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One thing you can never have enough of as a child is toys, my kids always had a ton of toys.  So do my grandchildren, I am always treating them to something.

We have just had our eldest granddaughter staying who is 3, she is just like C used to be at that age.  Watching adverts it was I want that, I want that to everything. It was like going back in time. It was lovely to have something special to give her that she will be able to play with for years.


I had a lot of things here to keep her busy, some to stay at Nannys house, and others to take home with her. I recently teamed up with Jaques London to review some a couple of their toys. As I had my little helper here, I waited until the toy expert was here to give her professional opinion, I was very impressed with their toys for 3 year olds, and also found a great range of toys for 2 year olds.  

Who are Jaques of London

Jaques of London are the oldest games company in the world, and has been passed down for six generations.  One for those who like pub quizes they invented many well known games such as Ping Pong, Snakes and Ladders and many more.

I have a love of history and found the story behind how Jaques of London started, fascinating, you can read the full story here.

Wooden London Bus

My little reviewer loved the London Wooden Bus it comes with a removal upstairs seating area and a variety of wooden people where you can seat them downstairs or upstairs.

The bus is wooden and a nice size for little hands to play with.  It was a huge hit and used her imagination as we went off on adventures visiting, the park, the seaside and various other places.

Wooden Stacking Toy

I originally thought of the Wooden Stacking Toy for my other granddaughter for when she starts to play with toys, she is only 5 months at the moment.  I love the bright colours.

When my little helper saw this, she soon had them all over the floor, and we had fun with colours and counting.  Seeing how many we could get on one stack with all the different shapes. The square shapes slot into each other which also caused lots of laughs trying to match them up.

My Opinion

I have always had a love of wooden toys, and kids having what I call ‘old school toys’ to play with.  These are sturdy and will not break, unlike many of the plastic toys you can get these days.  These are toys to be played with and cherished and maybe hand down to their children one day.

I also loved how bright and vibrant the colours were both on the bus and the wooden stacker.  The colours grab your attention straight away.

What is your favourite childhood toy?

Having Fun With Jacques London (4)


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  1. Jaques of London is an enduring brand for a very good reason. Their toys are beautifully designed and very robust. What’s more, Snakes and Ladders is the best family board game – ever!

  2. I have a real love of wooden toys. I think they are absolutely timeless plus they last much longer than plastic toys.

    These look like hours of fun x

  3. Wooden toys are always the best. I got a few of them for my grandson and even if he has outgrown them, the toys are still in good shape and are waiting to be handed down to younger cousins when the time comes.

  4. The wooden toys look so nice as you can keep them and pass them down, plus plastic can get so worn and tatty x

    1. So did my children, it was also lovely seeing my granddaughters face and the fun she had with them proves that the older style toys are still great fun

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