Back To The Garden With Sudocrem

Back To The Garden With Sudocrem

With the nation still in lockdown, and children still at home instead of returning to school after the Easter break.  It is nice to give them something more to get excited over.  Which is why I have tem up with Sudocrem and their latest Back To The Garden campaign.

About Back To The Garden

Whether you have a garden, balcony, allotment or windowsill, gardening is something that everyone can enjoy.  Children especially love planting seeds and watching them grow.  As it is spring time this is the perfect time for planting seeds.

With schools being closed fo an indefinite period, this does not mean an end to education. As millions of parents all over the UK look for new ways to keep children busy, British skincare brand, Sudocrem, launches their new Back to the Garden campaign. An initiative to get families back into planting and growing, wherever they are.

Encouraging our children

Encouraging your children to plant seeds and take an interest in growing can give them a longterm project to focus on, away from the computer. And the good news is, you don’t need a garden to get involved: creating a window box full of edible herbs can be just as inspiring as digging a vegetable patch.

“It’s been good to see a return to activities like gardening during this unusual period,” says ecologist, author and nature educator, Michael Holland. “We often forget how good for our wellbeing gardening can be: it’s relaxing, it’s soothing and the garden is a fantastic place for families to enjoy together – it makes us feel good to nurture seedlings as they grow to become vegetables or flowers.”

A Helping Hand

Teaming up with gardeners and garden centres all over the nation. Sudocrem’s Back to the Garden campaign will encourage children and their parents to begin their own gardening projects at home or in the garden. The initiative will include tips and advice on potting plants. Plus spotting a weed and keeping your plants healthy from gardeners all over the UK. Sudocrem will also be donating one hundred growing kits to families all over the UK to kick-start their growing projects.

Right now, there arearound 5 million children under the age of 10who need activities to get them through the next few months,” says Alice Bamford, Sudocrem brand manager. “At Sudocrem, we want to give families a hand as best we can.”

Soothing Those Hands

Gardening can be harsh on delicate skin, as every gardener knows. From contact with cold water when watering the plants, digging in the mud for weeds. Planting new seeds and planters, using tools – it’s a hands-on activity. Even standing outside in the sun can cause damage and dryness to the face and neck. Then there’s getting pricked by rose thorns, stung by nettles and insects, scraped knees….

Gardener’s new best friend comes in the pocket-sized form of My Little Sudocrem, the Swiss army-knife of soothing skincare products. Loved by everyone from babies to teenagers, runners to cyclists, mountaineers to gardeners and anyone in between.

The Giveaway

Hopeful gardeners can enter a competition to win one of 3 gardening goody bags HERE. Prizes include an inside and an outside gardening kit. Please see below for details of full prize contents.

And for an extra chance to win £100 of garden centre vouchers, upload a photo of your garden and tag @Sudocrem, #BackToTheGarden & #SudocremBTTGcomp on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to enter. Terms and Conditions apply. See below on how to enter

Sudocrem Back To The Garden

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  1. Luckily my niece and nephew were born into green fingers! They love to help their favourite aunt, and their nanny to plant different fruit and vegetables and luckily they love eating it too. It’s a nightmare to get them to wear gloves though, they love to touch everything!

    1. I loved growing things. Potatoes used to be my fav. It never failed to amaze me that you could just dig them out of the ground!

  2. I used to grow Sunflowers every Summer and still do 🙂 I used to also grow garden peas with my granda.

  3. I used to grow sunflowers. Easy to grow and they were always taller than me when I was a wee one which looked great in photos

  4. I think gardening is a great way for me to teach my little girl all about patience and gently caring for something over time

  5. My grandad had an allotment and as a child we spent hours together I helped grow potatoes tomatoes kidney beans salad leaves as well

  6. Runner Beans in blotting paper on the school window ledge and then mustard and cress on a paper hankie in a saucer at home.

  7. I remember starting off with cress and then going on to bigger and better like tomatoes and spring onions

  8. I used to grow all sorts of vegetables, we had a massive vegetable plot and grew all our own vegetables

  9. I didn’t grow very much as a child as my parents weren’t very green fingered! My brother and I did plant a conker tree as kids though, and it’s still thriving to this day

    1. My dad grew all our veg, and had a little orchard at the bottom of our garden, and chickens, so I just learnt from a very early age. He was also a huge rose expert too.

  10. It’s a long time ago! Mum used to love her garden so she would buy me packets of seeds to try and grow. It was fun, but not always productive!

  11. My grandad had an allotment and I had my own little patch where he helped me to grow peas and cauliflowers. My happiest memories of him are at this allotment.

