Purition Review and Giveaway

Puriton Review and Giveaway (2)

During the weird time we are all going through at the moment. Being in lockdown not being able to do the normal things we take for granted. Going out to work each day or meeting up with friends, and more importantly your weekly shop as they shelves are bare.  How can we ensure we are living a healthy lifestyle. I may have the answer with Purition.

About Purition

Puriton the importance of chosing wisely, which at the moment is proving harder than normal.  They are all about real food, made in small batches and using the best ingredients from farming communities. Sourcing locally where possible to also reduce the use of unnecessary plastics and creating zero waste. Caring for what we eat which is why their ingredients are from fields, orchards and tees, with no additives or preservatives.

What is Purition

Puriton create 100% natural and delicious protein fuelled shakes. Made from a combination of nuts, seeds and natural proteins that can be blended into tasty shakes in less than 30 seconds.  Which is great for those with busy lifestyles, and are great fo breakfast or lunch.

Original Range

The Purition original range comes in 500g pouches which is enough for 12 servings and come in a range of flavours

  • Beetroot
  • Chocolate & Beetroot
  • Macadamia and Vanilla
  • Chocolate (cocoa)
  • Coffee and Walnut
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Coconut
  • Almond
  • Pistachio
  • Unflavoured

Each pouch is available in original range or vegan range for £22.95 or you can buy 3 and get a discount.

Discovery Box

If you are like me and not sure on the flavours and whether you would like it, and buying a larger pack and maybe wasting it as you are not keen.  They offer a discovery box, where you can choose any 6 of the flavours from either their original range or vegan range.  These are 40g servings and will give you a chance to try the range before purchasing the larger packs.

My Opinion

I was intrigued to try these as we do love smoothies in our house, and especially my Daughter who has an illness these are sometimes all she can manage.  Also I love that you can mix them with any milk.  I ordered a range of the flavours to try that I knew my family would love. Obviously, I tried the first one, and although the taste took a few sips to get used to I did love it..  I then tried it on my Daughter next who thought it was disgusting, but this could just be her and her illness as she often finds things she normally loves tastes disgusting, so probably not the best to review.  My husband was not a total convert but did say they were ok, one of my sons came over and saw them and tried one and stole the others so he loved them,

I love the idea, and the ease at having something nutritious when you are in a hurry.  I will be keeping them in for those times but for some they may be an acquired taste or take a bit of time to get used to but if I can find them ok then anyone can.

The Giveaway

If you would like to try these for yourself, I have a lovely prize of 1 x Discovery Box and a 500g pouch of Chocolate and Beetroot for you to win.  See below on how to enter


Purition Giveaway

Good luck and why not enter my other great giveaways

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      1. I’ve been learning yoga through an online course. It’s keeping me mentally and physically refreshed each day.

    1. Eating and drinking as healthily as possible, making sure to have a few cheat days otherwise things just get boring! We make sure to go for daily walks too!

    1. I’ve been going out for a daily walk and I’m super excited to be getting a fitbit for my birthday on Sunday which I’m going to use to set fitness goals like daily steps

  1. I make sure I walk with my dogs once a day and I am also eating smaller meals as I am not excising as much as I usually do.

  2. In normal times I enjoy swimming and aqua fit but at the moment I am doing my daily walk and I am also using my hula hoop! I always eat well and as healthily as possible.

  3. I have major problems with my legs and am on crutches to walk, which makes exercise hard, but I try to do a little yoga mixed with some physio exercises and make sure I do all my upper body exercises as much as possible to keep myself from losing strength there xx

  4. I stay healthy by keeping hydrated and always getting out in the daylight as soon as i wake up to get the circadian rhythm going !

  5. I eat healthy I run and walk everywhere I try to drink lots of water! I go to a dance class, I try to stay calm and get a good night sleep ( struggle with the last two)Lock down has effect all of these and I will need to start again when it’s all over.

  6. I’ve been on a big health kick the last 18 months so for me it’s – drink plenty of water, eat more fruit and veg and also more in season fruit and veg, eat less processed food and increase my healthy sleeping habits

  7. usually i walk about 15 miles a day! but at the moment im just doing the hour daily, plus i use a calorie counter on my phone to make sure im not over eating

  8. I’ve been trying to exercise between calls! I’ve gone from being able to do no push ups to being able to do 10 in a few weeks 🙂

  9. I have a water tracker on my phone, and I try to count calories otherwise I go overboard on things! Xx

  10. I’m working out a few times a week, eating healthier and smaller portions and trying to get 10k+ steps in a day, little bit more difficult with lockdown but I’m managing so far

  11. Presently not so easy due to current Coronavirus (covid 19) lockdown conditions. As we have been told to “Stay Home “.

    Aim to eat healthily. Prior to the present situation :- Attended some groups where we had ‘Soup and Blether ‘. So this was beneficial from the point of view that healthy foodstuff provided / available. Company :- Others there so met people, so chat / socialising. Depending on Enviroments :- Some places had activities available also, such as chair exercises, table tennis, floor bowls, book club, etc. So a variety of opportunities for healthy activities. Also opportunities to share information regarding local venues, theatre shows, etc. Always nice to share good experiences with others, share good news, hear others good news, etc. As well as point people towards organisations who can and will help with particular concerns / problems.

  12. We try and stay healthy by having homecooked meals and snacks so we know what is going into the food. Also trying to make sure that we stay hydrated as well.

  13. It’s a little difficult as I’m self-isolating now and working from home, but I’m making an effort to ensure I drink enough water and eat healthily.

  14. I use kettlebells and a rebounder because they are effective and easy to store, plus I take vitamin c and d daily x

  15. I walk my dogs daily which I enjoy but treat wise if I see something I really want I still have it but save it to weekends only that way Im limiting my treats but not depriving myself, works for me 🙂

  16. I used to go to gym and swim, now with lockdown I am careful about what I eat and work harder and longer at the jobs at home I have been putting off for years.

  17. I exercise a great deal – cycling and walking and I also eat healthily with lots of vegetables which are home-grown in the summer!

  18. I walk every day, rain or shine, and I make sure I walk fast. No dawdling. I also make sure I drink plenty of water.

  19. I have a trampette and I use this to exercise daily with the kids when they are doing the Jo Wick’s PE workout haha

  20. I try to walk with my children everyday and encourage everyone to drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit and veg

  21. I follow a slimming world diet and have lost over 7.5 stone – walking and even running a little now

  22. Getting up and dressed at a ‘normal’ time and going for a daily walk. Also keeping busy with projects despite not being able to go out stops me over eating through bordom

  23. I have invented a new exercise technique called Skaracise. Stick a Jamaican ska album and dance to it every morning.

  24. I try to drink water & stay active with the kids as best I can, too knackered to do anything else and I eat my feelings!

  25. Until lockdown, my children and I were in the gym 6 days a week (they’re competitive Muay Thai fighters aged 5 and 10). Now we do daily circuit training, shadow boxing and weights. I’ve actually gotten a lot stronger during lockdown with a bit more time to myself to train!

  26. Currently I am following all the rules about keeping myself safe from Covid-19 as I am in the vulnerable category.

  27. To stay healthy I try to eat better plus smaller portion sizes but also being active! That is one of the most important things.

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