How To Make The Most Out Of Our Smart Phones

How To Make The Most Out Of Our Smart Phones

One of the most expensive items we carry around with us each day is our phones.  They carry our lives on them from contacts, to photos, appointments, emails and not forgetting our social media. We have all experienced at some stage on a night out when our battery dies.

Or that when on our phones we suffer with eye strain, I am going to show you how we can keep our smart phones working 100% all of the time.

Invisible Shield

person holding black smartphone on white paper
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

We all use our phones more, which means our exposure to high-energy blue light increases.  Did you know that high-energy blue light has been shown to contribute to digital eye strain which can cause

  •  Dry and irritated eyes
  • Sleep disruption and sleep loss
  • Blurred vision
  • Premature eye ageing


The InvisibleShield new screen protector with Eye safe technology not only protects your phone from scratches and impacts, but it also filters harmful blue light from your device screen.

Power station Mini


The Powerstation Mini, enables you to charge your devices when needed anywhere, whether you are out and about, at a friends, at work.  You know that your phone will always have power to be used. It has a convenient USB-C input/output port, which means that you can charge the power station and use that same port to charge your device.

  • Versatile USB-C Port – to recharge the power station in record time or use the same port to charge a device
  • Compact and convenient – the power station is lightweight and portable and will easily fit into your bag, so that you can always have a boost of power wherever you are.
  • Reliable Battery – has a  5k portable battery that provides up to 36 hours of power for when you most need it
  • Charge Multiple Devices – you can charge multiple devices at once by plugging one device into the USB-C port and another into the USB-A port
  • Stylish Fabric Finish – has a premium fabric finish that adds style and prevents scuffs and scratches
  • LED Power Indicator – has an integrated four light LED power indicator that displays charging status and the current battery life

My Opinion

One thing I have learnt over the years is to always have a screen protector on my phone, these can be replaced but a cracked screen will either mean a new phone, or being without while it is being prepared.  Having the blue light filter is such a great idea and will save my eyes tiring.

The Power bank, will be so useful for when we are out and about, and is small enough to fit into my handbag and not take up too much room.  I always worry when I am out about my battery getting too low, I like to feel comfortable knowing that I can use my phone in an emergency, or I can be got hold of without my phone dying one me.  I have had power banks in the past that either are not that powerful, or just let me down.  I also love that you can charge more than one device from it.

The Giveaway

I have one Powerstation Mini to give away to one lucky reader.  See below on how to enter and please make sure you read ALL the terms and conditions and complete ALL mandatory sections.

Win A Powerstation Mini

Good luck

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How To Make The Most Out Of Our Smart Phones




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  1. My phone had died loads of times, the worst when my battery was on 1% the buzzer to my apartment wasnt working and forgot my keys at 2am. Lucky i managed to quickly text my flat mate to let me in before it died completely

    1. I’m hanging on to my phone as long as possible even though the battery will suddenly cut out at around 50%! I portable charger would be great!

      1. Usually towards the end of a day ou when I need to call for my lift home. Happened more than once!

  2. I’ve never actually had a phone die on me bur many times have waken in the morning to find that my phone hadn’t charged due to a problem with the wireless charger!

  3. No thankfully but I dread the power going and then I see the best photograh I could ever take and can’t do it

  4. Lots of times, but the worst ones were when I forgot to charge it overnight and have to go work without battery.

  5. yes, last year when I was in need of some desperate help due to a family stituation and I couldn’t call anyone. It was bad.

  6. All the time!! Awaiting my upgrade as they hit a certain life and its game over without a mobile charger!

  7. My phone dies frequently when we go camping, it is hard to find somewhere to recharge it unless I do it while driving somewhere

  8. Yes and I couldn’t find the road I had parked my car on. I wandered around for ages until I found somewhere to charge it.

  9. In normal times I visit my favourite nature reserve in Wales about once a month, it’s 5-6 hours travelling there and back and as a passenger I’m on my phone the whole time. It never lasts all the way home so this would come in very handy!

  10. Yes my phone died once when I landed back home in the UK at the airport at I couldn’t get hold of my dad to tell him when he could pick me up!

  11. ive had plenty of times my phone has died while at hospital appointments mainly as im not near home and can be there for a long time!

  12. I had my phone die on me when waiting for the bus, I had my ticket via the app. I had to buy another ticket!

  13. Yes I was at a concert and lost my brother, so when I decide to text/phone him, I realised my phone had died

  14. Gosh, yes – almost too many to mention! And always my fault for forgetting to charge the phone properly. Very embarrassing and ditsy!

    1. Yes! I was meeting a friend, she was running late but luckily I waited and she found me! Would have been handy to have a portable charger on me!

  15. My daughter is ALWAYS banging on at me to get one of these! Either she can’t do without being able to contact me…. or she’s turning into my mother lol.

  16. I’m one of those compulsive phone chargers who whips out a cable and tops up any time I see an unattended power outlet. So I don’t think I’ve ever had my phone die on me – I’d be utterly lost as it’s never out of my hand!

