The Little Book Of Dior

The Little Book Of Dior

For those of you who love fashion or history The Little Book Of Dior, is a lovely little book you will fall in love with.  The book follows the story of Christian Dior from the early days, to the brands inception all the way through to the couture collections on the catwalk and the red carpet.

The book is split into nine chapters


My dream? To make women happier and more beautiful – Christian Dior

The introduction starts in Paris in 1947, while still reeling from Nazi occupation of Europe, and when rationing continued.  An idealistic couturier by the name of Christian Dior opened his first fashion house.

Early Life

Born 21st January 1905, he was the second of five children, living in Granville a smart seaside town on the coat of Normandy.

He lived in a wealthy family, due to his great-great grandfathers business which was founded in 1832. Describing his childhood home and passion for flowers and plants this section looks at his idyllic childhood home, and his early life right up to the war years.

The War Years

Even though Christian Dior spent a year doing military service and was lucky enough to avoid active combat.  This did not stop his love for fashion.  He continued sending his fashion sketches to the newspaper Le Figaro, which were featured on the women’s fashion pages.

The New Look

In 1946 Christian Dior was approached by the extremely wealthy textile magnate Marcel Boussac.  Who was very impressed by Dior’s work and wanted a designer to resurrect an old fashion house named Phillipe et Gatson.

The House of Dior

At the beginning of the 1950’s Christian Dior had been head of his own haute couture house for just three years, and had created fashion history with his daring new look.

Hollywood & Socialites

Christian Dior’s reputation as the designer of the moment spread quickly.  Soon becoming popular with the Hollywood stars of the silver screen.

Dior Without Dior

Christian Dior died after heading his house for just 10 years. His legacy is such that designers who have succeeded him have remained true to the original tenets of the Ne Look. With the masterful cut and tailoring celebrating the female form.


From head to toe Dior’s New Look was more than just a revolutionary silhouette.  It was a whole ensemble where the hat, shoes, gloves, bag and silk stockings were just as important than the dress or suit.

Fragrance & Beauty

The finishing touches to for any beautiful women has to be perfume.

Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of a woman, the finishing touch on a dress – Christian Dior

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The Little Book Of Dior

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  1. I didn’t realise that he led the house for such a short time. It would be great to find out other little things about him.

  2. Love books like this that are factual and beautiful. My favourite fashion piece is a men’s hat. Strange but so elegant. X

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