Water Bottles For All Occasions

Water Bottles For All Occasions

We are finally getting out of full lockdown, and being able to head out.  Whether you are going for a picnic, to the gym or travelling.  One thing we all need is a drink.

With many of us wanting to reduce plastic waste, we are looking at reusable water bottles more and more.  If like me you have tried so many that have leaked or just not stood up to use.  Or you are confused with the many types on offer, I may be able to help with the help of Super Sparrow, who offer a range of water bottles for every occasion.

Wide Mouth Bottle

The wide mouth bottle holds 500 millilitres and weighs just 0.37kg.  Available in 18 different colours.

  • With it’s unique stainless steel double walled vacuum insulated technology with its vacuum seal cap.  Drinks will stay cold for 24 hours or warm for 12 hours.
  • Is made from BPA Free materials which is 100% non toxic
  • Has a unique exterior design
  • The bottle cap has been designed by Super Sparrow making it free from any leakage and creating a double layer vacuum sealing cap

Standard Mouth Bottle

The standard mouth bottle comes in 20 different colours

  • An insulated stainless steel water bottle that holds hot liquid for up to 12 hours and keeps drinks chilled for up to 24 hours
  • Has 2 interchangeable caps 1 x sport cap and 1 x loop cap
  • Is made from BPA free material

Small Mouth

The small mouth bottle comes in 20 different colours

  • Has a modern shape and compact lines which is easy to pour and carry
  • Has a double wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours
  • Has a leak proof screw top lid
  • Has a powder coat which gives you a solid grip

Sports Bottle

The sports bottle is available in 32 colours and designs

  • A premium quality with design and functionality, and designed for one handed use
  • Tough and durable and resistant to impact

If you are looking to treat yourselves to new bottles now we can get out and about, these are great and offer a selection that you can choose which one would work better for you.


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    1. Hi there , have you used your new bottle yet? In the past I’ve had rouble with lids becoming loose. So I thought I would ask if you’ve had any problems with this new bottle . Thanks heather

      1. I was sent all the bottles shown in the post, and have tried them all out as I always do with items I am sent to review. I have not had any issues with lids becomming loose.

      1. The standard bottle with interchangeable lids is a great idea. Three in different colours would be perfect – one each for me and my husband, and then coffee to share in the third one!

  1. They all sound good & I love all the different colour choices they do. I would possibly choose the sports bottle.

  2. There are so many bottles on the market at the moment. However yours really do stand out, there eye-catching colours. 32 vibrant shades along with the sleek modern appearance of the bottle .You have elevated simple bottle into something that looks like a fantastic accessory.

  3. I’d choose the standard bottle in three different colours. One each for me, my husband and little boy.

  4. I’ve used a reusable water bottle since 2019 when Glastonbury festival stopped selling plastic water bottles and heavily promoted reusable. I think they are a fantastic idea

  5. Standard mouth bottle! Honestly wouldn’t care about colour, just something bright. Such a great idea.

  6. Believe it or not I’d choose the small mouth bottle (regardless of what my hubby might say!)

  7. The sports bottle looks great in purple, I need something one-handed with little kids on the go!

  8. I would choose the wide mouth in Pink, the standard mouth in the Baby Blue colour and a sports bottle in Purple.

  9. I think I’d choose the small mouth bottle in silver – though there are so many wonderful colours!

  10. Oops, hit enter too early (sorry) I think I’d choose the small mouth bottle in silver – though there are so many wonderful colours! – the standard mouth bottle in apple green and the wide mouth bottle in sky blue

  11. I think the standard mouth bottles would be really suitable for me and my boys, all in different colours

  12. I’d choose the sports bottle, it would be hard to make a decision on the colour though, there are so many!

  13. I need this for work! We dont get provided with cups hot water or coffee. Just the ability to have a warm drink at 11am would be fantastic.

  14. I think I would opt for the sports bottle although the small mouth one appeals too – in fact they all do!

  15. Such cool bottles!

    The small mouth bottles would be awesome for the kids and I would love. Sports one!

  16. I think the sports bottle would be best suited for our family just for the sheer volume of water we all get through (rather than the sport!)

  17. So much choice and not sure which I’d pick if I win but the standard mouth in frost, cherry blossom and stainless steel black look really good

  18. Standard Jade is my favourite and I’d like a sports bottle. I might go for a wide mouth for hot lunches!

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