  17. Using your phone as a SatNav drains its power and most likely the situation when it has died on me. I would panic as I would be lost, especially if I don’t have a spare charger for it.

  18. , I try not to let my phone die but there’s always unpredicted situations when it does. A powebank would be awesome

  19. On occasion I’ve suffered that irksome thing where a seemingly ok charge drops to zero. Apple’s way of telling you to upgrade, I reckon.

  20. My phone is forever dying on me because I forget to charge it, and often don’t mind being uncontactable for a little while!

  21. I went out in london and met friends in london one night and my phone battery died half way through the night, it was so annoying trying to get home the next day on the tubes 😂

  22. oh yes, one landed me in deep water in the days of a nokia 3310 trying to find a hotel in Heathrow and me being at the wrong one, mid call confirming the corect hotel was 5 mins away my phone died and it still took me 90 mins to find creating a lot of stress for all

  23. Yep I’ve had multiple occasions where that happened. Love smartphones but I do miss the battery life of a reliable old Nokia 3210!

  24. my phone regularly dies on me but the worst was when i stupidly spent half a flight playing on my phone and then thought i had turned it off but hadnt so when i eventually arrived at my destination i had n power and had to pay a ridiculous fee in the airport to use those super fast chargers to get enough power to bring up my travel docs for hopa and my hotel

  25. Yes quite often – it’s an old phone and has to be charged at least twice a day, so if I’m out all day it’s a bit of a problem!

  26. I went out in london and met friends in london one night and my phone battery died half way through the night, it was so annoying trying to get home the next day on the tubes

  27. There was one occasion when I phoned home to say I was going to be late and there was a sound like a plane passing overhead and the phone became really hot and died mid call despite having plenty of charge.

  28. I went out in london and met friends in london one night and my phone battery died half way through the night, it was so annoying trying to get home the next day on the tubes!

  29. I went out in london and met friends in london one night and my phone battery died half way through the night, it was so annoying trying to get home the next day on the tubes! 🙈

  30. I am paranoid about making sure that my phone is charged but my husband is not so diligent. I was trying to reach him one day to give him some really important news and his phone had died. I had to wait almost 5 hours before he got home – by which time I was so frustrated. I’d make sure he always had this with him!

  31. Thankfully no, but I have seen quite a few refused entry on transport as they had e tickets and a dead phone.

  32. I went out in london and met friends in london one night and my phone battery died half way through the night, it was so annoying trying to get home the next day on the tubes!!

  33. Had many times when my phone has run out of battery, that’s for sure. Most annoying one was when I had to spend the night in A&E (having been discharged at 11pm with a broken arm!) with a dead phone. It was heavy snow and there were no buses, cabs, trains – nothing. Had to wait until 7am the next morning before I could get a taxi. Could have really used a phone charger at that point!

  34. I’ve had instances of phones that repeatedly run out of charge as the phones near the end of their life and have used portable batteries to recharge many times.

  35. My phone is forever dying on me, im always thinking ‘wow what a quiet day, no calls or anything’ – nope, just my phones died!

  36. The worst time it happened I had got off the wrong train stop in London, all of the details of the hotel I was staying in were on my phone. I didn’t even know the name of it. I couldn’t use maps obviously. It was just AWFUL!

  37. All the time! Once when I split up from hubby on a shopping trip and then found I had no way of ringing him to meet back up! We were both walking round forever trying to find each other.

  38. Not in the last year. But yes my phone has died on me before or I’ve gotten down to like 2%

  39. So many times – remember once the house alarm going off, but couldn’t get at the code because it was stored on my phone.

  40. I once didn’t have the plug turned on at the socket, I really needed my phone to be charged to use as a sat nav.

  41. More times than I care to remember. I no longer go anywhere without a power bank. Now I just have to remember to charge my power banks

  42. Yes. I was shopping at my local supermarket and hadn’t planned to buy so much. I had planned to walk back home with a wee carrier bag of shopping. But I soon filled my trolley and thought I could just phone my husband to pick me up. Shopping paid for I headed out to phone home for a lift. No power. I couldn’t get a lift from anyone because of the pandemic. So I had to wait till my husband noticed I wasn’t home.

  43. I know the situation all too well with a phone dying and having to lug around an extra power bank to keep the phone usable.

  44. Amount of times my phone has died while out and about and no way to charge it up. This would be a life saver

  45. My phone once died on me on a train and I had to ask a woman if I could borrow her phone to call my dad!

  46. Yes, I work in rural Suffolk in a 12th century castle – power sockets are a rare thing! This would be perfect to ensure i have charge when I need it most!

  47. When my car broke down and all my insurance and rac details were on my app and I had 2% on my phone and no charger! It’s not a mistake I made again. Paper copies in the car now!!

  48. Thankfully no my phone has never died on me and finger crossed it doesn’t happen when I need it most.

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