CaroGoSeat Review And Giveaway

When you have children you tend to go out more. Visiting friends and family, day trips and holidays.  With this there is always additional items we need to take with us.  This is why I am sharing with you today the CarGoSeat the Ultimate Kids Booster Seat that simply turns into a funky wheeled suitcase in seconds and perfect for a second seat, day trips and holidays.


What Is The CarGo Seat

The CarGo seat offers so many options that parents will love, and is brand new to the market.

  • It is a unique kids booster seat that also converts into a funky pull along suitcase.
  • Can be used as a booster seat in restaurants.
  • Fits in overhead storage so can be taken on holidays for extra suitcase space. And know it is safe to use in hire cars abroad.

as a booster seat

As any parent knows, when going anywhere with children, this often means they have to take their toys or latest treasures with them.  Which ultimately means we end up carrying them.

children pulling cargo

With the CarGo, they can pack their own case. With its easy to hold handle, can be in charge and pull along their own case.

When visiting everything can be kept together in their case.


The CarGo

  • CarGoSeat can be installed in seconds
  • It meets Europe ECE R44/04 regulation safety standards and has been rigorously crash tested. Meaning you can rest assured your own precious cargo is safe
  • In a few simple steps, the booster transforms easily into a lightweight wheeled case with pull-along handle. Helping kids to feel all grown up
  • The case offers oodles of space (10 Litre) to pack their most treasured possessions
  • A washable seat pad and fully plastic body make inevitable spills and stains easy to remove
  • CarGoSeat has no metal parts and the clasp is easy to open for little fingers
  • A 12 month warranty gives CarGoSeat owners peace of mind
  • Available in four bright colours – Purple, Green, Pink and Blue – your little ones will be easy to spot in busy airports, train stations or hotels
  • When you’ve finished with your seat, you can send it back to CarGoSeat, who will recycle the product free of charge for you, lessening the impact on the environment

You can purchase the CarGo for £54.99 but at the moment they have a special offer giving you £5 off the price by using code CarGoSeat5.

My Opinion

I think the CarGo is a fantastic idea, the amount of times we had to wait for the kids to gather their must have toy before going out.  The extra baggage we had to carry around when they did not want too.  Booster seats as well when not in our car.  I also love that they are looking at the environment and will recycle the product for you when no longer needed.

The Giveaway

CarGo Seat are giving one of you the chance to win a CarGo Seat.  To enter please see below

Win A CarGo Seat


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  1. What a brilliant idea, especially for travelling. I am always jumping in taxi’s and hate that she doesn’t have a car seat! This would be such a good investment.

    1. This looks brilliant. I love the dual purpose and that it’s practical. Amazing that once you’ve finished with it you can return to be recycled.

  2. The CarGo would be great for me as I’m going up to a booster soon! Love the extra storage space too!

  3. I love the look of these, how helpful?! Absolutely genius if you’re a family that likes to travel or has to go on long journeys regularly.

  4. Looks really useful to keep toys and things together inside to transport as well as being a practical car seat x

  5. I think it’s great that it doubles up as a booster seat. That would come in so handy and help to cut down on unnecessary clutter while on a long road journey.

  6. These booster seats sound great! My kids would love that they can store all their things inside and love that it has a handle too

  7. This sounds like the perfect item for multi tasking – suitcase, car seat, booster seat in restaurants – it really does so much! You will save so much space taking just the one thing!

  8. I love the cargo! It’s the type of thing you don’t know exists but once you’ve found out it does, you need one. It’s so practical, I’d choose green as it’s my sons favourite colour.

  9. These are such a fantastic idea and a good space saver for the car on holidays. I would choose the blue CarGo seat

  10. purple for us – girly enough for harmony but not so girly a colour that Drake will sulk if he is sat next to it lol

  11. If I was lucky enough to win I would personally choose pink BUT my daughter who is 7 always gives me a row when I suggest pink things for her as she’s not a fan of it, so I would get the purple one, it would also be handy to get one for her nearly three year old sister xx

  12. This amazing seat cum suitcase would be ideal for our holidays and school pickups. Would love the purple one for my granddaughters

  13. My first choice would be the green, although all the colours are lovely. I must say, I’ve never seen the CarGo Seat before, and its such a fantastic idea, what a space saver. Love It.

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