Diary Of A Menopausal Mum – Week I Don’t Care

aI know this started as a weekly feature, but honestly each day and week is like groundhog day, There really has been nothing exciting going on, so to keep you up to date on the exciting life in the StressedMum household here is my latest diary of a menopausal Mum – week I don’g care.  In case you missed my last post you can find it here

Catch Up From My Last Post

The Madness

As I am unable to get an online delivery, I am having to brave the shops again this week.  Why are the shelves still so empty surely everyone has stocked up on everything by now.  Honestly I got the last bread loaf and meat unless you wanted mince, chicken or bacon it was pretty much empty.  I had plenty of this in the freezer so didn’t need these although I did buy a leg of lamb.

My Rant

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We see adverts every two minutes but still it seems that some people do not think social distancing applies to them. Today I had enough and had a little rant on Facebook, which I will share below (and please ignore the swear word as I never usually swear on here)

When will people understand what social distancing means. It means keep the fuck away from others. Not visiting each others houses, not going out to garden centres for coffee and cake. Not having family over. This will go on for longer and can increase the chances of those doing everything right catching it or bringing it into the house. It is dangerous for those who are vulnerable. So please just stick to the rules. They are for everyone you are not special and they do apply to you

And I mean it, I have a child who is vulnerable that it could be fatal if she gets it.  I am living in fear of it coming in the house and her coming into contact with it.  If she gets it she will be taken to hospital on her own, be fighting the battle on her own while we are stuck at home not knowing.  We can do it, I am the one who goes out to reduce the risk.

I popped to our local garage earlier as needed milk, most people keep social distance and are respectful apart from the complete idiot who can and stood next to me and leant across.  Yes I understand you just want to get in and out as quickly as possible, but so do I am the rest of the shop.  Be respectful, if you have to stand back for a minute then do it.  You may be ok but how do you know.  Look at a video I recently shared on my Facebook page about contamination.

A Night Out

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


Last Saturday my husband and I had a night out.  Ok it was a night out that is different to a normal night out but in these times it is what is normal.  We are lucky that my husbands studio where he works from is at the end of our garden, this is also where he escapes to play his guitars etc as well.

So we showered and changed and headed to the studio where he gave me a solo performance and I sang along, we then had a virtual meet up with friends.  Not the same as meeting up in person but was still lovely to do.

Once Again a Huge Thank You

We need to all say thank you to those who are carrying on day and night for us, so lets say thank you to them for working hard this week.

  • The NHS staff
  • The shop workers
  • The public transport workers and cab drivers getting these staff to work
  • Everyone else who is out there working hard

I have heard harrowing stories of how these workers have been treated, so from me at StressedMum a huge thank you for all you are doing.

How has your week been?



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  1. I think more people have leaned over me to reach something from a shelf over the last few weeks than ever in my lifetime!

    I can’t believe how busy everywhere is. We live on a busy main road and the difference in noise has been huge. Today and yesterday though, traffic has been non-stop! It’s like people just don’t care at all!

    1. It is the same here, we live on a busy main road and although the traffic has reduced it is still much busier than it should be, and if I walk down to our local garage for milk the amount of families in cars is amazing. Plus at night at gone 11 the traffic is as busy as normal.
      I have to go shopping today and just know it is going to be a nightmare, I have started telling people to keep a distance I don’t care anymore if I offend someone or not, my health and my families health are far more important

  2. I have no idea why some people are finding the rules so hard to adhere too – they are for the health of everyone! I really get so upset when I hear of people being rude to those working hard to keep things running.

  3. Grocery delivery here hasn’t been anything more than a fleeting dream since this started. I agree, it is troublesome that some people aren’t taking this seriously, I also have a child that is susceptible.

  4. I feel very lucky to live where I do, every one is being very responsible and we live on the very edge of a city/countryside so it is easy to distance/escape others when we leave the house. I wish others would be as good. I imagine in more built up places/cities it is more difficult.

  5. I think your night out with your husband sounds excellent fun and a good compromise when we are all stuck in. I’m pleased to see when I go out (once a week) that most people are really respectful and keeping good distance. Mich x

    1. We had a lovely night out. I find most people are respectful but yesterday a man was shopping with his two daughters who must have been mid to late teens omg I had to tell them twice about social distancing

  6. I know what you mean I can’t find wholemeal pasta for love or money. I wasn’t aware that garden centers were essential. Most where I am are closed from what I’ve heard.

    1. I managed to get a larger bag of pasta last week so we are all right for that. I wasn’t aware either we have a big one in waking distance and that is closed

  7. For home deliveries I’ve found tesco the easiest to get as long as you’re ready about 6/7am in the morning. I tend to make my basket full ready to get the time the next morning. I’m doing alright, just bored and frustrated really x

    1. I have tried various times but not 6/7am will try that to see if it works. I think the boredom is setting in for everyone now x

  8. The night out to your studio sounds absolutely amazing and just what you needed! It infuriates me that there are still people who think social distancing doesn’t apply to them.

    1. We had a great night and have planned another night out tonight and having dinner out as well as going to get some picky bits to take up there. Lockdown wont stop us, I get really annoyed that some people do not think the rules apply to them

  9. I agree with you about the social distancing. There are people in my street who have family visiting them all of the time

    1. I totally agree even neighbours are having people visit all the time, I just do not get what part of the social distancing rules are hard to understand

  10. I am currently working in a supermarket and deliveries are getting back to normal now so you should be able to get everything you need.
    Most people are lovely, but some are damn right rude about our social distancing measures and others just oblivious. You can register online as vunerable so you get priority home shopping slots

    1. I admire everyone who works in a supermarket having to deal with the past few weeks. I haven’t looked since Friday about booking a slot but will have a look now. I have looked about registering as vulnerable but get told to phone which just never gets answered.

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