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SEAMS Review and Giveaway

You may have already seen me talk about SEAMS Hand Cream previously.  You will usually find them included in my Gift Guides.  I was recently asked if I would like to review SEAMS hand cream and their new Silk Touch Hand and Nail Oil.  As I love the brand I could only say yes.


SEAMS Hand Cream was created for couturiers and seamstreses to help mend, moisturise and southe dry pin-pricked hands.

When working hands often became sore and dry, so hand cream was the obvious answer.  The only problem with this was the cream would transfer onto the fabrics they were working on.  Which is where SEAMS was created.

SEAMS has become to go-to hand cream for seamstresses, make-up artists and models.  As this cream will keep hands feeling soft and looking beautiful, without the worry of it transfering onto clothes.

SEAMS Products

Couturiers Hand Cream – £14.00

seams hand cream

SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream is known for its mending, softening and deeply moisturising properties. With a Biomimetic Lipid Complex, SEAMS instantly penetrates the skins epidermal layer to help lock in moisture.  Leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth, even on the most distressed rough hands. SEAMS Hand Creamis used backstage at ITV, GMB, X-Factor, Dancing On Ice, Netflix, CBS, USA Networks.  So you will be using the same hand cream that our nations favourites use.

Natural Ingredients help –

  • Moisturise with Oat Beta Glucan and a Biomimetic Lipid Complex
  • Soften & Restore with Macadamia & Rosehip Oils.
  • Nourish & Smooth with Shea Butter & Allantoin
  • Hydrate & Protect with Pro-vitamin
  • Even Skin Tone with Swiss Garden Cress
  • Strengthen Nails with Hydrolysed Keratin
  • Comfort with Fragonia Oil and SEAMS Signature Scent.
  • Paraben free – Not tested on animals

Silk Touch Hand & Nail Oil – £22.00

hand & nail oil

SEAMS Silk Touch Hand & Nail Oil is a smooth sofenting oil to help nourish and restore cuticles, nails and dry patches of skin.

Full of essential fatty acids Helping to:

  • Soften Restore and Condition with Macadamia, Rosehip and Rice Bran oils
  • Moisturise & Enhance the skin barrier with Echium Oil & Monnier’s Snow Parsley
  • Nourish & even Skin Tone with Blackcurrent Seed Oil & Peony Root Extract
  • Hydrate & Promote skin renewal with actives from Pomegranate Oil
  • With a special extract from Coconut Oil for a soft silky feel
  • Paraben free – not tested on Animals

You can either use the oil alone or underneath the SEAMS Hand Cream

My Opinion

I do love my creams, and have always loved SEAMS from the first moment I tried the cream. One thing that will put me off a cream is if it is heavy or greasy, which this one is not.  My hands do get dry, especially at the moment where we are more concious and washing our hands a lot more.

The Nail & Hand Oil is a new product so I was very keen to try this and see if it was as good as the hand cream. I first tried the oil putting a small drop in the palm of my hand and massaging into my hands and nails.  My nails have really suffered lately and needed some tlc.  Obviously this is an oil so will leave a slight oily feel to your hands.  I prefer to use this last thing at night when I am going to bed.  As it will give my hands a chance to renourish.

The Giveaway

If your hands are suffering and you would like to try SEAMS Hand Cream.  I have been given a Hand Cream to giveaway to one of my lucky readers.  See below on how to enter

SEAMS Hand Cream

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