Calypso Sensitive Lotion

Calypso Sensitive Lotion

When the Summer is here and the weather is hot and sunny, we always remember to protect our skin.  When the Summer has gone we often think we do not need to.  Why would we are not exposing our skin to the hot sun.  Truth is we should be protecting our skin throughout the year.  Which is why I am introducing you to Calypso Sensitive Lotion, which is designed for the face and neck.

What is Calypso Sensitive Lotion

The Sensitive Lotion is designed for use on the face and neck.  It is a light non-greasy lotion which contains UVA/UVB protection.  It helps to prevent premature ageing to your skin and can be used on sensitive skin.

Our skin is exposed all year to the UVA rays even on those dull grey days, and not just the summer months. This handy lotion comes in a 50ml tube which makes it easy to pop in your bag and offers a 50+ SPF.

Wearing Sensitive Lotion Daily

When I am at home I like to give my skin a rest, which means I do not use make up.  When I go out I use this alongside my make up.  With the lotion being non greasy and light it works well under my usual make up.  I have incorporated this into my make up regime.  Both daytime and evening.

Being of the age where I need to look after my skin, I like to use a product that I feel works well.  When looking at creams for my face, this also applies to make up.  I do not like products that are greasy or heavy, which is why I am loving this as it is light to use.  This is one product that I will continue using from now on.

Would you like to try Calypso Sensitive Lotion?

If you would like to try the Calypso Sensitive Lotion I have a great giveaway for you.  One lucky winner will win a bundle of Calypso products including the Sensitive Lotion which will include

The bundle includes

  • Sensitive Lotion SPF50
  • Press & Protect sun Lotion SPF30
  • Once A Day Sun Protection SPF30
  • Kids Coloured Sun Lotion SPF50
  • Scalp Protection SPF30

This is a great bundle giving you all you need to enjoy the sun.

To enter see below

Calypso Sun Protection Bundle

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      1. My fave memory is when I was younger. During the summer holidays my aunt would look after me and my brother along with her own 4 kids plus a few other family members. Wed always go on days out to the park and take a picnic! Those are memories I will cherish forever!!!

  1. When I was very young (a long time ago) on a Sunday afternoon we would go to the local beach with a couple of other families. I remember the tomato sandwiches which got sand in them, but we still enjoyed them. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but it was such a lovely family afternoon out.

  2. My first visit to the Norfolk broads, and my dad let me drive the cabin cruiser, I thought I was the bees knees, a holiday I shall never forget

  3. Going to a scout camp in the 1970s and the leader forgot to change his watch and we got stuck in Ostend overnight on a 1-day trip there.

  4. One of my best childhood memories is having a picnic in the garden, despite having packed lunch every day in school so it wasn’t much different, but I loved it and its stuck with me

  5. I wouldn’t exactly mark it as a singular memory. Every year we have a BBQ with friends and family and it’s always a great laugh

  6. Day trips to Margate……putting the wind shield up from the wind… And flying out kites….. Picnics….and a ride on the donkeys

    1. Paddle boarding & canoeing with the extended family on Derwentwater marina last summer with my mum watching & part of activity. So entertaining!!

  7. My favourite summer memory was 2004, i was second year at uni and we were on a field trip to Portugal. It was an amazing 10 days with friends learning about local culture by day and getting to know local cocktails by night.

  8. Breakfast outside in the garden with a good cup of tea, just before it gets really warm. The perfect start to a day

  9. Going camping with the whole family in the Netherlands this summer. It was sunny and we had the best fun at the local theme park.

  10. I loved being in an Australian summer knowing it was winter in the UK and really weird celebrating Xmas in the summer heat

  11. My best summer memory was holidays with our grandparents when younger, playing on the beach and having so much fun!

  12. The first time I took my late Mother-in-Law abroad, it was wonderful to be with her to see her experience her first flight and first time outside the UK. such happy memories, I miss her very much.

  13. A family holiday with all my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins. We all had a great time getting together.

  14. My favourite summer memory is probably our honeymoon spent in Trinidad and Tobago, summer is all about swimming and the sea for me!

  15. Walking in the woods near our house on a sunny day when I was a kid and feeling like I was on an exciting expedition to places unknown.

  16. North Wales with my mum, nana and grandad. Playing all day on the beach, pulling one of those yapping dog toys along next to me and meeting a long lost pen pal who I kept in touch with for years xx

  17. Endless hot summers staying in our caravan in Swanage. The weather was always amazing and we spent the whole summer on the beach!

  18. I have so many, my favourite from last summer is zip wiring down the welsh hills with my little girl and then kayaking in Snowdonia, whadda day!

  19. My favourite summer memory is all the holidays spent with my late husband who passed away 2 years ago in our happy home in Katelios Kefelonia. He wanted me to continue going if anything happened to him. I am.

  20. Going camping when I was a child with my family. We used to go for 3 weeks in the summer. We had a massive tent. I had some fab times on the beach and went to a lot of museums/castles/stately homes etc. Our holiday at the Isle of Wight was especially memorable because of the coloured sands. I also remember getting really sunburnt too

  21. Swimming in the waterfalls at Krka National Park – it’s been on my bucket list forever and it did not disappoint <3

    1. Going on caravan fishing holidays with my mom and my dad. One fond memory of mine was us camping out by a lake and hearing a few wild hyenas in the distance lol scared me and my sister. Best part of the trip though was getting to go in the water and play in the sand xx

  22. Taking the cable car with the kids up to the top of a mountain in Rauris to a bird of prey centre and watching eagles flying from that amazing place that felt is if it was the top of the world. Love the Alps in summer time.

  23. Sitting in the garden in the warm sun with a cup of coffee at the beginning of the day before the rest of the house wakes

  24. One year, my mum and I spent the whole summer in Jamaica. It was such a surreal time, playing with the local children, walking into town for lunch xx

  25. My first and only summer beach holiday abroad in Portugal at the tender age of 18, I remember very keenly the sunburn I received on day one, so factor 50 is the lowest sun protection I will use.

  26. My daughter learning to ride her bike along the promenade and stopping for an ice cream cue she was doing so well.

  27. last summer was the first with my son and I have the best memory of him playing with bubbles outside! it was so lovely, funny and cute!

  28. Going to visit Herm on the boat, it’s a small island off the coast of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. It always felt like such an adventure and a real treat.

  29. I remember going camping in the summer with our friends, we now take our children camping and meet up with our friends there too. We all love camping.

  30. My favourite summer memory is one that was in Blackpool when I was around 7 🙂 We spent many hours on the beach building sand castles, riding donkeys and eating Ice Cream, not forgetting a few very cold dips in the sea 🙂

  31. We used to always go on holiday after the final day of school for the summer. I always remember finishing early, going home to my grans and waiting patiently for my mum and dad to get home with a McDonalds before going to the airport. I think I looked forward to the travelling more than I did the holiday!

  32. As a child my Grandma looked after me and my cousins during the school holidays. I had quite a few cousins! We would take it in turns to plan our daily activities. One day we would go to the paddling pool sat the local park, another day we would play rounders on the school playing field. I fondly remember the time spent with my cousins, especially as we are now scattered around the UK and rarely all get together.

  33. BBQ’s with my family, friends and all the dogs. We play games and then as it starts to get dark we light the fire pit and roast marshmallows xx

  34. My favourite memory is flying to Tunisia to surprise my family! they were on a family holiday and I flew out to surprise them!

  35. skating outside along the beach front with my friends and then going for a swim in the sea to cool down after before heading back to theirs for a bbq – perfect afternoon and evening

  36. Sitting on the grass making daisy chains with my girls whilst the men played football while camping in the forest of dean one summer

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