How To Go Meat Free Review and Giveaway

How To Go Meat Free Review and Giveaway

You may have already seen my recent reviews on How To Go Waste Free about how we can reduce the waste we produce at home, and How To Go Plastic Free looking at how we can reduce our plastic use.

T0day we are looking at How To go Meat Free, and look at the many alternatives that are on the market now.

About How To Go Meat Free

how to go meat free

How To Go Meat Free looks at how you can make the transition of avoiding meat once or twice a week. To going vegetarian or vegan.  This book will give you tips to ensure you maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Amongst other things including creative plant-based recipes

Below we will look at just a few of the pages from the book

Healthy Living


#1 Know The Risks Of Eating Met and The Benefits Of Not – Eating meat is starting to fall out of fashion as we become more aware of health risks. This section looks at the benefits from eating a plant-based meat free diet.

#2 Don’t Let Labels Define You – Forget labels and eat for you and your budget, forget about the labels.


#7 Fill Up On Fewer Calories – another benefit of eating fibre is that you get full quicker which means you eat fewer calories

#8 Keep Cholesterol In Check – If you are worried about your cholesterol, eating a meat free diet will help with this. As cholesterol is only found in animal products


#15 Be Mindful About B Vitamins – If choosing a plant-based diet make sure you are getting the right nutrients, Vitamin B12 is not fund in plants, as it is found in meat, eggs, milk and seafood.

#16 Mind Your minerals – As with vitamins there are two minerals that can be lacking in a meat free diet. Which are Zinc and Iodine.

These are just a few snippets from the book. Which is full of 100 tips for making that transition easier and things you need to watch and do.


If you are thinking of making that transition to a meat free diet, I have 5 copies to giveaway.  See below on how to enter

Win A Copy of How To Go Meat Free

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How To Go Meat Free Review and Giveaway





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Comments (13)

  • Ritchie 2 weeks ago Reply

    I am vegan

  • Gill Williams 2 weeks ago Reply

    I am already meat free but would love a copy of this book for my daughter.

  • Patrick Quilty 2 weeks ago Reply

    meat free since new years day

  • Carrie-Anne Brown 2 weeks ago Reply

    yes, i’d love to reduce my meat intake

  • Natalie Burgess 1 week ago Reply

    Ive been meat free for a while now, ive failed a couple of times but I can imagine ever going back

    Angela Thompson 3 days ago Reply

    I have always eaten meat but am trying to reduce the amount I eat. I am going to start with ‘Meat free March’ so this book would be a great help.

  • Lucinda P 1 week ago Reply

    I’ve been meat free for 30 years (gosh that makes me sound old!) but I’m always looking for new ideas

  • Mel Turner 1 week ago Reply

    Im thinking of cutting down but my boyfriend wants to go completly meat free

  • Mel Pennie 1 week ago Reply

    We have been meat free in our house since the New Year, and I can honestly say I don’t miss it at all. There are so many tasty alternatives, we have broadened our recipe / cooking skills, and have never looked, or felt healthier.

  • Claire Blakeley 1 week ago Reply

    I’ve been meat free for about 5 years, but I’m always on the hunt for more inspiration! xx

  • Ruth Harwood 6 days ago Reply

    Not sure I could go completely meat free, but I’m thinking of doing a part time sort of thing, where we’re meat free half the week, maybe moving on from there xx

  • Lisa Wilkinson 2 days ago Reply

    I have veggie week once a month. I don’t go crazy for meat the other weeks either but I’m learning veggie and vegan recipes and since I still crave the savouriness of meat trying to find alternatives. Mushrooms and halloumi ease my cravings.

  • Phillipa H 1 day ago Reply

    I’d like to try going meat free for a few days a week – I’m inspired from vegan January

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