40% of adults have difficulty swallowing pills so may be missing out on using supplements.

The Wicked Gummies Product Range

The Original Bundle

original bundle
The Original Bundle – £70.66


The original bundle features 5 of their super gummies

1 – Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies

vit d


60 orange flavour gummies, giving you 1000%  of your RDI of Vitamin D.  Ideal for those following a plant-based diet or those grey winter months.  Also beneficial to those with chronic illness who are often bedbound and lack getting their Vitamin D naturally.  Vitamin D also strengthens teeth, bones and muscles.

2 – Multi Vitamin

multi vitamin


60 lemon flavoured gummies giving you all your essential vitamins.  With a blend of vitamins A, B6, C & E plus niacin and selenium which helps to reduce tiredness and improve your immunity and stronger vision and bones.

3 – Hair, Skin and Nails

hair skin nails


60 mixed berry flavour gummies to give you shinier hair, glowing skin and stronger nails.  Each gummy contains a blend of vitamins C&E amongst others.

4 – Peaceful ZZZZ



60 passion fruit gummies to enable a peaceful sleep, with a unique blend to help your body increase serotonin levels. Giving you a good nights sleep and fights depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, weight gain and other health problems.

5 – Happy Tummy 

happy tummy


60 yoghurt flavoured gummies, that contain probiotic with a billion live cultures per serving.  Helping restore the natural balance of your digestive system, plus also helping immune function and weight loss.

The bundle can be purchased for £70.66, where as if you purchased each of these supplements individually the total cost would be £100.95 so you get  a great saving.

Iron Gummies

iron gummies

60 peach flavoured gummies to support your energy levels and tackle fatigue.

My Opinion

I received the above a couple of weeks ago, as my Daughter suffers with ME, Fibromyalgia plus an abdominal issue I have been trying some of the above with her as well.  As she takes medication daily having the supplements in gummy form makes it easier. Personally for me I find it easier to pop one in my mouth and chew than the ritual of getting your supplements and a glass of water to take them.  This is such a great way to get the supplements you need.

The Giveaway

One lucky winner has the chance to win two products of your choice.  To enter see below

Wicked Gummy Co

Good luck and if you are feeling lucky have you seen my other giveaways currently running

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Wicked Gummies Review and Giveaway


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    1. I’d love to try the Happy Tummy and the Hair, Skin and Nails, as I have mild very persistent acne.

  1. Due to an underlining illness and treatment I cant obsorb vitmin D or B. So I would go for Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies and Multi Vitamins thank you

  2. I’d like, no, I would really really love to try the hair, skin and nails gummies and the Peaceful zzzz. If these live up to their promises, my life would be transformed!

  3. I would chose the multi vitamin and happy tummy. It’s so important that we take care of our health right now!

  4. probably would choose the hair,skin,nails and multi vitamin. covers all ground! thanks for tis great giveway, keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. I would choose the peaceful ZZZZ as i struggle with sleep and also Happy Tummy as a few of my family could benefit from these. Thank you for the chance.

  6. Oh these look so good. I have a few chronic conditions that affect my stomach and cause exhaustion so i often get a chewy form of multivitamin. I’d chose the peaceful zzz and happy tummy. Thankyou x

  7. The peaceful zzzz and the hair skin and nails would be the perfect choice for me. Thanks for the chance x

  8. I’d choose the Vitamin D sunshine gummies and the Hair Skin and Nails gummies! They look fab and I really struggle to take pills so these would be ideal!

  9. Id deffo go for the peaceful zzzz and the hair skin and nails! Could deffo do with a good nights sleep and something to perk my skin up right now!!

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