Meet The Blogger Series

My  Meet The Blogger Series, is my new series on StressedMum .This is where I introduce to you a new Blogger each week.

Each week I will introduce a new blogger to you all, some you may already know, and some you will not.  They are from all different niches so it is always worth checking who this weeks Blogger is.

Hopefully, you may find a new Blogger to follow.  One from a niche you had not thought of following before.

I have been overwhelmed at how many Bloggers have wanted to take part in my series, and there are still a lot more scheduled and to write-up. And I love reading all the replies to my questions, which are about themselves, blogging and a few fun ones thrown in.  I have met some amazing Bloggers along the way.

If you have a question you would like to ask a Blogger then let me know.  I can ask that question and I am sure they would love to answer.  Just make the subject Meet The Blogger Series

Blogging is not as easy as a lot of people think. I know with my friends and family they think you get free items and just write a few words about it.  If only it was that simple.  You have to think of so much more about the planning of the post, the images.  Then the review itself which has to be honest.

Once this is done you then have the publishing and promotional side.  Which takes a lot of time which is a side that no one sees.  I never knew there was so much more to blogging than writing a post and hitting publish.

I hope my series, with the help of those Bloggers who have taken part.  Will give everyone an insight into their Blogging lives.