Lotil Skincare Review

Lotil Skincare Review

We all know the importance of a good skincare routine, and looking after our skin.  My Mum was always telling me when I was younger to look after my skin especially as you get older.  I never listened, and realised a lot later on that I should have listened to her.  But it is never too late to start.

With so many skin care products around, it is lovely trying new products.  But for some finding a great skin care product can be difficult especially with health issues such as Psoriasis, Eczema or Diabetes. Which is why I am talking about a lovely skin care range to help with these conditions called Lotil.

About Lotil

For 100 years Lotil has been regarded as a super cream and given 10/10 by everyone who has used it. Lotil contains powerful emollients that repair and moisturise the most sensitive of skin types. With anti-bacterial, anti-fungal preventative and curative ingredients.  These provide an instant barrier to help fight infection.  The creams are easily absorbed into the skin and can be used by women, men and children all over the body and face.

Lotil has won awards for their skin care range including

Whatsgoodtodo.com – September 2020 – 114ml Gold Award

Beauty Bible – April 2021 – Foot Cream Bronze Award

Beauty Bible – April 2021 – Lip Blam Bronze Award

The Lotil Range

Lotil Original Cream – £11.99



Lotil Original is an easily absorbed rich cream, that is specifically formulated for all dry skin.

For best results use frequently and gently massage into your skin until the cream is completely absorbed.  Always apply after washing, before going to bed and particularly in cold, dry weather

Lotil Foot Cream – £5.92



Lotil Foot Cream helps soothe dry, chapped and sore skin. Lotil is regarded by many as the finest cream on the market. This cream soothes and heals dry, chapped skin on feet, heels and other troubled areas.

Use frequently by gently massaging into your feet until the cream is completely absorbed.  Always apply after washing, before going to bed and in particular during cold, dry weather or when your skin needs hydrating.

Lotil Moisturising Cream – 30ml £2.39 50ml £3.60



Lotil Moisturising Cream is an easily absorbed rich cream specially formulated to alleviate dry, cracked and chapped skin.

Use frequently and massage in until the cream has been completely absorbed.  Always apply after washing, before bed or during cold, dry weather.

Lotil Lip Care – £1.99



Lotil Lip Care helps to protect and moisturise your lips, specially formulated to keep your lips soft and smooth and protected as it has an SPF of 30.

Where to buy Lotil

The Lotil range is available from


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  1. Use moisturiser on your face from a young age (even if you think you don’t need it), you’ll be thankful you did as you get older.

  2. I have been using a good toner on my skin every day recently and I can really notice the difference, drinking a lot of water helps too.

  3. My top tip is to always moisturise when your skin is slightly damp to lock in as much moisture as possible!

  4. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face daily. And use a face mask once a fortnight because this really cleans out the pores. Charcoal face masks are brilliant for deep cleaning and softening the skin. The one I use is from Poundland. Definitely worth the £1.00 price tag.

  5. My best tip is to keep your skin moisturised and on the body, try to apply moisturiser whilst the skin is still slightly damp as this is much more effective.

  6. Don’t wash too much as it strips the natural moisture from the skin, and no amount of manmade moisturiser can make up for that. Not that you shouldn’t wash, but once or twice a day is enough! xx

  7. treat your skin from within –drinking two litres of water a day is amazing for your complexion

  8. Drink lots of water as well as using a moisturiser – properly moisturised skin shows fine lines and wrinkles much less.

  9. like that this is good for all ages. I have very dry skin and looks like my daughter has also got this

  10. Eat lots of vitamin-c rich foods and make home-made chicken stock (which is great for general health and full of collagen for your skin)!

  11. Moisturise morning and night. Use sun cream and drink lots of water especially in hot weather

  12. Keep yourself hydrated and try not to touch your face too much! Touching your face increases getting oily & drier skin

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