  12. Not alot.. I can remember having my own pot of pansies at my nans house. I have started planting little bits at home with my daughter now. Strawberries, radishes and spring onions at the moment. Hoping to get better at gardening and increase the amount we grow.

  13. I was brought up in the USA we travels and moved a lot so often was in a home long enough to grow anything but I can remember one home in Texas it was hot with little rain we grew Hibiscus, geranium and a plant called rock angles drought loving plants . When we came to visited my grandad in the UK he planted forget me not seeds with me and they are now my favourite flower.

  14. I used to help my mum in her garden, so I was growing everything . My favourite were freshly picked tomatoes – so juicy and full of flavour (not like the ones in the shops).

  15. As I child I would take the seeds out of any vegetable or fruit we had and plant them. I was very successful at it. My best achievement was a pepper plant I grew.

  16. We used to try and grow sunflowers, they were never very successful though. My daughter loves to grow seeds, so this prize would be perfect for her.

    1. Sunflowers is the only thing I remember growing. My grandad grew a lot of veg and I remember stealing peas in the pod and trying not to get caught

  17. We grew sunflowers every summer.
    Me and my sister would have competitions to grow the tallest. One year my dad fed mine plant food in secret so mine grew huge!

  18. I used to help my nan in her garden as a child – she grew all her own fruit and veggies – I loved picking the runner beans we had grown and also the chrysanthemums (you can save the flowers and then use them for seeds for the following year)

  19. I grew vegetables with my parents on their allotment – I’m not quite sure I was very helpful but I definitely liked watering!

  20. I remember growing strawberries in my little patch at home! My little boy loves to ‘help’ in the garden and likes keeping an eye on the new plants!

  21. I lived in a pub when I was a child which didn’t have a garden so didn’t grow anything, but now I grow both flowers & vegetables usually from seed.

  22. I have always used Sudocrem for my little ones as they were growing up and we always have a tub now in case for minor burns. Back to the Garden sounds like a wonderful project

  23. Gooseberries and Strawberries. It was always a challenge to pick the strawberries before the dog ate them.

  24. My mum is an avid gardener so we always had a vegetable garden, potatoes, carrots, rhubarb, gooseberries, beans, peas it was always wonderful to help her in the garden as a child.

  25. We only had a balcony but had a tomato plant and chilli plant,

    now I have my own garden and have been getting into growing more stuff

  26. I used to grow peas with my grandma, she would sit and eat them raw but I really can’t stand peas even now!

  27. I used to grow Cress as my mum used to love it in her sandwiches.I never did like it though.We also used to grow strawberries and rhubarb and mum made the most amazing crumbles with them.

  28. As a child I remember growing beetroot and carrots. I had my own garden patch but there was never much room as I filled it with graves for my pets and all the birds and insects that had passed on!

  29. We always grew sunflowers as a child. I loved watering them and measuring how much they’d grown!

    1. I had a little allotment of my own for onions potatoes cabbage etc, I planted a bramble that is still there over 30 years later! My parents still enjoy the blackberries!

  30. I used to grow radishes and salad leaves, I was excellent at harvesting raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb tho’

  31. I remember growing a Sunflower in my grandmas garden & it really over towered my brothers, I was so proud of that haha 🙂

  32. I had a little allotment of my own for onions potatoes cabbage etc, I planted a bramble that is still there over 30 years later! My parents still enjoy the blackberries!

  33. My grandad used to grow tomato plants and I used to help him look after them in his little greenhouse.

  34. Me and my grandad always grew strawberries ad sunflowers and till this day he always plants 3 sunflowers for my children to grow xx

  35. I didn’t get much beyond mustard and cress I’m afraid. Anyway, I have a second childhood to fill…..

  36. My family used to grow loads of veg as a child. I can remember growing carrots, and remember how they tasted so much nicer than shop bought ones

  37. I used to spend hours with my dad at the allotment growing every fruit and vegetable you could think of that would grow here.

  38. I used to help my mum grow her veg and fruit. I remember endless days spent shelling peas and topping and tailing gooseberries

  39. My parents had an allotment so we used to grow pretty much all our own fruit and veg. Now I’ve refenced my garden, I’m going to start a veg patch and herb garden of my own.

  40. I grew lettuce and carrots & rhubarb with my grandparents, loved picking off a Rhubarb getting a bowl of sugar and dipping it in and eating it, can hear my nan now saying you will get tummy ache eating like that.

  41. I used to love growing peas with my Grandad but they never made it to the dinner table because we used to eat them straight from the pods as soon as they were ripe

  42. Sunflowers and cress probably the 2 easiest things to grow, I’m actually growing some sunflowers now

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