The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum – Week 3

The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum - Week 3

How are you all, I have to say I was not sure how well this new series would go down.  But it seems you are loving my tales about the Menopause.  I missed last weeks post as it has been pretty chaotic here but in case you missed my last post you can catch up here

31st January 2020


One thing that is getting worse is my memory.  I walk into a room and forget what I went in it for.  Am forever starting a conversation and forget half way through what I am talking about.  It is a game for my family will I remember what I am doing or will I get to the end of the conversation.

Another thing, I have to start writing things down, every time I come out with a classic comment and my family look at me as if I have completely lost it. I think I must share that, and then I forget.

Also I have nearly lost my debit card at least three times forgetting to take it out of the machine.  It is like my head is in a totally different planet.

Mum on a mission

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

As you will know I have been on a mission to get my Daughter a much needed MRI scan.  We have sat watching our daughter go into a crash due to her ME, barely eat, sleeping erratic and her stomach pains getting no better.  On Wednesday, I emailed her ME Consultant who we do see privately, he came back with an appointment for Thursday and if after examination can do the MRI at the same time.  So hopefully we can finally get some answers and get her back to being able to start tuition again.

Then Thursday morning a hospital letter comes through from her urgent referral, for mid March to have an initial appointment, and then we would have to still wait for the MRI scan.

It had to be done

Last week I emailed C’s Consultant who we see privately for her ME, he came back with an appointment the next day. He examined her and could feel a mass.  Had to arrange blood tests this week through our GP and arrange a private MRI scan which was carried out this week.  Her appointment to see someone through our local hospital is now 17th April.

An Intimate Problem

This week I shared a post about the Silk’n Tightra, in case you missed it you can find it here. We are all women, or for you men, you are the partner of a woman, of a certain age.  Although it can be for any age if you have given birth for example.  No matter how well we do our pelvic floors nothing returns back to normal.  I will keep you updated when the full review is live.

Is It Hot In Here

I have no idea how I will cope in the Summer, I am really suffering the hot flushes.  They are getting worse I swear.  I go around either in t-shirts as I am so hot and then covering up as I am cold.  My family finally think I have lost it.

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  1. I totally know the feeling of walking into a room and then wondering why! My memory is awful it is scary at times though isn’t it?

  2. I have endometriosis and I also have an awful memory sometimes. It is scary at times when “brain fog” is back. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know who am I and what I am going to do…

  3. I have heard from many people that the hot flashes are not fun. I never hd one, I was very overweight and the doctor’s theory was that estrogen stores in fat cells.

    1. They are not fun it is like your body gets hot from the inside out and spreads across your whole body from your toes to the top of your head x

  4. Finding blog posts like this is somewhat reassuring that firstly I will know that I won’t be the only one when I get to the menopausal stage and secondly your tips and suggestions will get me through it.

  5. I am so glad you’ve managed to arrange a private MRI, hopefully you can get some more answers. It must be scary forgetting some stuff.

  6. I’m already forgetful enough, who knows how bad I’ll be when I get to this point! I hope you manage to get the appointments sorted for your daughter that she needs x

  7. I’ve been finding myself getting forgetful a lot recently. I’m so glad you’ve managed to arrange an MRI even if it has had to be private.

  8. Sounds like you had a tough week, hopefully you will be able to overcome the memory problem, or makes steps to combat it

  9. When my mum went through the menopause, she was so forgetful too! We ended up making jokes about it all the time, it was quite funny at times.

  10. I know what you mean on this one, I am forever having blank moments for sure – drives me crazy at times xx

  11. My mummy is forgetful already and I think it’s delayed baby brain! I wonder if she will get worse the older she get?! Hope the MRI goes well x

    1. Baby brain is very similar to the the forgetfulness the menopause brings, she wont get worse it just gets highlighted more x

  12. I am loving your series! I hope menopause is still a ways for me, but it’s really good to know what to look out for as we are all headed there eventually. xx

    1. It is something that suddenly hits you from nowhere, some women I hear go through it with no symptoms. Am glad you are enjoying the series

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