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Adding Wall Art To Your Home

As many of you will know by now, we love wall art.  To us adding wall art will turn your house into a home.  It is a way to express yourself through art. We are lucky to have our family home with various rooms, plus our studio which was my husbands photography studio.  We now use it to escape and get some peace to work, or if my husband is working blast out the music and sing along.  It is now our escape place so we also have wall art which we love but not have in our home.


During lockdown and spending a lot more time at home, we have been looking at redecorating.  Not just one room the whole house, we really do not do things by half. Along with choosing wall colours we have also been looking at wall art that will work with the theme of the room.

We are currently redecorating C’s bedroom and totally gutting it and working with an empty shell. She is very arty although her style is very anime.  She loves fun and funky pictures. Such as

fun and funky chewy

This Chewy print would be great in her room as the colouring would work well.  Plus she has such a soft spot for Chewy ever since her Dad told her that the writer had an Alaskan Malamute, which we have.  The noises that Chewy make he got the idea from his Mal.  She also has a few Chewy items in her room.

The Studio

We have recently totally redecorated and changed it around totally.  I have always loved black and white prints and we are trying to get film memorabillia or Rock Royalty prints for the walls, such as

rock royalty

Our Other Rooms

We are still working on colour schemes but I have always loved Audry Hepburn and always wanted an art print of her in my bedroom.


I love art and have been lucky to see some originals from my husbands favourite artisits.  Which unfortunately are totally out of our price range.  Which is why prints are the next best thing and you can choose a variety of finishes such as framed art, poster, canvas etc.
Do you have wall art around your home?
Adding Wall Art To Your Home
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