The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum Week 4

Another week has somehow flown by and it never gets easier living with the menopause and living daily life.  Here is my world this week.  In case you missed last weeks edition you can find it here.

7th February 2020

Something To Share

Womens Bamboo Luxe Leopard Pyjama Set

I am starting off with something all you menopausal women need to know about.  I have found the best pyjamas to give you a great nights sleep.

Leopard Luxe are the latest addition to the Pretty You London Bamboo range.


The newest addition to their nightwear is this stunning leopard print pyjama set with premium contrast piping and buttons.  Guaranteeing you a luxury feeling after a long day. With deep pockets and relaxed design making this a versatile and wearable pyjama set for all body types.

The Material

Bamboo is the perfect material for nightwear as its smooth and round fibres mean that the material will not irritate your skin.  It is perfect for us menopausal women as it is temperature controlling, with its wicking properties.  As well as the cross-section fibres that trap warm air.

For those who are eco-friendly bamboo grows quickly and does not require any fertilisers or pesticides. Meaning that is a durable material that retains its natural antibacterial qualities (even after washing).  It kills odour causing bacteria keeping you feeling fresh.

Everything Else

I have had the worst week possible.  We finally got C’s MRI results on Monday and was advised to take her to A&E.  I know some of you know what happened.  But we sat there for over 7 hours after seeing triage, who attacked me about the medication she was on, which is C0nsultant prescribed.  Then kept us waiting telling us story after story and then calling me a liar and lying to me. As you know how this could upset a hormonal woman, try a menopausal woman, it did not go down well.  Not once in the whole time we were sat there with my Daughter in agony did they come and see her.  We finally saw a Dr who did not understand the diagnosis (inflamed gallbladder).  Told us it would get better and take paracetamol.

I have been struggling this week with being so angry and so frustrated that yet again we are fobbed off.  We have now got a private appointment for her later in the month.

I hope your week has been better than mine.  What funny stories have you got to share this week?

week 4

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Comments (26)

  • Joanna 2 months ago Reply

    It is so frustrating going to the A&E, waiting for hours, just to be sent home with paracetamol. It happened to me twice last December, when I went to the A&E with pain in my chest and coughing blood, and they sent me home with paracetamol, after the antibiotics didn’t work.

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    Oh no that is awful, we ended back there for another 5 hours on Friday and then being admitted and are still here. I hope all is ok with you now x

  • Claire 2 months ago Reply

    I am so sorry that you experienced that with your daughter. Is Mums know best and that can be frustrating when we are overlooked but to have the support of medical professionals and still be over looked is ridiculous.

    I hope your daughter is getting the support she needs x x

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    Thank you, Mums do know best, after a rough night on Thursday we ended up in A&E for another 5 hours and then was admitted and still here x

  • Jenny 2 months ago Reply

    Your poor daughter. We have always been seen quite quickly by children’s A&E when we’ve needed them.

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    Ours is awful I did try a different one but aooarently surgeons team were waiting for her, got here and no one knew anything

  • Neha 2 months ago Reply

    That is just so annoying you have to resort to going private! Also the doctors should know better. I hope your daughter does get the correct medical attention too

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    We ended back there on Friday afternoon and she is still in but no idea what is going on still x

  • Rhian Westbury 2 months ago Reply

    I’m so sorry that you had such a bad hospital experience, I can’t believe they treated you all like that. Those PJ’s look great though x

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    It has been awful and more on top on Friday evening resulting in her still being there. The pj’s are great

  • Liam Wilkinson 2 months ago Reply

    what a horrible experience, its terrible that they blamed you without getting the information. Also im naive and didn’t know you can have clothes out of bamboo lol, something new ive learned,

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    It was a horrible experience, well they do say you learn something new everyday x

  • Jess Howliston 2 months ago Reply

    So sorry that your week has been rubbish, I have my fingers crossed for you all that the private appointment goes much better and they actually listen and help! Those pyjamas look super comfy and getting a good nights sleep is so important!

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    Thank you we ended up being admitted on Friday and still here now so at least she is getting the treatment she deserves

  • I hope things improve vastly this week for you, and that your daughter is feeling better. Sounds just horrible. On a lighter note, those pyjamas sound wonderful, and just the thing for a settled night. I really love bamboo fabric.

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    We are currently in hospital been here since Friday so at least things are improving now and she is getting the treatment she needs. The pyjamas are great x

  • Melanie williams 2 months ago Reply

    It is just not acceptable that people keep having to go private for health care. I know how you feel because I have had to do this recently. At least you have found some cute and cosy Pjs to relax in xxx

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    It isn’t acceptable, I am lucky that my parents stepped in to help with costs otherwise we would still be sitting waiting for something to be done. Obviously this needed doing as we have been in hospital since Friday. The pjs are great for relaxing in

  • Kira 2 months ago Reply

    Oh I am so sorry about your daughter . What an absolutely rubbish week you have had . Fingers and toes crossed it gets better for you x

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    Thank you, it got worse but now in hospital so hopefully can get to the bottom of what is wrong x

  • Mellissa Williams 2 months ago Reply

    Your experience at the hospital sounds absolutely horrendous, I hope you’ve made a complaint about the way you were treated? Those pyjamas look super comfy.

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    It was horrible and things got worse on Friday, I have not made a complaint yet but i will be but she has been admited since Friday and is still there so once she is home I will, but the ward she is on and every single member of staff are amazing and i can not fault them

  • Yeah Lifestyle 2 months ago Reply

    That nightwear looks wonderful, so luxurious! I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience at the hospital.

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    The pj’s are great, the hospital was a nightmare x

  • Laura 2 months ago Reply

    Oh that is so blumming frustrating I am having issues with my docs to around getting the correct diagnosis!

    admin 2 months ago Reply

    I feel your pain, this is something unconnected to her ME and Fibro, so it has been a new battle. I hope you get the right diagnosis soon, we have had to go private with her ME

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