Diary Of A Menopausal Woman – Week 2

I introduced you to my new series last week, giving a gentle insight into my life and living with the menopause.  Time for Week 2 and my weekly insights with the Diary Of A Menopausal Woman – Week 2.

17th January 2020

Standing on my own 2 feet

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This is not about me not relying on anyone else, it is literally standing on my own two feet.  I am having another attack of Labrynthitis.  I did have it years ago but it decided to pay me another visit. This basically means I feel like I am on a boat in stormy water, and at times you would think I was a drunk walking down the road.

So far this week I have tripped over the dogs and their bones on numerous occasions, nearly fallen down the stairs about 4 times.  On Saturday we went out with friends I went flying over in their house and stepping into the restaurant, luckily they way I do it is quite funny and we laugh it off and at least I am a cheap date as do not need a glass of wine.

Mum still on a mission (again)

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Last week I told you about the nightmare of getting a Dr appointment for my Daughter and then how I was losing the will to live at the hospital trying to get her to do a specimen.

Following on from the hospital visit and sitting in A&E, she never did do her specimen and I am still walking around with a specimen bottle in my handbag.  I was told to ask my GP to arrange an MRI scan for her.

You would think this is easy, but no.  I rang Friday morning explaining what I wanted. I was put through to someone else who promised me this would be done and I would receive a phone call that morning.  2pm I rang they had no idea what I was talking about. Being the menopausal state I am in may have lost it a little.  Was told someone would ring me back within the next half an hour.

I got my phone call and they can not do MRI referrals for abdominal scans and we need to be referred to a new consultant, still waiting to hear.

And there’s more

Deciding to take things into my own hand and move things on a bit quicker. I decided to look to having an MRI scan privately.  I emailed a hospital and explained what I needed, emails go back and forth all day and then get told they do not do MRI scans so the search is on.

Oh the menopause

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I am really hating the menopause at the moment. Last year I had so many problems and am now under the gynaecology dept at our local hospital.  So this week I had a follow-up appointment. Me being me thought it was just a check up they have never done any procedures at a normal appointment.  Wrong, I had biopsies taken again, when I had this last time I nearly passed out twice and was prewarned to take painkillers.  This time no warning, no painkillers and ouch.  On the way home chocolate was purchased to make it better.

Hot and cold

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You know what this is about, those hot flushes.  I swear they are getting worse. One minute I am cold and the next  I feel like I am stood in the middle of the desert.  We went to London on Thursday for my husbands birthday. It was lovely and cool and then bam I am so hot I am stripping off and taking my coat off.  We even sat having a drink and I was boiling not an attractive sight with a sweaty face.  I drive my poor husband mad at night with I am freezing and next minute can I open the window.  Covers over me and then I am kicking them off.  I swear this is the worst symptom of the menopause do you agree?

Maybe it is my age but a thinking of a change in my hair and have been looking at Directions Semi Permanent Hair Colour, what colour would you choose?




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  1. I have to say I am dreading the menopause, it really does sound so unpleasant. Poor you, so many different things to deal with!

  2. Oh it doesn’t sound like fun at all. Good on you for sharing this diary; I’m sure it’s going to be helpful to other women going through the menopause. Hope this is a better week for you! x

    1. Thank you, my head is all over the place at the moment but I do aim to make it more light hearted so we can see the funny side of it

  3. Oh no, what a week! I’m also under the gynae at the mo. So sorry you had to have biopsies taken with no warning. I hope this week is a much better one! Mich X

    1. It is not fun, but I have to have them 6 monthly for now until they get 2 consecutive clear ones and then yearly. The joys of being a woman x

  4. Oh heck my love, it really sounds like you are going through the mill at the moment! Take it easy on yourself especially if you are a bit shaky on your feet 🙁 Hope you manage to sort a MRI scan for your daughter soon – trying to get an appointment with the doctors these days is like trying to find teeth on a chicken! 🙁 Sim x

  5. Oh no good luck getting the MRI sorted. I finally managed to actually go through with one last week – I had previously freaked out a lot!

    1. Well done am so glad you managed it. It is getting to be a right challenge getting one, I have to go to our surgery on Wednesday so will be chasing with them then again

  6. It really sounds like you are going through it just now, hope you’re okay! I’m dreading menopause, particularly the hot flushes which I’ve heard from my mum are the worst part too.

  7. Sorry to hear you are suffering with another bout of Labrynthitis. It’s not nice and my friend has suffered from that recently! Hope the symptoms ease x

  8. I am so sorry you are having a tough time getting the MRI sorted, its so frustrating when you keep getting passed around isn’t it! Thanks for sharing your insight into the menopause, whilst I haven’t experienced it myself I am sure your honest insight will really help others going through it or about to go through it too!

    1. Still struggling with the MRI, we all go through the menopause some struggle more than others I am just trying to embrace it and realise that it is not forever

  9. I think it is fab how you are writing about the Menopause and your personal experience. will help others to know what to expect x

  10. Looks like you’ve had a lot of challenges lately, having hot flushes is not very nice, I have a friend going through the same symptoms so I know how you must be feeling. I hope this quickly passes

  11. It sounds like it has been a very stressful week for you! So sorry that arranging the MRI is proving to be so difficult for you.

  12. Oh goodness, what a week! I’m so sorry that you are having to fight every day for care and treatment for your daughter. She is so lucky to have you chasing the different departments.

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