Purition Chai Latte

Purition Chai Latte

You will remember recently I reviewed Puritions shakes, which I loved trying their various flavours and adding extra fruit to the shakes.

I was then asked if I would like to try their recently launched Chai Latte, which of course I had to try.  Especially after trying their other great shake flavours.

Chai Latte

Purition Chai Latte

Purition has reintroduced their limited edition Chai latte blend.  The blend offers a healthier alternative tot he sugar-laden coffee shop options. Puritions Chai Latte contains 100% real food and no hidden extras, and comes in original or vegan.

The Chai Latte is aromatic and naturally sweet with a hint of warming cinnamon and ginger, making this the ideal alternative for a delicious breakfast option or soothing evening drink.

Whats in Chai Latte

Purition original and vegan chai latte
As we would expect from Purition the Chai Latte contains no artificial ingredients or sugars, and is made with a blend of all natural seeds and nuts and vegetarian proteins. Giving you a nutional meal in 30 seconds to support your healthy eating goals as it is packed with protein, healthy fat and fibre.

My opinion

Just lately I have not been eating as healthily as I should, and am lacking in motivation.  With being in lockdown and staying in it should be the time to think about your health and diet.  I first tried the Chai Latte just blended with milk, in the morning as breakfast.  Once I had blended the shake, I took a sip and it just was not going to hit the spot so I added a banana and it gave it that something I needed in the morning.  I have since tried with other fruits and found it much nicer for a breakfast than with nothing added.

I have also tried it in the evenings, and surprisingly found I like it with nothing added.  So I must need something sweet to start my day off.  This is definitely something I will be continuing to include in my diet.


Purition are kindly offering one of you to win a pack of Chai Latte to try yourself.  To enter see below

Purition Chai Latte

Good luck

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Purition Chai Latte





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  1. I am going on daily walks with my dogs, trying to practice yoga following YouTube videos and also eating as much fresh and on season products as I can.

    1. I have just started doing my fitness dvd, plan to do it 4 times a week, also I have been replacing my meals with smoothies, no chocolate or crisps. I have piled the weight on since having my children so I need to change my diet and to do more exercise.

      1. This would be great walking everyday helps me massively however after this lock down I need a serious health kick

    1. I’ve been cooking alot healthier meals as I’ve had more time! Making sure I go on daily walks and drinking plenty of water!

  2. I’m working out at home every other day with a variety of workouts from my PT that combine body weight, core, endurance and conditioning 🙂 I lso make sure i get out for a walk every day and stick to a sleep routine

  3. I have been walking round our local park every day. I’ve gradually extended my route so it is now 2 1/2 miles and try to walk at a brisk pace rather than dawdling.

  4. I’ve surprised myself in lockdown that once I got over the initial shock I have picked up an interest I had dropped when my late husband got ill in 2016. It’s been really good for my confidence to tet6bsck into my osngushe studies. I’ve also started doing Zumba again at home and I am eating better too

  5. i walk everyday – used to be there and back to work – but now its more around the local park!

  6. I’ve been cooking from scratch a lot more and no takeaways so that’s helped the neverending snacking 🤣

  7. I’ve been trying to make sure I get some exercise every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes.

  8. I go on regular walks and cook almost all meals from scratch, the exception is our weekly pizza and film night.

  9. I’ve made a huge change and gone vegan! Wanted to do it for years and this seemed like a good time, although thank goodness we live in a time of so many alternatives it been much easier than I thought

  10. I’ve been trying to eat even more veg, and have had to unfortunately cut down on all my baking attempts – I’ll stick to bread instead of all the cakes I was baking at the beginning of lockdown!

  11. I make sure to have a good walk every day, teach my partner to dance and try to eat a well balanced diet.

  12. I have been walking 10,000 steps a day, which negates all the cake I’ve been eating, probably!

  13. In all honesty, nowhere near enough! I’m vegetarian and do eat pretty healthily, though.

  14. Regular exercise, but the government has closed the places I usually exercise. I haven’t the space to exercise at home as I live in a tiny flat, so they’re forcing me to damage the body I’ve spent 8 years training in the name of something that for people my age is no worse than flu. I’ve therefore ordered a home exercise book online and intend to do the exercises in the park in front of the fenced-off outdoor gym to highlight the absurdity of it still being closed.

  15. Regular excerise indoors and outside has been my way of keeping healthy, long walks keep me fit and sane and onl8ne fitness classes keep me focused and toned.

  16. I’ve been cooking most of my meals from scratch and packing them with lots of veggies, rather than just going for the quick and easy option. I’m also slowly trying to increase my protein intake.

  17. I’m a student dietitian so I’ve been making some tasty and nutritious snacks to keep me going through my finals! X

  18. I have been cooking from scratch every meal, no takeaways for weeks and a weekly fruit and veg delivery, which means I eat a lot more fruits than before.

  19. To be honest I am not doing very well at the moment as working from home, but we are going for walks as often as we can.

  20. While self-isolating I have replaced my daily gym and swim with a long walk or cycle ride round our village for physical well being and looking after my mental health by doing cryptic crosswords and Sudokus then spending a couple of hours a day reading , escaping these troubled times!

  21. I have been doing a 30 minute workout everyday and going for long walks to keep healthy and active

  22. I’ve been trying to go out for a walk every day and bought a basic fitness tracker to help me track my steps.

  23. I’m making a concerted effort not to snack and making sure that I stop working at sometime during the day and go for a walk to clear my head.

  24. I’ve had a lot more time, so have been doing a lot more cooking from scratch and not ready made meals etc.

  25. I actually started to increase my activity just before lockdown, found it a little difficult to maintain that after as going out was very limited but used the stairs, a fitness step and a little time on the treadmill to keep active, my diet also changed for the better too, lots more fruit and veg and less ‘junk’ food

  26. I’ve been going for walks each day to get me out of the house as I’m working from home like a lot of people

  27. Ive tried to cut back on caffeine. Fortunatly my dogs keep me pretty active so ive not been worrying too much

  28. I’ve replaced in person fitness classes with online ones! And I’ve started doing agility with my dogs which definitely keeps me fit!

  29. I have been cutting out sugar and some carbs, also doing zumba or just dance every evening after I finish work

  30. I’ve been eating a rainbow salad for lunch every day and at least three vegetables for dinner to try and make sure I’m getting a range of nutrients.

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