CarGoSeat The 2 in 1 Must Have For Kids

CarGoSeat The 2 in 1 Must Have For Kids

Those of you who have been following me for a while, will remember I have spoken about the CarGoSeat before. It is such a great idea for those with little ones.


What is a CarGoSeat?

The CarGoSeat is just what it says in the name, it is great for kids as not only is it a booster seat, it is also a little case for them to put their clothes or toys in when going away for a night or two.

  • The seat complies with all UK and EU crash test requirements and will also save you on hire costs when travelling abroad.
  • Quick installation
  • Has a 10 Litre storage case
  • Easy to clean
  • 12 months warranty
  • Available in 4  colours pink, purple, green and blue

cargo seat

All parents have that time when they are going away or their child is visiting grandparents for a night or two.  Finding a case that can put all your child’s treasures in, that they just have to take with them.  Is hard enough, but finding one that they can also use themselves is often the biggest challenge.

Plus with the CarGoSeat you have the added help of also being a booster seat, which means that no matter where they are, your child will have a seat they can use.

This will be great for me to use when my granddaughter comes to visit, as she can pack her bag and I will not have to worry about getting a car seat to use for her.

My Opinion

As I already said I have reviewed the car seat before, my granddaughter has put it to the test.  Her Mum has said she loves packing it when going for sleepovers and also saves taking extra bulky items such as a car seat.  It is also great when they are wanting to be independent and carry their own case.  It is such a great idea and one that I will happily promote as it is functional and also for the safety aspect of it.

The Giveaway

CarGoSeat are giving one of my readers the chance to win a CarGoSeat of their own.  See below on how to enter, and please read the Terms and Conditions and complete ALL mandatory parts in order for your entry to be valid.

Win A CarGoSeat

Good luck

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CarGoSeat The 2 in 1 Must Have For Kids

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  1. My favourite memory as a child was staying in a caravan each year with my family. We had some fantastic times swimming in the sea, playing on the beach and having BBQs

  2. going camping with friends and family, we used to set off at 5am to avoid traffic, loaded with goodies to eat it itself felt like an adventure when i was a kid

  3. My favourite car trip memory was when we did a road trip from Canada to Mexico and stopped at the Grand Canyon. It was incredible!

  4. I remember most summers spent on my Aunt and Uncle’s farm in Banchory Scotland, my sisters and I had hours of fun playing in the hay barn

  5. Showing my age now but when i was a child not many families had cars so our trips away were by train to the beach or via a coach trip which was an adventure in itself. An early start and a packed lunch for the journey

  6. We lived in Lincolnshire and as a child we visited an Aunty in wales. They had a great big house and massive garden with a stream at the bottom. I really loved exploring it all.

  7. I used to go to Prestatyn with my mum, nana and best friend Richard every year. So many happy memories of laughter, bingo, old arcade games, the beach and old fashioned beach toys and ice creams from Lyons Maid xx

  8. We used to go to New Beach, near Dymchurch in Kent. Such a lovely place. Lots of great memories here. Filling the caravan with soft cuddly toys we had won from the grabber machine in the arcade.

  9. As growing back in Poland i loved going to seaside. We only lived20 mins away. And that’s my great memory

  10. I didnt really have a holiday when i was kid, however one whole week every summer we used to do day trips (zoo, ice skating, theme park etc.) i dont have a specific memory that pops out but i used to love them weeks of days out doing different things as a family

  11. Playing on the beach in Southend when I was a child, wen the tide came in my mum couldnt get me out the water

  12. Staying in hotels always astounded me as a small child. Individually wrapped Weetabix is one wonder I recall!

  13. Going to the highlands in a caravan playing cricket and running on the sand dunes, though I have no idea how old I was, I was young and that’s all I remember, though I do remember there was only about 5 streets in the nearby village!

  14. We went to Bognor Butlins every year and as soon as we saw a pink cafe we knew we were nearly there and got very excited Butlins was brilliant loads to do and free to roam

  15. Loading the car up ready to travel through the night to Cornwall and my friends asked me if I was taking all my teddies so I got loads of them out my room and put them on the backseat with me, obviously I didn’t play with them, they stayed in the car for two weeks. Those were the days when you didn’t wear a seat belt and could sleep across the back seat. Strange to think that things were ever like that.

