Calypso Sensitive Lotion

Calypso Sensitive Lotion

When the Summer is here and the weather is hot and sunny, we always remember to protect our skin.  When the Summer has gone we often think we do not need to.  Why would we are not exposing our skin to the hot sun.  Truth is we should be protecting our skin throughout the year.  Which is why I am introducing you to Calypso Sensitive Lotion, which is designed for the face and neck.

What is Calypso Sensitive Lotion

Calyso Sensitive Lotion

The Sensitive Lotion is designed for use on the face and neck.  It is a light non-greasy lotion which contains UVA/UVB protection.  It helps to prevent premature ageing to your skin and can be used on sensitive skin.

Our skin is exposed all year to the UVA rays even on those dull grey days, and not just the summer months. This handy lotion comes in a 50ml tube which makes it easy to pop in your bag and offers a 50+ SPF.

Wearing Sensitive Lotion Daily

When I am at home I like to give my skin a rest, which means I do not use make up.  When I go out I use this alongside my make up.  With the lotion being non greasy and light it works well under my usual make up.  I have incorporated this into my make up regime.  Both daytime and evening.

Being of the age where I need to look after my skin, I like to use a product that I feel works well.  When looking at creams for my face, this also applies to make up.  I do not like products that are greasy or heavy, which is why I am loving this as it is light to use.  This is one product that I will continue using from now on.

Would you like to try Calypso Sensitive Lotion?

If you would like to try the Calypso Sensitive Lotion I have a great giveaway for you.  One lucky winner will win a bundle of Calypso products including the Sensitive Lotion which will include


The bundle includes

  • Sensitive Lotion SPF50
  • Press & Protect sun Lotion SPF30
  • Once A Day Sun Protection SPF30
  • Kids Coloured Sun Lotion SPF50
  • Scalp Protection SPF30

This is a great bundle giving you all you need to enjoy the sun.

To enter see below

Calypso Sun Protection Bundle

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Calypso Sensitive Lotion




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Comments (138)

  • Iain maciver 3 weeks ago Reply

    going camping many years ago with my parents

  • Sarah McCaffery 3 weeks ago Reply

    The first time I went on holiday with the family to Morecambe.

    Savannah Forrester 3 weeks ago Reply

    It’s great to encourage sun protection year run, and not just in the winter

    Donna Niman 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going to Wales and staying in a log cabin


    Going to Skiathos for the first time and discovering what a beautiful island it was

  • Amandeep Sibia 3 weeks ago Reply

    Playing in the sunshine in the garden.

  • Angela Kelly 3 weeks ago Reply

    Anything from the school summer holidays. In my memories, I was never bored, it was always sunny and they lasted forever!

  • Joo Dee 3 weeks ago Reply

    trips on Dads truck to the seaside and eating sandy chips on the beach!

  • Margaret Mccaffery 3 weeks ago Reply

    Last year was amazing with the weeks long heatwave we had, good times.

  • lia sturman 3 weeks ago Reply

    sitting in the dune blowing bubbles watching them head to the sea

  • Priscilla Stubbs 3 weeks ago Reply

    When I was very young (a long time ago) on a Sunday afternoon we would go to the local beach with a couple of other families. I remember the tomato sandwiches which got sand in them, but we still enjoyed them. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but it was such a lovely family afternoon out.

  • Mark Mccaffery 3 weeks ago Reply

    Camping and fishing in the wild with my grandfather

  • fiona waterworth 3 weeks ago Reply

    My first visit to the Norfolk broads, and my dad let me drive the cabin cruiser, I thought I was the bees knees, a holiday I shall never forget

  • Sheena Batey 3 weeks ago Reply

    Sand in the sandwiches on Redcar beach in the cold wind in the height of Summer

  • Solange 3 weeks ago Reply

    Playing in the garden with my siblings.

  • Keith Hunt 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going to a scout camp in the 1970s and the leader forgot to change his watch and we got stuck in Ostend overnight on a 1-day trip there.

  • cat holdcroft 3 weeks ago Reply

    Taking the children on holiday to Cornwall and getting them excited about crabbing

  • Julia Kerr 3 weeks ago Reply

    One of my best childhood memories is having a picnic in the garden, despite having packed lunch every day in school so it wasn’t much different, but I loved it and its stuck with me

  • Dale Dow 3 weeks ago Reply

    I wouldn’t exactly mark it as a singular memory. Every year we have a BBQ with friends and family and it’s always a great laugh

  • Jennifer 3 weeks ago Reply

    Day trips to Margate……putting the wind shield up from the wind… And flying out kites….. Picnics….and a ride on the donkeys

  • Laura Pritchard 3 weeks ago Reply

    Watching my gorgeous boyfriend’s passing out parade in the sun of Dartmouth.

