The Little Book Of Prada

The Little Book Of Prada

You may have seen my previous post The Little Book of Dior, which is a must have book for all fashion lovers. I now have another lovely book to share with you The Little Book of Prada.

little book of prada

Let us look at the different sections of the book.


The introduction explains about what the book is about from Pradas beginnings of a Milanese brand that began as a leather goods company to date.


The Prada story began in 1913, when Mario Prada and his brother Martino opened a leather goods shop in Milans Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.  A landmark nineteenth century shopping arcade .  The shop known as Fratelli Prada (Prada Brothers) specialised in high quality leather products and luxury items.

The Early Years

In the 1980’s a numer of estblished luxury, handcrafted travel goods companies began to diversify and break into new ground with a focus on accessories.  This created a platform for later fashion collections.  Prada took the brave move to also transform its image, by adding a unique utilitarian and urban dimension to the long established brand.

The Prada Aesthetic

Always the problem with wanting to do structure is to do them in a way that still moves and is still comfortable, not really stiff – Miuccia Prada

In the 1970’s when Miuccia Prada took over as creative director and joined forces with her husband and business partner Patrizio Bertelli, change was inevitable if the brand was to survive.

The Minimalist Collections

During the 1980’s where there was an excess of shoulder pads and neon colours.  Miuccia’s designs expressed a desire for simplicity.  This new minimalism became Prada’s trademark look.

Colours, Prints and Textures

Prada’s quirky use of prints has been ongoing since Miuccia first launched her first ready to wear collections.  Right from the start the colour combinations were often unual.


In 1992 Miuccia Prada launched her first full menswear collecton which included footwear and accessories.

There really is so much more to this book, I could go on forever talking about Prada.  I currently have my eye on a Prada handbag and often get drawn into the Prada range.

The Giveaway

If you love fashion or history and would love to own your own copy of The Little Book of Prada, I have 3 copies to give away.  See below on how to enter.

The Little Book of Prada

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The Little Book Of Prada




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  • Joo Dee 2 weeks ago Reply

    my fav fashion accessory is my Kipling Backpack, had it years and it goes everywhere

  • fiona waterworth 2 weeks ago Reply

    I have a sparkly handbag which I love to take out as much as possible

  • angela Treadway 2 weeks ago Reply

    i love my hair clips as a girl can’t do without hair clips x

  • Sheena Batey 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love jewellery of any kind

  • Julia Kerr 2 weeks ago Reply

    I have a big collection of earrings, it’s the one piece of jewellery I really love

  • Helen Arlow 2 weeks ago Reply

    Scarves are my favourite fashion accessory x

    Katie B 2 weeks ago Reply

    Scarves! They are so pretty, bright and make every outfit look different!

  • Yvonne Wilkinson 2 weeks ago Reply

    I mainly wear block colours so my favourite fashion accessory is a colourful silk scarf to ring the changes

  • Kristie Metcalfe 2 weeks ago Reply

    Rings. A small detail but I think they help to pull an outfit together.

  • Emilia Nastaly-Howard 2 weeks ago Reply

    earings and rings

  • Gill Williams 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love to wear a belt bag as I then know my money, keys and phone are safe. It is fab to be hands free too.

  • Annabel Greaves 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love a nice handbag

  • Sophie Roberts 2 weeks ago Reply

    Definitely my Louis Vuitton bag!

  • Solange 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love a necklace.

  • Kim M 2 weeks ago Reply

    Like a colourful scarf x

  • Tina H 2 weeks ago Reply

    I just adore my vintage radley leather handbag.

  • Elizm 2 weeks ago Reply

    love a posh hat!

  • Carl 2 weeks ago Reply

    Scarves are the best, so versatile.

  • S Straw 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love a nice handbag!

  • lynn neal 2 weeks ago Reply

    My sparkly clutch bag!

  • Carole Nott 2 weeks ago Reply

    I like to have nice jewellery that compliments my outfit

  • Jade Brailsford 2 weeks ago Reply

    Earrings and bangles make an outfit I think.

  • PAULINE HILL 2 weeks ago Reply

    my nice big handbag which holds ever thing

  • ashleigh allan 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love a nice scarf!

  • Lewis Baines 2 weeks ago Reply

    Fab prize

    Ria roe 2 weeks ago Reply

    A big chunky scarf in winter, and sunglasses in summer!

  • Eileen Hindley 2 weeks ago Reply

    my favourite pair of earrings

  • Ruth Harwood 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love a nice scarf – I need one to support my neck where I have a slipped disc, and can’t hold it up without a scarf – so I like a colourful scarf to set any outfit off!

  • melanie yates 2 weeks ago Reply

    I want to read the Little Book of Prada!

  • Alexa Schoolar 2 weeks ago Reply

    My earrings…I always have some in

  • Rich Tyler 2 weeks ago Reply

    My watch

  • abigail Edkins 2 weeks ago Reply

    My fave is my purse

  • GooderDan 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love a good watch

  • Natalie Burgess 2 weeks ago Reply

    Hoop earrings xx

  • Janet Richardson 2 weeks ago Reply

    Always a beautiful discreet Swiss watch

  • Sophie Smith 2 weeks ago Reply

    My favourite accessory has to be a handbag!

  • Naomi Smith 2 weeks ago Reply

    I like a nice pair of earrings

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  • Rebecca King 2 weeks ago Reply

    Earrings, I wear them everyday

  • Lisa Wilkinson 2 weeks ago Reply

    Big earrings

  • Iona 2 weeks ago Reply

    My favourite fashion accessory is statement earrings

  • Sare Davies 2 weeks ago Reply

    A brightly coloured scarf

  • Gillian Mcclelland 1 week ago Reply

    My favourite accessory is a great bag

  • Amy Bondoc 1 week ago Reply

    got to be hhangbags!

  • Claire Nutman 1 week ago Reply

    Definately silk neck scarves……….love love love !!

  • Kayleigh 6 days ago Reply

    My amazing pair of diamond earrings

  • Katherine Coldicott 4 days ago Reply

    Headscarves & wide headbands.

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