Happy 17th Birthday

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Dear C

Somehow you have turned 17 today, how this has happened I do not know.  I still remember this day 17 years ago when you came into the world. That first glimpse of you, the first cuddle as you looked at me with your big eyes.  The moment I burst into tears when your Dad held you for the first time.  You know me I will cry at anything.

As you grew up you turned into a funny, chatty little girl, everyone loved you.  They never saw the tantrums and the door slamming at home or the stomping up the stairs.  They always got the funny chatty little girl.

You were always busy, whether it was climbing the trees in the back garden, going on family walks in the woods.  Copying Dad with his photography. I remember one walk where you had your camera taking pictures copying Dad.  When you stopped and explained a photo you were going to take.  I had not noticed what you were meaning until you explained it, that is when I realised you had the same artistic eye as your Dad.

Five years ago, your life changed when you became ill, you lost your friends, independence you had just started to get. Through the years you have had your tears, broken down and cuddled into me, but you have also kept your spirit you still backchat, ask the most stupidest questions and at times drive me insane.  You are also funny and kind.

Three years ago you found out you were going to become an Auntie, you were not best pleased as you did not like babies.  The first time you met your niece a bond  was made, you two adore each other and your faces light up when you see each other.  She even comes to you for cuddles if she hurts herself. You are now an Auntie to 3 nearly 4.

Both me and Dad are very proud of the young lady you are becoming. Don’t ever change from the funny, cheeky girl that no matter what life throws your way you carry.

Happy 17th Birthday Sweetheart

Lots of Love

Mum xxx


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  1. Ahh a lovely letter to your daughter to keep for years to come. I hope she has a wonderful birthday and that life starts to get easier for her as she ages. Mich x

  2. You can tell how much love you have for your daughter through your writings. Happy Birthday sweet girl – keep that fire in your belly and your artistic eye! Sounds that you have a natural talent x

    1. She is my world and such a great daughter. She has such great natural talent which I am so envious off but she won’t let me pass it off as my own haha

  3. Oh this is such a beautiful post and Happy belated Birthday to C! 17 already, isn’t it just so crazy how quickly our babies grow up in front of us!

    1. Thank you she did have a good day. I can not believe she is 17 it just seems like yesterday she was a newborn in my arms x

  4. What a lovely and touching post that was to read. Aw happy belated Birthday to your 17 year old from us to you xxxx

  5. Happy birthday to C, I hope she managed to have a lovely day. It’s so nice that she’s got such a bond being an auntie, I’m sure the kids love her x

    1. Thank you, as soon as you mention my granddaughter her face lights up, those two adore each other and always melts my heart seeing them together. She now has another niece so will be interesting to see how that bond goes when we can get to meet her x

  6. Such a sweet and wonderful post to your daughter. Wishing her a fantastic and wonderful belated birthday! 🙂 I’m sure she had an amazing time

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