  • Sally Collingwood 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going to the Isle of Wight with the children when they were small

    Julia Bradshaw 2 weeks ago Reply

    Paddle boarding & canoeing with the extended family on Derwentwater marina last summer with my mum watching & part of activity. So entertaining!!

  • Susan B 3 weeks ago Reply

    Spending all day at the beach on summer weekends. Perfect.

  • Alison Saunders 3 weeks ago Reply

    My favourite summer memory was 2004, i was second year at uni and we were on a field trip to Portugal. It was an amazing 10 days with friends learning about local culture by day and getting to know local cocktails by night.

  • Claire Hennighan 3 weeks ago Reply

    Great prize. Bring on the sun!

  • Carolyn e 3 weeks ago Reply

    Learning to swim in the sea

  • melanie stirling 3 weeks ago Reply

    Sitting on my garden swing in the summer of 76. I remember the grass being brown.

  • Carole Nott 3 weeks ago Reply

    Childhood memories of trips to the sea are the best, so different to reality now.

  • Joanie S 3 weeks ago Reply

    riding my bike during the six week summer holiday when I was little

  • Lucy 3 weeks ago Reply

    Just being with my family in the sun and relaxing and eating good food

  • Chloe Bates 3 weeks ago Reply

    Family trips to Disney World which will stay with me forever!

  • Charlotte isobelle 3 weeks ago Reply

    We love going to festivals in the summer

  • Gemma Clark 3 weeks ago Reply

    Majorca a few years ago now, was the first time my girls had been abroad and we enjoyed every minute of it

  • Steven Scrase 3 weeks ago Reply

    Rockpooling as a lad in Cornwall. Something I am really enjoying showing my 2 children now.

  • Zabaglione 3 weeks ago Reply

    Essential kit for this summer!

  • Joanne Ahmed 3 weeks ago Reply

    When my daughter was a baby & we used to take her to all the local parks for a walk, I miss that

  • Karen Scott 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going abroad for the first time to Portugal

  • Peter Watson 3 weeks ago Reply

    Bird watching on the Norfolk Broads

  • Zoe C 3 weeks ago Reply

    A caravan holiday with my parents and older sister, I was only very small but had some great memories

  • Andrea Smith 3 weeks ago Reply

    I have happy memories of a family holiday to Portugal.

  • Jo Young 3 weeks ago Reply

    Seeing my kids faces at Disney World!

  • Jane C 3 weeks ago Reply

    Spending the holidays in Dorset with my cousin, not a care in the world

  • tracey2020 3 weeks ago Reply

    first holiday to spain

  • Mariel Pereira 3 weeks ago Reply

    cannot be too careful in the sun

  • Ellie Wood 3 weeks ago Reply

    Breakfast outside in the garden with a good cup of tea, just before it gets really warm. The perfect start to a day

  • justine meyer 3 weeks ago Reply

    Lots of days out with the family

  • Lorraine Tinsley 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going camping with the whole family in the Netherlands this summer. It was sunny and we had the best fun at the local theme park.

  • Karen Barrett 3 weeks ago Reply

    The train journey! We didn’t have a car back then.

  • Eleanor Wigmore 3 weeks ago Reply

    Paddling amongst little fish in Dorset.

  • daniel baugh 3 weeks ago Reply

    multi generational cottage holidays running wild with cousins

  • Helen Tovell 3 weeks ago Reply

    Holidaying on the Isle of Wight as a child

  • ADEINNE TONNER 3 weeks ago Reply

    Has to be going to Disneyland Paris with my family it was amazing!

  • ValB 3 weeks ago Reply

    I loved being in an Australian summer knowing it was winter in the UK and really weird celebrating Xmas in the summer heat

  • andys 3 weeks ago Reply

    sharing a bottle of corona cherryade with my mates at toad rocks in tunbridge wells in the late 60s

  • Rachel Walsh 3 weeks ago Reply

    My best summer memory was holidays with our grandparents when younger, playing on the beach and having so much fun!

  • Hayley Lynch 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going to Pontins when I was 11

  • Anthony Harrington 3 weeks ago Reply

    The first time I took my late Mother-in-Law abroad, it was wonderful to be with her to see her experience her first flight and first time outside the UK. such happy memories, I miss her very much.

  • Lucinda P 3 weeks ago Reply

    Family holidays at the seaside in North Wales, it was always sunny

  • Tee Simpson 3 weeks ago Reply

    It was taking my daughter to the beach for the first time and her eating the sand.

  • Fiona B 3 weeks ago Reply

    My holiday to Italy.

