2 Products Every Instagrammer needs

2 Products Every Instagrammer needs

Instagram seems to be the top social media platform, it is where you show off your latest posts, your latest outfit, hair style, meal out, shopping haul.  There really is no limit to what you can share on Instagram.

This means that you need to be on top of your game, and I have two products to share with you that every Instagrammer needs.

The Instagram Bag

The Instagram bag contains everything for the budding food photographer.  In collaboration with phone photographer Matt Inwood and stylist Sophie Purser Paper Bag Co have created a special bag for those who enjoy combining their love of food with a passion for photography.

Inside the bag

The bag comes with the following items to help make your food photography go from good to amazing

  • A 15 inch photographic reflector and diffuser – this is a tool which all professional photographers have in their kit bag.  It can help to brighten and enhance both highlights and shadows, and can alter the lighting and colours of the images you create.
  • Four beautifully crafted papers from Black Velvet Styling, which is a photographic backdrop company set up by Sophie, creating affordable backdrops for amateurs and professionals. These are great for transforming a plate of food into a gorgeous image perfect for sharing on instagram. You get a variety of starter colours and textures to play around and experiment with.
  • Matt has shared his knowledge on how to get the most from shooting pictures with your phone camera.  He has created a set of ten postcards  with tips on the reverse of each explaining how to use light, think about composition, choose your background and more

The bag is available for £39.95 including post and packaging

Jute Selfie Bag

The Jute Selfie Bag is the must have bag for anyone wanting to take their selfies to the next level and is filled full of items to help you achieve this.

Inside the bag

  •  A bluetooth tripod selfie stick – you can get the perfect angle for your self and use the bluetooth selfie stick to connect to your phone.  Great for group photos or getting your whole outfit into the picture.
  • Pocket for selfie stick – A perfect sized pocket inside the bag to store your selfie stick and have it to hand at all times.  Which saves you time in searching through the bottom of your bag for it.
  • Zip top –  The bag has a secure zip fastening making your items secure at all times
  • Pop up reflector – to make sure you can get the best lighting at all times, the reflector comes in its own little bag to keep it contained when not in use.
  • LED ring light – When you need a little more light, this ring light attaches to the top of your phone and comes with a lead to recharge it.  The light has 3 settings to ensure your get the right lighting needed.

The bag is available for £27.95 including post and packaging

My Opinion

Some of you will know my husband is a photographer, he has tried multiple times to teach me photography but I just do not understand the settings on his camera.  I have used it with the settings set, and have used his reflectors and studio lights, to get the lighting effects I want. But in my world the two do not mix.

These bags are great for when out and about, or creating at home.  The reflectors are a lovely size and when stored in their little bag take up no room.  I am terrible for taking selfies but have had a few tries with the selfie stick and it is so much easier.  I love both of these bags and they will make my life a lot easier.  Even if you are not into taking the perfect picture for Instagram. I would recommend the selfie bag. You can view both of these bags and more at Paper Bag Co

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  1. My best friend loves a selfie, in fact she really really loves a selfie, completely opposite to me haha. I have seen this and would love to buy these for her.

    1. I think there are two types of people in this world those who love a selfie or those who don’t. These are great bags full of great items to help you get a great selfie

  2. I am not very good at taking a selfie. Fortunately my daughters are good at taking them so I usually photo bomb theirs!

  3. I’m useless at selfies. I do however have a cocktail account on Instagram – the Instagram bag looks great to help improve my cocktail photos!

  4. I definitely need help in creating great selfies, although I don’t see why anyone would want to see a photo of me, but my nieces and nephews joining it, definitely helps make a great photo!

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