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The Simple Home Upgrades We Neglect

Now is the time to think about all of the changes that you want to make in your life. With all of the time that we’ve been given to reflect, your mind might turn to your home and all of the things you’d like to be different about it. We don’t think it takes a pandemic to do that, and many of you reading this might know that you’re guilty of complaining about your home on a daily basis.

Like with anything in life, when you’re around it too much you’re going to start picking out faults and you will no doubt have so many arguments in your mind. Not enough space, too much clutter, terrible neighbours, we all have problems that we’re dealing with in our homes. So when you’re thinking of all the things wrong with your home you’ll usually be thinking big. Now it’s time to think about the smaller changes that probably get on your nerves the most. They’re the ones you always notice and say you’ll sort, but never actually get round to it. Well, now it’s time to get sorting and we’re going to inspire you with some of the changes that you might need to make.


Technology Upgrades

Technology is one of the best bits about a home, we believe. Most of what you do in your home is going to be done with technology. It’s the constant battle to be the best that the tech giants are having. That means our homes can be better equipped than ever before. But like with everything, there are bits of technology that just don’t seem to get updated because they’re not a main part of the home.

Your home phone is a prime example. But if you’re spending half your time struggling to ring people or hear them talking when you do, it’s time for a new one. A new cordless telephone might come in handy more than you realize, and they’re not that expensive either. A simple upgrade that might just save you a lot of hassle. Other simple upgrades might be a new bin, toaster, water filter, anything you’ve had for a while that could use an upgrade you can do one by one.

Beautiful Gardens

The garden is where many people are going to be spending their time at the minute. When the sun is shining it’s hard to stay away, and there are definitely some upgrades you could make. A great set of outdoor furniture is the best idea. You could get padded outdoors sofas facing towards a wood burner. Nights can be spent outside under the stars with the burner to keep your warm when you need it. You could also do simple upgrades by planting some new pretty flowers and shrubs. 

Layout Changes 

Layout changes are so simple, yet effective. It can create space you didn’t know you had the possibility to have. Which for some homes is going to be a life saver. If you feel like the walls are closing in, a simple switch around of a sofa, for example, can open up a whole new space for you.

The Simple Home Upgrades We Neglect

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