Diary Of A Menopausal Mum – Week I Have No Idea Again

Diary Of A Menopausal Mum - Week I Have No Idea

I know you love my feature, so am trying to maintain it as a weekly feature as promised at the start.  In case you missed my post last week you can find it here.

Catch Up From My Last Post

The Madness

I have had success this week with my shopping, a friend posted on Facebook on Monday that Iceland had delivery slots for this week.  So I stopped everything and managed to get a delivery slot for Wednesday.  Not everything I ordered was available but the main items were thankfully.

Also I have mentioned before that I order my toilet rolls on subscription in bulk.  I had my next delivery this week but for the first time ever I was embarrassed to open the door to bring them in.  I knew that this was a normal delivery but no one else did. Now I have visions of everyone thinking I am being one of those people who are stock piling.

In The Wars

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

On Monday evening I was sitting in bed watching tv with a snack and coffee.  All of a sudden I started swearing (I know you find that very hard to believe). Half of my tooth came out, no warning at all.  Not any tooth one of my front teeth, as soon as I open my mouth you can see half a tooth staring back at you.

I messaged ny dentist that evening to see about an appointment.  He rang the following morning and while lockdown is on they are unable to treat patients as they are unable to use their equipment for health reasons. Panic went through me, I know we can not go out and socialise but even so it is my front tooth.  He suggested getting a repair kit to place over to stop the sharp edges making my mouth sore. That was fine as had to go to the chemist to pick up a prescription for C.

At the Chemist

So I go to the Chemist, luckily it was empty, as I stood trying to speak normally shielding my mouth so no one could see my tooth.  I got the prescription and then asked about the tooth repair, they had none.  Ok I will go home and order online or phone around to see if anywhere local has some.

I go to walk out and one of the medications is wrong they sent the wrong dose.  I go to my car and ring my GP who advised me to speak to the chemist to put a request through. So I go back in and this is requested.

The hunt is on

The rest of the day was spent ringing local chemists and looking online for tooth repair.  Did you know that this must be a common thing at the moment – no neither did I.  Eventually I gave up and ordered on Amazon Prime for delivery on 27th April the earliest I could find it.

I also ordered a mouth gel to help with the soreness that the sharp edges were causing, which came the next day.  Omg it numbs the whole area and amazing and currently my best friend.

And there’s more

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash


Not being happy with just having my tooth to deal with and having to eat carefully.  Last night while cooking dinner I opened a cupboard and part of it fell on me hurting my neck and shoulder and wrist. So there I was in the kitchen dinner cooking and not being able to carry on.  Called my husband to help and he took over.

Luckily dinner was a pasta dish and could be eaten with a fork in one hand, unfortunately it was my right side I had injured so had to eat with my left hand while trying to eat carefully away from my damaged tooth.  Honestly you could not make this up.

So Hot

How hot is it, this is for you ladies going through the menopause.  I am really struggling at the moment with my hot flushes, not only looking like something from a horror film with my tooth.  I am covered in sweat with my hot flushes, at night especially..  My poor husband is fed up of is it hot in here, or is the window open every 5 minutes.

Come on how has your week been? Any disasters like mine or has it been ok.



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  1. What a week you have had! I hope your tooth repair kit has arrived today and you’re now feeling a little bit more comfortable.

    Take care and I hope next week is better for you x

    1. It was a week I do not want to repeat again, the tooth repair fell out on Saturday morning so having to live without it at the moment

  2. I hope you eventually managed to get your tooth fixed! During these times it is important to focus on the positive but sometimes it gets really difficult

    1. I have to wait until after the lockdown so a long wait I think, luckily it is not causing pain. The temporary filling thing I got came out on Saturday and could not get it to stay back in. Luckily we are not going out so not having to face people

  3. Oh my gosh – you really have been through it! I hope you are ok now and not suffering with any aches and pains! Hopefully your Amazon delivery will have been delivered today too. What a time to have a dental problem though 🙁 Sim x

  4. I hope the repair kit has turned up now? Must have been horrible. I’m glad you managed to get an Iceland slot.

  5. Rough week, i hadnt even thought that if you had a dental emergency they wouldn’t be available, have to hope i don’t have any issues now in this time.

  6. Sounds like an interesting week for you. So glad you got a slot for Iceland, I am still struggling to get a slot with Ocado at the moment. Also sorry about your tooth and hope you recover quickly from it.

    1. It was a week I do not want to repeat, I keep looking for delivery slots and managed to get one today with Iceland so happy. I am avoiding Ocado at all costs, I use them when I don’t want to or can’t get out to shops. I have my Dad here who is vulnerable, registered with gov etc and they are refusing to put us on priority list for deliveries.

  7. We are deffo living in crazy times. I get where you are coming from but do not be ashamed of your bulk toilet roll order…you are just doing as you have always done hun xx

  8. Oh I am dreading this day. You are doing so well and I hope you manage to get through the worst of it soon. I am beginning to have a lot of hair loss and keep thinking that is the first sign lol

  9. Hope you Managed to get your tooth fixed soon.
    Not being able to go to the dentist must be so stressful x

  10. So sorry to hear about your painful week! I don’t think we’ve had any dramas like that, but the kids and I have had a couple of great shouting matches…

    1. I can understand them not carrying out check ups but thought they could do the rest, but they are not allowed to use drills and equipment

      1. It has arrived, but only lasted a day, at least with lockdown it means I don’t have to go out and see people

  11. Oh no it doesn’t sound like you’re having a very good time of it, your tooth sounds painful. I hope your tooth repair kit has arrived now x

  12. Sorry to read about your tooth, that sounds pretty painful! I hope your tooth repair kit has helped

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