Introducing The Silk’n Tightra

This is the first of two posts where I introduce the Silk’n Tightra. I can hear you all now wondering what this is. It is time to shake away the taboo and start talking openly.

What is the Silk’n Tightra


The Silk’n Tightra is a revolutionary, non invasive and clinically proven alternative to surgery.  Using Bi-Polar Radio Frequency energy to renew the vaginal tissue, increasing blood flow and tightening the pelvic floor muscles.

For many women following childbirth and hormonal changes, such as the menopause, find that this can affect how their intimate parts can feel and look.  With a loss of sensation and less urinary control, which leads to a loss of confidence. The Silk’n Tightra reverses these symptoms in just 4 weeks without the need for surgery.

How does this work better than surgery?

Bi-Polar RF technology is already commonly used by doctors for vaginal rejuvenation.  Clinically proven for its effect on collagen containing tissue.  The Silk’n Tightra uses the same technology, replacing the need for expensive clinic treatment.

Is it safe to use?

The device includes a number of important safety mechanisms making it safe and easy to use at home. With 16 built-in heat sensors that measure the temperature of the skin during use, making sure that the skin temperature will not exceed 42-43C.  This makes sure that your skin never overheats.  The Silk’n Tightra is also fitted with a Touch Sensor that ensures the device only works when in contact with the skin.

To protect the external vaginal tissue against overheating, there is also the Movement Sensor, which will prevent heating when the Tightra’s tip is not moving over the skin. Plus there is the Auto Shut-Off function which switches off the device after it has been in use for 20 minutes.

How will I know it is working?

Using the Silk’n Tightra twice a week for 20 minutes per session, you should see results in as little as 4 weeks.  You can use it both internally and externally during these sessions.


The 16 gold and chrome electrodes are intended for internal use, while the 3 chrome electrodes are intended specifically for external use. During use you will experience a warm sensation.  Before using it is important to apply the supplied Silk’n Intimate Gel to the device.  The gel provides the conductivity needed for the application of Bi-Polar RF energy


The Silk’n Tightra comes in a discreet beauty case to easily store, which also stores the gel, and USB cable and plug.

Silk’n Tightra, the vaginal rejuvenation device is available to purchase from here

I will be posting a follow-up post once I have tried the Silk’n Tightra myself.  Where I will share the ease of use, how it felt and most importantly the results.



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  1. Thankfully I currently don’t have a need for this but I’m sure my time will come!

    I know several friends though who have looked in to surgical remedies so I will be sure to share this with them x

  2. This sounds like a great product and a great alternative for women who are afraid of surgeries. If you can get the same results in a non-invasive way, then why not try it?

  3. It’s so important to ensure that we take care of our ‘delicate’ areas, and this sounds like something that can aid this.

    1. It is such a taboo subject for women and often embarrassing for some, this is also an affordable way to help which can be done in the privacy of your own home

  4. Glad I don’t need one of these at the moment. But great for future reference. Will be checking back to see how you got on with it

  5. How wonderful to learn that such a facility exists and you can do it if you need such things done and don’t need to feel ashamed of heading to the hospital to do it.

    1. It is such a great idea and this is a very common problem with a lot of women, and a lot of women feel embarrassed which they shouldn’t, being able to treat this yourself in your own home is such a great idea

  6. I’ve never heard of anything like this before. I don’t need one but it’s great that it is available for women who do

  7. Wow this sounds really interesting and it’s nice that there’s ways that are non invasive to deal with body changes post-partum which help women get back to being tighter if they need to!

    1. It is great that there is something to help women without the need of appointments, where you can do this in your own home. I will be writing a follow up soon with how it works x

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