The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook

The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook

The Sound of Music is a film everyone has seen. It is one of my favourite films and can often be heard, much to my families dismay bursting into one of the many songs from the film. So you can imagine how excited I was to be offered the chance to review The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook.

The Sound Of Music

I will not go into the story of the film, as we all know it.  The Scrapbook is following the inside story behind the camera. In 1964 seven children and young adults had a magical summer in 1964.  Filming in Salzburg, Austria with their parents or guardians.

The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook tells their story, both during filming and once the move was released.  The book is full of photographs and tales from this magical time.

If you are a huge fan of The Sound of Music or know someone who is, this book really is a must read, with page after page full of photos and memorabilia plus how they look now. Including how that summer all those years ago created a new family and how they are all still close now. I love looking through and finding new things on each page, looking at the pictures and having a song from the film going around in my head.

The book is available to buy on Amazon.

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The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook

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The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook




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  1. I have seen the Sound of music so many times. My favourite part is when all the children sing goodnight at the party.

  2. hard to pick just one but it has to be when maria is doing the folk dance with the boy and then the dad comes and takes over

  3. I love when Maria is in bed and it is thundering and they sing Whiskers on kittens and everyone ends up in Marias bed

  4. I really think this is a really good and neat thing to have it helps ppl learn about the history and about there music

  5. I love the part where Captain Von Trapp tells Maria he isn’t marrying the baroness because he loves her.
    I love all the songs and sing them often in the shower lol – I blame my mum she used to do the housework to the movie soundtrack. She went to the cinema 7 times to see the movie when it came out so I grew up with the film.

  6. Love them all – probably the best is Edelweiss when captain Von trapp sings with the children but also love I am sixteen in the summer house

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