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If you are getting bored whilst in lockdown. Trying to find things to keep your kids amused while not being able to go out and about.  Wicked Mania have some great ideas that will keep kids young and old amused for hours.  Plus moving away from the computer screen or tv screen.

Who are Wicked Mania

Wicked Mania are a young and vibrant toy company, bringing the very best toys and games to the market, including some amazing toys that are manufactured here in the UK. Selling a range of active indoor and outdoor toys,

Indoor Booma Boomerang

indoor booma

The Indoor Booma Boomerang is what it says a boomerang that you can use safely indoors.  It is made of foam so will not cause any damage.  The foam is specially engineered memorang foam, which can be tuned for different flights.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor play. If you click the above link you can see a video of the Booma in action.


Mega Jump Rope

mega jump

The Mega Jump really took me back to my childhood where I used to love skipping and was often found with a skipping rope in hand.  This is great for beginners (which I have become as I found out) to the more advanced.  Skipping ropes have certainly come on a long way since I was young.  This one has high quality ball-bearings to give you smooth spins and the rope length can be altered so great fo kids and us adults taking a ride back to our own childhood.



The UKick is tipped to be the craze of the year, brining the mix of badminton and football together.  The aim is to keep the UKick off the ground for as long as you can.  You can use your hands or feet, play with friends o on your own. If you click the link above you can see the UKick in action.

My Opinion

We have had fun playing with these, although our skills levels need a lot of work, unfortunately, we have to make sure the dogs are not about or they would be chasing them and claiming as their own.

Wicked Mania have a whole site full of great toys that will keep every member of the family active and to stop the boredom setting in.  Have you tried any of their toys yet?  If you would like to try these for yourself I have a discount code where you can receive a 20% discount on your purchases, by using DISCOUNT CODE: STRESSED20 at the checkout.

Wicked Mania Review





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