Test Your Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge

Are you fed up of the lockdown? Do you keep wondering around your home looking for something to do? Or chatting with friends going over the same thing as no one has done anything new or different.  How about these great pub quiz books to arrange a virtual quiz night and test your knowledge against friends and family.

The Great British Pub Quiz Book

great british pub quiz book

This book is full of testing trivia for everyone who loves to test their knowledge.  With over 120 quizzes that cover all your favourite pub quiz topics.  Focussing specifically on the British Isles, the history and culture. For example –


Which fictional bear is named after a London station?


In Shakespeare’s Othello, who is the female lead?


Stonehenge originally had 30 upright sarsents (stone blocks).  How many still stand?

General knowledge Pub Quiz Book

general knowledge

This book contains a breadth of trivia that will test even the most experienced pub quizzer.  With over 80,000 questions that are divided into quizzes that alternate between specialist and pot luck.  Which ensures that there are questions for all interests .For example –


Dancing with the Starts is the US version of which entertainment show?


Which country is the largest producer of rice and tea in the world?


Which king was buried in Gloucester Cathedral in the 14th century?


The Bar-Stool Scholar Pub Quiz Book

bar stool

This is the perfect trivia test for anyone who aspires to take home the prize at the end of a pub quiz night.  Whether you are training to defeat the smug local champions, or just merely brushing up on your own skills. This is the perfect book for you, for example –


Where is the Queen’s Scottish residence?


Which food, not rationed during World war II, was rationed after it?


What are stag, rhinoceros and tiger other than animals in their own right?

My opinion

It is a standing joke in our house that my husband is a know it all, although I do stand my own at times.  We have had great fun testing each others knowledge and playing via video call with friends and family. I would recommend these to anyone to relieve the boredom of lockdown.

Do you want to win these books?

If you would like to hold your own quiz night, or just brush up on your knowledge.  I have been given 3 bundles to giveaway to 3 lucky readers.  To enter see below


British Pub Quiz Bundle

Good luck, and if you are feeling lucky why not try my other giveaways currently running

Win a copy of The Rose

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Test Your Knowledge

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  1. I work for Royal Mail, so still working. The rest of the time is spent at home, gardening, reading, watching television and playing backgammon.

    1. I’ve been working (I’m a keyworker) and trying to keep my little boy happy, educated and entertained.

    1. I’m my 92 year old mums carer so have to visit her every day despite the lock down. My brilliant hubby has been spring cleaning the house for me. As he is an avid quizzer he would love this prize

      1. We’ve been exploring where we live on our daily walks. Plus lots of baking and creativities

  2. Finally moving all the photos off of my phone onto the computer (and getting them sorted and titled). It’s taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

  3. Trying desperately to keep 3 young children occupied, when the sun is shining and they are trapped in a house

  4. I’m doing arts and crafts, binge watching box sets, reading, practising self-care and lots of cooking and baking.

  5. Ohh I really miss going to pub quizzes, this would be great to win to do with the family while we are all stuck at home 🤞🤞😁😁

  6. I binge watched Vikings, and am looking for a new programme to watch, plus I read a lot, there’s loads to find on my amazon xx

    1. We have started doing video quizzes with family and friends so this would be perfect to help us get more organised, thank you.

  7. The house and garden have never been so tidy and we are trying are very hardest not to eat like pigs!

  8. Been spending far too much time watching Netflix. I’m so jealous of people who have gardens right now!

  9. We do daily circuit training in the garden as a family and alongside getting school work done, we’re also doing lots of home cooking and baking.

  10. I have been working from home, spending time with my 8 year old and helping out at the organisation i work at on the floor

  11. I would love to say learning new hobbies but in all honesty watching lots of Marvel films and doing yoga!

  12. I’m off work (usually nhs) due to been in late stages of pregnancy. Trying to entertain an energetic toddler is tough!

  13. I’ve been keeping myself busy baking, spring cleaning and gardening, thanks for the chance to win.

  14. I have made a list of jobs that need doing on the house, I’m just trying to do something each day in the hope that when this is over my house will be more organised.