  • Alice Gilkes 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going to the Isle of Wight with my family when I was 5 years old.

  • michelle o'neill 3 weeks ago Reply

    taking my granddaughter on her first ever flight and holiday abroad, she was so exited!

  • LucyBo17 3 weeks ago Reply

    Playing football on the beach with my family and our dog knocking my dad over because he was too excited

  • Emily Hutchinson 3 weeks ago Reply

    Reading books on holiday, it’s the only time I get the time.

  • Ben Audsley 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going to disney world with my parents as a kid – it was amazing!

  • dave johnston 3 weeks ago Reply

    the train journey on our way was always fun

  • Ms C Bryan 3 weeks ago Reply

    Enjoying the sunshine and eating lollies in the heatwave of 1976

  • Laura banks 3 weeks ago Reply

    siam park with my hubby and son

  • laura stewart 3 weeks ago Reply

    taking my daughter on hoilday x

  • Paula Phillips 3 weeks ago Reply

    A family holiday with all my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins. We all had a great time getting together.

  • Tania Atfield 3 weeks ago Reply

    Our family holiday in Lefkas when we saw dolphins.

  • Lorna Forsyth 3 weeks ago Reply

    Playing in the paddling pool in my grandparents garden.

  • kay sherman 3 weeks ago Reply

    i had 2 august babies so they are my best summer memories, and now they hae summer birthdays so that is always lovely.

  • clair downham 3 weeks ago Reply

    fish and chips at the seaside

  • Andrea Fletcher 3 weeks ago Reply

    A family holiday where we took our children crabbing for the first time.

  • ashleigh allan 3 weeks ago Reply

    On holiday with my children playing cards on the balcony!

  • Gaynor Vincent 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going to the tower of London with my sons

  • Sharon Saunders 3 weeks ago Reply

    Swimming in the sea and jumping waves with my children in Cornwall.

  • andrea tinkler 3 weeks ago Reply

    Skimming pebbles in the sea and building a castle with an awesome moat

  • cheryl hadfield 3 weeks ago Reply

    It has to be a family holiday last summer to celebrate my 40th birthday

  • Debbie Miller 3 weeks ago Reply

    Taking my then young children on the plane to Turkey with my parents.. they had such an amazing time.

  • Belinda Hendry 3 weeks ago Reply

    playing games outside

  • Michael Botterill 3 weeks ago Reply

    Looks alreet

  • Amy Bondoc 3 weeks ago Reply

    the first time i went camping as a child ill never forget it!

  • olivia Kirby 3 weeks ago Reply

    All the lovely holidays we have taken the children on. They have all been wonderful.

  • Geri Gregg 3 weeks ago Reply

    Going to the sunny seaside in the school summer holidays!

  • Rachael Taylor 3 weeks ago Reply

    Our fab holiday in Zante meeting new friends

  • Rebecca Sutton 3 weeks ago Reply

    the summer holidays and making memories with the kids

  • Felicity Kelly 3 weeks ago Reply

    I love the smell of Calypso suncream it really reminds me of being on holiday

  • Danika Lloyd 3 weeks ago Reply

    Visiting the seaside with family

  • Adrian Bold 2 weeks ago Reply

    My favourite Summer memories were of camping holidays in Europe with the family.

  • Catherine Booker 2 weeks ago Reply

    My favourite summer memory is probably our honeymoon spent in Trinidad and Tobago, summer is all about swimming and the sea for me!

  • TrishS 2 weeks ago Reply

    Walking in the woods near our house on a sunny day when I was a kid and feeling like I was on an exciting expedition to places unknown.

  • Natalie Burgess 2 weeks ago Reply

    North Wales with my mum, nana and grandad. Playing all day on the beach, pulling one of those yapping dog toys along next to me and meeting a long lost pen pal who I kept in touch with for years xx

  • Jo F 2 weeks ago Reply

    Teaching my children to build sandcastles

  • Lucy Wright-Booth 2 weeks ago Reply

    Endless hot summers staying in our caravan in Swanage. The weather was always amazing and we spent the whole summer on the beach!

  • claire woods 2 weeks ago Reply

    Trips to the beach and building sandcastles.

  • lynn neal 2 weeks ago Reply

    Being in my Grandad’s garden and watching tend to his roses and veggies and helping him pull up some rhubarb!

  • Victoria N 2 weeks ago Reply

    A summer holiday where we rented a boat on the thames, being so hot we could sunbathe on the roof!

  • MichelleD 2 weeks ago Reply

    I have so many, my favourite from last summer is zip wiring down the welsh hills with my little girl and then kayaking in Snowdonia, whadda day!

