The Wholeleaf Company Review

The Wholeleaf Company Review

This time of year is when we socialise more with friends and families, at bbqs, family parties and weddings, where we think about fun things like hiring a photo booth from All Occasions Photo Booths where we can go mad and have a laugh.  To the practical things like plates and cutlery.

If you love the convenience of disposable plates and cutlery,but want to move away from plastic to help the environment, I have found a company where you can do this at affordable prices.  Where you get both the convenience of disposable products but are being kinder to the environment.

Who are The Wholeleaf Company?

The Wholeleaf Company was started by three friends in 2007, where one of them had recently returned from a family trip to India and came home with some bowls made from palm leaves. From there they talked more and The Wholeleaf Company was started.  They even featured on The Dragons Den.

The Products

wholeleaf company

They cater for all occasions and have every type of dish you would need. You can buy the items individually or they have a bundle that you can buy which includes

25 Dinner Plates – £9.99

dinner plates

25 dessert Bowls – £9.99


100 knives, forks and spoons – £19.99 or can buy packs individually


The bundle is great if you are hosting a small party or bbq or going on picnics. The total bundle is £29.99 which will save you money.  They are also available in many more options, styles and sizes.

  • The plates are stronger than normal paper or plastic
  • Can be used in the oven or microwave
  • Can be stored in the fridge or freezer
  • You can reuse them
  • As they are made with 100% natural products they will not leave a taste on food

As we are moving away from using plastic and trying to help the environment, moving over to natural products will make a huge difference as well.

I have used these on picnics and for bbq’s and everyone has been impressed, the plates are sturdy and strong and the cutlery easy to use and no one has broken any yet, which does happen with plastic.  Am I am convert – yes I am and will continue to use these from now on

The Wholeleaf Company Review

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  • Kim Carberry 1 week ago Reply

    These look like such a great idea and fantastic for the environment. I’ve not heard of this company before but I will be checking them out x

    admin 1 week ago Reply

    I had not heard of them before trying them, but they are great and depending on what they have been used for they can be reused x

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