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Time To Re-Model Our Bathroom

There are two rooms in my house that I want looking perfect, one is the kitchen and the other is the bathroom. Our bathroom is quite old now and starting to show that it is time to revamp it. This is something that we have been looking into recently and have decided to completely rip everything out and work from a blank shell.

This has meant we have been looking at everything from flooring and walls, to showers, toilets and sinks to the other small things to finish off the revamp

Where to start

Obviously, you have to work with the room you have, and can not just go in a rip everything out and hope what you have chosen fits.  The next is to look at what you want and the styles available.  Luckily my husband has very similar tastes to me so we find it easy to discuss these decisions.

At the moment we have a bath with a shower attachment, but as we hardly use the bath we have made the decision to have a better shower and get rid of the bath..  This will also give us more room and floor space.


kohler luxstone

When looking at showers apart from how well the shower works, I want something stylish and one that is easy to clean and will live up to a families use.  I have been looking at the kohler luxstone which offers luxury and elegance. that is also available in a selection of patterns and styles. Plus will last for years and is easy to clean, which is a win for me.


Another issue I have in our current bathroom is storage, I have shelves and a little area that I can hide my cleaning products.  Although these work for their purpose it is not ideal. I have seen some lovely units that also house the sink, which is such a great idea as that is usually lost space.  Plus I love the huge options of sinks you can get these days, from the traditional to glass bowls or even stone or wood.


Another thing we are going to finally get around to changing is the heating, at present we have a radiator in our bathroom.  What we ideal want and need is the towel rail heaters where you can keep your towels warm and dry for every member of the family.

It Takes Time

One thing we have found since deciding on revamping our bathroom is that it is not something you can rush into. We had originally planned to do our bathroom this year, but it now looking like it will be next year.  Plus obviously with the current conditions having someone come in to do the work will not be happening.

This is also a big purchase and something you are 100% with, so take time to choose what you want from the walls to the floor, plus styles and designs that suit your taste.  There are some great deals and options out there I think we have changed our minds about 10 times already.

Have you recently revamped your bathroom, if so what tips would you give us?


Time To Re-Model Our Bathroom

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