  16. Going to Jersey when I was 12. My dad took ages in the Jersey War Tunnels, we were waiting outside for him and it was a really hot day.

  17. We went on one of those Sun £9 holidays when I was little to Dungeness. I don’t remember much but do remember visiting a lighthouse and thinking it was really cool!

  18. I was a very lucky child – my father took me around the UK travelling and my mum took me around the USA travelling and then we would have a family holiday to europe so I had 3-4 holidays a year.

    Best driving trip would be our trips to Tenby though from Cardiff – not a long trip really only like 2 and a half hours but I remember the horrendous traffic jams where the cars stopped and we could literally get out and walk along side the car as they inched forwards on the hard shoulder on the motorway (also the shame of weeing standing between the front and back doors being held open!)

  19. We used to go to Ilkley & go to the outdoor pool or river. Would always stop for a treat on the way home at the original Harry Ramsdens (when it was just a wooden hut) for fish & chips.

  20. Packing a tiny suitcase with my precious things and after what seemed like a long drivelooking for the first glimpse of the sea. Having 10/- in my purse to spend on ice creams.

  21. My favourite holiday memory was my first trip to Disneyworld Florida. I went with my family, grandparents, cousins and auntie and uncle. It was amazing! We had our own villa with a great pool and 3 weeks of going to the Disney parks each day!

  22. My favourite memory of going away was going on holiday to Walt Disney World. Even though we have to wake so early to get to the airport, it’s so exciting.

  23. We never went away as a family but my grandparents took me camping in the New Forest and that was the best ever (the only)

  24. My best childhood memory of going away was going to a holiday camp and joining in the talent contest. I always used to do well at singing….now I can’t hold a single note!

  25. Once when i was travelling just from norfolk to wales with my family , i fell asleep in the back of the car , i was in the middle seat and when i woke up i was at a funny angle and all i could see were fluffy clouds out of the front windows , i thought they were snowy mountains and that my family had surprised us with a trip to snow…. i was disappointed it was just clouds but still had a fab holiday lol

  26. Winning the fancy dress competition dressed as Alice in Wonderland. The whole dress was made from crepe paper by an elderly Aunt who often holidayed with us.

  27. I always loved going up to Scotland with my Dad and the train journey. Was a long old way but I always remember enjoying it!

  28. The first time I felt the sea in Florida having only experienced English sea I thought I was in a bath!

  29. My favourite memory of going away was that first glimpse of the sea on the journey to our caravan!

  30. We used to go to Cornwall when we were little & as we travelled through the night (we live in the midlands) so me & my brother used to lie on the backseat with our pillows and blankets & sleep – or try to! This was before seat belts became compulsory in the back or cars or child seats for that matter!

  31. My favourite memory was my grandad driving us to the seaside and asking us which way to turn at junctions. We really thought he was following our directions and were so excited.

  32. My favourite bit about going away was the anticipation and the countdown to going away. We rarely went anywhere twice so you were always wondering what new experiences were in store. The excitement built for weeks, looking back don’t know how my mum and dad coped with 4 hyper kids for that long 😂 patience of saints!

  33. We had a caranvan in Anglesey which we went to all the time during the Summer, I loved the local beach and had so much fun with my brothers exploring

  34. Trips to what we called The Blue Baths. They were swimming pools in a town a couple of hours away that were heated from hot springs. How I loved travelling there and staying for hours in the water!

  35. My favourite memory as a child was going to butlins with my extended family of Aunts, uncles and cousins and my Mum and Dad of course

  36. My son would love one of these,
    My favorite memory is camping holidays with my grandparents which I would love now for my son to experience the same.

  37. my favourite memories is caravan holidays with everyone all in one place spending quality time together don’t get that much anymore now we’re all grown up

  38. mine is going to stay with my nan once or twice a year in london , everything seemed so busy and huge

  39. On holiday in Spain as a child and I was showing off my gymnastics skills on the trampoline at the funfair. A large audience gathered watching me and I felt like a superstar!

  40. Getting lost on the beach is my first memory of the seaside, 53 years later I can still remember it

  41. Could definitely do with a new travel seat for the little man as we’re currently travelling Europe-ish. Been stuck in Malta for 9 months but I think we’ll be free to move on soon lol

  42. My best memory is a week in a caravan over 50 years ago – I only discovered years later that my mother hated it – we never went again!

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