Goodbye March and Hello April

Goodbye March and Hello April

Well we are into April already, how is the year going so fast.  It can only mean one thing and time for my monthly update post. Where I wave goodbye to March and look ahead to April.

I am glad to be saying goodbye to March. Especially the last few days which as many other Bloggers will agree has been quite stressful.

Goodbye March and Hello April

I will start with C

There is no change in her, she has been on the new medication that her Consultant prescribed back in December.  Which has had no effect on her at all.  We had to take her to the Eye Casualty a few weeks ago. As we thought the fluid had built back up and were going to face another lumbar puncture.  Thankfully this was not the case, and we are back there on Thursday for a check up.

I am currently doing some more research into her illness. Following a very interesting and informative chat with my Aunts neighbour.  She has been diagnosed with Lymes and 8 co-infections.  We had always dismissed this as C had tested negative for this.  But apparently the NHS test usually comes back negative and it has given us so much more hope.

We will have to have the new test done privately and pay for treatment privately which is going to be very expensive.  So just looking to see what are the best routes for us to go down.  But for any of you interested in finding out more please get in touch as I can let you know what I know so far.

Life in general

March has been a quiet month for us really, I have not been 100% so we have not really had a chance to do anything exciting.  Plus with C being so bad we have not had much chance to do anything. But April is going to be different as we have a few things lined up including my birthday.

We had a lovely Mothers Day, my parents were away so I gave my Mum her present early so she had it while she was away.  My Mother in law staying with us for the weekend, which was lovely.  We had a gorgeous roast dinner prepared and cooked ny my husband.  Plus C got up and had dinner with us and then snuggled on the sofa with us to watch a family film together.  She really struggled but she managed it and it really made my day.

In other news

On Friday I decided to finally look at my Pinterest board which is the only social media account I struggle with.  I still have a lot to do but finally it is starting to look much better.

You may have realised my site has been down plus it now looks different.  On Saturday along with a lot of other Bloggers we found out there was a problem with the themes many of us used for our sites.  Huge panic and lots of investigation, like many others I removed the theme.

I spent the weekend trying to find a new theme, whilst having to entertain my Mother in law and getting nowhere, finally found one on Sunday evening but unfortunately I got locked out of my website and had to get my IT man aka my husband onto it.

Luckily he got me back up and working and I now have a new looking website.

My Giveaways

If you have not already entered I have a great new giveaway which has just gone live with Critically Endangered Socks plus some great new giveaways come live very soon so keep an eye on my latest posts

I hope you all had a good March x


Goodbye March and Hello April


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Comments (19)

  • Ivan Jose 1 year ago Reply

    Yeah, the first quarter of the year is over. I could not believe that it went by so fast! Lots of things have happened to you. I hope more positive things come to your life soon.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, it has been a tough month, but hopefully things will start to look up soon x

  • Elizabeth O 1 year ago Reply

    Yes, indeed time flies so fast like a blink of an eye. Stay strong and all the best in life.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you x

  • Pooja Sharma 1 year ago Reply

    Yes time flies and first quarter of the year is over. Seems like you have been through lot…..be prepared for something great happening. God bless

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    I know only seems like the other day we were celebrating the new year. I really hope something great happens thank you x

  • Mayuri Saxena 1 year ago Reply

    Time flies…And I wish this April all worries and troubles also fly away from you. For me, March was a very hectic and stressful month as we shifted to a new apartment and it involves lots of work. Look forward to calm April.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you and I hope you are now settled into your new apartment and can enjoy a much more relaxing month x

  • Akamatra 1 year ago Reply

    I am sorry about your struggles with C, it must be really hard to not know what’s wrong with her.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, it has been 4 years and still no further forward it is hard but you learn to just get on with it x

  • Helen Neale 1 year ago Reply

    Time goes by so fast and we are now in the 2nd quarter of the year. So many things just happened and looking forward to having great more months coming

  • Monidipa Dutta 1 year ago Reply

    3 months are already over. Feb was hard for me and March had been a little better but April brought me anxiety. I hope this month does a bit favor on me.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    I hope April gives you a good month x

  • David Elliott 1 year ago Reply

    I get struggling with Pinterest. I am still trying to work things out there as well. I have a lot to work on I’m sure. Hope April goes well for you.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    It is the one Platform I neglect, but think I am understanding it now so hopefully I will remember to stop neglecting it x

  • Whitney Kutch 1 year ago Reply

    Thanks for the updates! Your giveaway sounds great!

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, I have some lovely giveaways live with a few more coming soon as well x

  • Laura Dove 1 year ago Reply

    I love reading your updates, it;’s crazy how the months are flying by so fast! I need to assess my Pinterest too!

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you 🙂 it is crazy how fast the months are going. I seem to be going in the right direction with my Pinterest as my views have doubled in a week x

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