  15. I’ve been playing a lot of online games with my friends – cards against humanity, scrabble, pictionery as well as steam games and I’ve run 2 online pub quizzes 1 for a local cat rescue and 1 for my roller derby team (well I provided the questions for the derby one)

  16. I’ve been spending more time on my laptop, organising things in my bedroom, cleaning out kitchen cupboards, running around with wet wipes, disinfectant and bleach to keep going over things like light switches, cord pull, flush button on loo etc. We recently completed on a new house but as it’s difficult to buy anything we need for the renovation, almost impossible to arrange deliveries etc we’ve been making plans, writing lists, preparing boxes ready to take etc – it’s been even harder as my better half is doing all our shopping as well as for 3 neighbours and an elderly customer of his so he is ripping through supplies of wipes, gloves etc trying to reduce risks to all of us + the few days he’s made it to the new place he is having to work alone as no contact with his business partner. I’ve drawn up a rough action plan of the order to go through my belongings to decide what to throw out, what to donate to charity, things to sell on ebay (where I always donate 10%-100% of the final value to our local animal rescue charity – and I know they are struggling), and what to pack for the move. I didn’t realise quite how much ‘stuff’ I’d accumulated over the years. Luckily a couple of days before lockdown he filled his truck up twice with stuff for the tip so we did manage to get shot of some of the stuff we no longer wanted or needed (shame he included Playstations etc as games would’ve helped with the lockdown boredom but too late now!) I guess like everyone we’re doing all we can to stay as safe as possible, trying to fill our days – I’ve written a few letters to family as both of my parents were recently diagnosed with cancer so that adds to the list of worries – both of his parents were already ill and in the shielded categories. We’ve joined in the Thursday night applause for NHS and all carers – we have a residential home for the elderly next door to us to they should be able to hear and it’s been loud enough to carry to the nearby hospital too.

  17. These are the jobs I’ve already done in lockdown…..weeded the garden, cleaned inside all my kitchen cupboards, cleared out a massive cupboard which contained lots of old paperwork, got 3 sacks of recycling/shredding from it (took 6 hours to sort it all!), cleaned inside my car, started cleaning the inside of my windows in the house and cut my husband’s hair!!! I’m only half way through my list!

  18. I’m working from home but apart from that trying to home school. We’re also having movie marathons and spending time in the garden

  19. I’ve been spending quality time with my little one and also preparing a quiz to do with the family over social media!

  20. I have been watching a lot of box sets and films, and have bought many puzzle books to keep me entertained, I am on lockdown alone so I need to stay distracted.

  21. I have two little ones so its been lots of crafts, baking and our daily walks in nature. When they are in bed ive been reading, binge watching Friday night dinner and drinking wine! Xx

  22. I’ve been working from home, doing a bit of gardening, entering competitions, playing games and reading.

  23. Mostly trying to keep my children happy and entertained! Nice and easy in the sunny weather, not so easy in the pouring rain like today!

  24. Entertaining the children mainly! Baking, crafting, indoor exercise,teaching them to cross stitch, lots of games, gardening and a spot of decorating 🙂

  25. Normally working and teaching from home but as its Easter hols we have done baking, clearing out cupboards, crafting and using zoom to have video calls or playing games

  26. I’m still working from home 6 days a week but my down time is spent wisely, I get out in the garden, enjoy nature and the fresh air !

  27. Going out walks (one daily), listening to podcasts, working from home, watching netflix and doing some of my garden while the weather is nice

  28. We are now in our 6th week of self-isolation because of our age. We have established a routine whereby we work on the house and garden am. Cook and enjoy a leisurely lunch before going on a 4 mile circular walk on little used farm tracks and lanes round our village. Its then time for reading and a nap before hubby goes to his mancave and TV while I enter competitions and listen to music. Only negatives are not being able to hug our grandchildren and the stress involved in trying to get an online grocery delivery.

  29. Reading more and entering comps online, having a clear out but charity shops are closed so clutter in my front room now

  30. Watching the tv (television). It is the means of up to date information via the news. Partner became quickly ‘fed up ‘ with the updates on Coronavirus. I agreed that seemed a bit of information overload at times :- With the amount of tv programmes being about Coronavirus. As I felt / believed that the regular news was the time and place for factual informational updates. Oh! We were in the need of something else. We longed for some variety :- Entertainment, humour, etc as distraction when we have been advised to ” Stay at Home “.