  • Ursula Hunt 2 weeks ago Reply

    Going to the beach for endless days of fun with my sisters in the hot summer of 1977

  • Tammy Tudor 2 weeks ago Reply

    Going to the beach for family seaside days

  • DM 2 weeks ago Reply

    Love the smell of sun tan lotion!

  • Iris 2 weeks ago Reply

    Seeing the sea for the first time aged 14 (I grew up in Switzerland) on a beach holiday in Italy

  • Carol Thomas 2 weeks ago Reply

    My favourite summer memory is all the holidays spent with my late husband who passed away 2 years ago in our happy home in Katelios Kefelonia. He wanted me to continue going if anything happened to him. I am.

  • Lisa Wilkinson 2 weeks ago Reply

    Spending 6 months in Ibiza when I was 23

  • Diane Carey 2 weeks ago Reply

    Going camping when I was a child with my family. We used to go for 3 weeks in the summer. We had a massive tent. I had some fab times on the beach and went to a lot of museums/castles/stately homes etc. Our holiday at the Isle of Wight was especially memorable because of the coloured sands. I also remember getting really sunburnt too

  • Kim Carberry 2 weeks ago Reply

    Spending time with my family at the beach.

  • Rachel Pitts 2 weeks ago Reply

    Swimming in the waterfalls at Krka National Park – it’s been on my bucket list forever and it did not disappoint <3

  • leanne weir 2 weeks ago Reply

    Water fights outside with my friends and then an ice cream from the ice cream man

  • Jennifer Toal 2 weeks ago Reply

    Being on holiday on a sun lounger

  • Orange23 2 weeks ago Reply

    Spending time at the seaside as a child in summer

    Maxine Lewis-Enright 19 hours ago Reply

    Going on caravan fishing holidays with my mom and my dad. One fond memory of mine was us camping out by a lake and hearing a few wild hyenas in the distance lol scared me and my sister. Best part of the trip though was getting to go in the water and play in the sand xx

  • Julie Ward 2 weeks ago Reply

    Going to Butlins in Minehead when the kids were little

  • Libby Noack 2 weeks ago Reply

    Spending summer holidays at my grandparents caravan 🙂

  • Michaela Turner 2 weeks ago Reply

    Going to Blackpool for our summer holiday every year, it was the best time ever as a kid

  • Christine Taylor 1 week ago Reply

    Swimming in the sea in sunny Fuerteventura last summer x

  • Clara 1 week ago Reply

    Going to the beach as a family

  • Stephanie Whitehurst 1 week ago Reply

    In my younger years I was always outdoors with friends. With a playing rounders or curby.. having water fights.. they are my best memories

  • sallie burrows 1 week ago Reply

    winning a plate playing bingo in felixstowe

  • Susan Trubey 1 week ago Reply

    Eating sand and tomato sandwiches.

  • Kirsten Ferguson 1 week ago Reply

    Playing with my sandpit

  • Elizm 7 days ago Reply

    Taking the cable car with the kids up to the top of a mountain in Rauris to a bird of prey centre and watching eagles flying from that amazing place that felt is if it was the top of the world. Love the Alps in summer time.

  • Rebecca Morris 6 days ago Reply

    Sitting in the garden in the warm sun with a cup of coffee at the beginning of the day before the rest of the house wakes

  • Karen R 6 days ago Reply

    One year, my mum and I spent the whole summer in Jamaica. It was such a surreal time, playing with the local children, walking into town for lunch xx

  • claire griffiths 6 days ago Reply

    going to the beach with family and some friends

  • Eileen Hindley 5 days ago Reply

    My first donkey ride on Blackpool beach

  • Kat Allinson 5 days ago Reply

    Our summer holiday to Italy last year

  • Katie Harmer 4 days ago Reply

    My first and only summer beach holiday abroad in Portugal at the tender age of 18, I remember very keenly the sunburn I received on day one, so factor 50 is the lowest sun protection I will use.

  • Paul Meulen 3 days ago Reply

    Picnics on the beach the wonderful south beach in Bridlington

  • natalie s 3 days ago Reply

    Playing on the beach with my sisters as a kid!

  • Gemma Dowsell 3 days ago Reply

    Summer holidays!

  • Nadia Josephine 2 days ago Reply

    Last summer I went to sardinia and went dolphin watching! That was an amazing experience!

  • donna jones 1 day ago Reply

    spending time with the grandchidren

  • Anthea Holloway 1 day ago Reply

    When I was 6 and I was bathing in the sea and suddenly I could swim. I was so excited.

  • Megan Kinsey 8 hours ago Reply

    Building sandcastles on the beach with my Mum when I was a kid 🙂

  • Caroline Signey 3 hours ago Reply

    Visiting my mum and dad when they lived in Cornwall

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