Shake Off Board Game

Shake Off Board Game

If you are looking for a fun way to involve the family in having fun, Shake Off Board Game is what you have been waiting for.

About Shake Off

Shake Off is  a fun game which is easy to play, the more you shake the higher you score.  A spinner will decide where you and your opponent will wear your shake-o-meter and then you shake, to see who shakes the most.

Playing the game

Inside the box you will find everything that you need to play the game including

  • The Spinner
  • 2 shake-o-meters
  • 2 sweatbands
  • an electronic timer
  • instructions

Batteries are include for the shake-o-meters but not for the electronic timer

To play the game

  • Each player spins the spinner to determine where they must wear their shake-o-meter – this could be wrist, ankle, front of the waistband or back of the waistband.
  • The spinner will also determin how you shake ie jumping, running or freestyle.
  • Once everything is in place, set the timer, this can be for 15 munutes upwards, then once the claxon sounds it is time to get shaking.

My Opinion

We loved this game, as C is not well enough I played against my husband and we had such a laugh.  The game is for 2+ players from aged 4 upwards.  This is such a great game to bring out family fun, competitiveness on who shakes the most and most importantly getting up and moving. When you first start you do not realise how long 15 seconds is but you soon start to increase the timer.

If you are looking for a new fun family game that does not involve just sitting playing a board game this is great fun and can be played indoors or outside.

The Giveaway

If you would like to have fun with this game, you can enter to win the game.  See below on how to enter

Shake Off Game

Good luck

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  1. When I was a child, my favourite game was always snakes and ladders! I still love it to this day, and even play it with the children in my after school club!

  2. I loved Frustration. Such a simple concept but it kept me and by brother entertained for hours 🙂

  3. Frustration! We played this one over and over and over! It has a “popomatic” dice in the middle! I still have the 40+ year old game from my grans house!

  4. Really used to love playing rummy – I’m lucky at cards, making me, inevitably, unlucky in love!!

  5. Money was tight in the 1950s so I only had 2 games, Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. I loved them both ….and still do!

  6. I loved buckaroo, the excitement of not knowing when he was going to buck, and being really careful placing your item on while holding your breath lol

  7. I used to love playing twister. My big brother always won though because he could stretch to more dots than I could.

  8. I loved to play Kirby outside when we were growing up. But in terms of a board game I loved playing Monopoly…even though my older brother always cheated!!!!

  9. I was a huge board game child and they were my favourite thing to play. My favourite was probably monopoly, especially Disney monopoly.

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