    We are concerned about the current situation, we are saddened at hearing of ill health and deaths. The locals who have died and that news being in the media, people who we recognised as living and working within our communities. Present restrictions private funeral service with plans to celebrate the life lived later.

    Missing normal life of seeing :- Visiting or meeting friends and relatives. Going to the theatre, out for a meal, etc. We most certainly need some distraction. Whilst we hope and pray for better days for all. Missing church attendance also.

    Now some films and comedies, perhaps as planned for Easter holidays. Hearing the birds outside chirping is a sign of life, Spring. Getting outdoors for a bit of exercise and fresh air is nice. Though strange when not able to meet people and chat. As we would normally attend local walking group at times. Missing chatting to dog walkers and their pet /s. Have had the time to read the local newspaper/s.

  31. I’ve been homeschooling and catching up on a lot of reading, I also joined Sporcle which is an online trivia/quiz website to keep my brain ticking over.

  32. I first did a spot of spring cleaning but as the weather has been so good I’ve been doing a great deal of gardening. It’s never looked so good.

  33. Now on Day 46 of age related self isolation hubby and I have established a routine where we work on house and garden am. Cook and enjoy lunch. Read then go for a walk or cycle along little used farm tracks and lanes around our village. Nap! pm Evenings we do our own thing. Him in his man cave with PC and TV. Me in the living room with laptop and my music. Time has just flown by!

  34. Attempting to home school my 4 and 7 year old whilst looking after the 4 month old and trying to take care of my keyworker husband who is understandably exhausted when he gets back from work. I’m pooped! The house is a state, but I figure there are more important things right now

  35. I’ve started doing cross stitch again. I used to do it all the time but haven’t done any for a couple of years

  36. Working, fortunate to be able to work from home although done 7 weeks and ready to go back to office. Other than work, cooking, gardening, zoom calls with family and friends

  37. Working from home but in my spare time, we are using the opportunity to spring clean our house!

  38. My family and I have been working on the garden and on the house, making cards for family and friends and doing jigsaw puzzles.

  39. I’ve been doing college work, home schooling, cooking, cleaning, walking, reading, crocheting and sleeping!

  40. Reading, working out and cooking have kept me busy enough to not go crazy!! Thanks for the giveway, love a good old Zoom Pub Quizz ;);)

  41. I’ve been baking lots – sourdough bread and muffins – and started a veg patch in my garden!

  42. During lock down. Myself and my mum and dad have been having a board game olympics. I’m currently at the the bottom of the leaderboard at the moment but there’s still a good few weeks left of playing monopoly, risk, cluedo and even frustration to get me to the top

  43. What haven’t I been doing!? Home schooling, DIY, re-doing our entire front garden, reading, painting by numbers, cooking, baking, enjoying series on Netflix, walking!

  44. I have been doing gardening and growing runner beans, beetroot, carrots, onions and tomato plants; also doing jigsaw puzzles

  45. Daily walk, relaxing in the garden, games, practising gymnastics with son, homeschooling, gardening and having a sort out

  46. We’ve been going for regular walks for exercise. Also watching box sets and movies plus having zoom catch ups with friends and various groups.

  47. I’m a nurse so I’ve still been working during lockdown. On my days off I’ve just been pottering around the house and sitting in the garden

  48. Some working from home, gardening, reading and mainly looking after my 91 year old mother for the last 3 weeks since she came out of hospital after recovering from the virus, and boy is she hard work!!

  49. I have been decluttering, Also doing crossword puzzles. But since I broke my elbow at the weekend, I am now watching TV, and reading.& using voice recognition when on pc. It tends to make lots of errors!

  50. I’ve been doing a lot of gardening. Trying out new recipes too. 101 recipes with baked beans. Catching up on reading too. Cannot recommend enough a book by M J Alridge called Eeny Meeny. Read it You will love it.

  51. Home Schooling – my daughter has learning issues so been spending 5 hours a day sitting with her. Exhausting.

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