Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020

With Fathers Day next month, and while we are still stuck in lockdown making it harder for us to go out and find a present for our Dads.  I have been working on my Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 finding you some great gift ideas.

I know money is more of a worry this year so have worked to find fun and affordable gifts to suit any budget.  The gift guide is a mix of gifted and non gifted items.

Car Accessories

Halfords have a range of car accessories that any Dad who loves their car will love to received.  Including Lynx car fresheners and Michelin Parking Protectors.

If your Dad loves his car this is a perfect gift idea to stop him getting annoyed when returning to his car at a car park and also keeping the car smelling lovely and fresh.

Creative Nature

Creative Nature offer healthy products that are also tasty, making it easier for us to live a healthy lifestyle.  If your Dad is into healthy living, or if you feel he should these are great gift ideas.

Apple Pie Protein Bars

Perfect if you are fancying something sweet as a treat – they really do taste like an apple pie

Chia & Cacao Choc Chip Brownie Baking Mix

What Dad could resit a chocolate brownie or two on Fathers Day.  These are also Vegan friendly, Gluten, Dairy and nut safe.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt

We all know traditional table salt is not good for you, but also know our food tastes so much better with salt added.  I made the move years ago to use an alternative to traditional table salt.

This crystal salt is great for seasoning food for example sprinkle on potatoes when roasting.  But they also have much more use you can use in a salt grinder or even add to warm water with your favourite essential oil and use as a foot soak.



Is your Dad forever losing something? The Tile is the perfect gift idea.  If you have misplaced something whether it is nearby or you feel it is further away.  You can check where your item was last seen on a map.  This will then allow you to tap into Tile’s community, which is the world’s largest lost and found network.  They will annonymously help find the lost or stolen item almost anywhere in the world.  You can even use Tile in reverse to call your phone, even when on silent.

There are three Tile options with the Slim starting at £24.99

Heinrich Barth


Heinrich Barth have a range of products for Dads giving them something they will love.

The Hair and Body Cleanser is ideal for the eco-Dad.  It has punchy biological extracts  including calendula flower, lemon peel, witch hazel and chamomile. Which have been infused through this cleanser to promote and even calming effect on the skin.  At the same time deeply cleansing and regulating your body’s oil production.

As well as this Hair and Body Cleanser they also have Face and Body Moisturising Cream and a tanning oil.

Zippo Utility Lighter

zippo utility lighter

Zippo is a name we all know, and we all know that Dads are the kings of the great outdoor and lighting fires, whether it is for camping or bbq.  Which is why Zippo has a Flex Neck Utility Lighter which will make a great Fathers Day gift.

The refillable butane lighter has a flexible extended neck, which is topped by a powerful nozzle. Slim enough to reach even the smallest lighting apertures.  The flex neck is windproof and child resistant and boasts a reliable dual flame technology and 5 year guarantee.


Simon Mariner Watch | Seizmont | Free shipping

Trendhim have a lovely range of gift ideas that any Dad would love to receive.  Like this Simon Mariner Watch, to add style to any time of the day. They have a lovely range of gift ideas from jewellery, to bags to suit accessories.

Fox & Chave


I recently reviewed Fox & Chave and their gorgeous silk scarves and accessories that would make a perfect gift for Fathers Day.

Dapper Wrapper

The Dapper Wrapper is a great way to help Dad stay organised with all his tech stuff while out and about.  If he is forever looking around in the bottom of his bag for chargers, cables etc he will love this.  The Dapper Wrapper is a slick tech organiser where he can keep everything together in one place.  Available from Amazon.


Wine is always a lovely gift to receive, with so many wines available it is often hard to know which one to get.  I always opt for something a little more special if giving as a gift.

La Castellina is a Chianti which is dry with a bright ruby colour.  Prominent aromas of fresh raspberry and cherry.

Francone Barolo is often described as Italy’s greatest red wine, and this Decanter Silver Medal winner is one of the best examples on the market today. It combines grapes from La Morra and Monforte, two of the five most prized cru-villages in Barolo DOCG. Grapes from La Morra bring richness and power, and this is balanced by Monforte’s elegance and freshness.

Henry Bell Bird Feeder

bird feeder

As we have to stay home and stay safe, if you have a garden how about a bird feeder to entice the wildlife into your garden.  Henry Bell has a wide range of bird feeders for any garden from individual feeders to feeding stations, plus bird food.  This will be a great addition to any garden giving hours of enjoyment

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020

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Comments (16)

  • Sim @ Sim's Life 1 week ago Reply

    Some fabulous gift inspiration for Father’s Day! Huge fan of Pink Himalayan salt, always have some to hand! Sim x

    admin 1 week ago Reply

    I do use natural salt but never tried Pink Himalayan salt before so interested to try it

  • Sarah Bailey 1 week ago Reply

    These are all sound great ideas, so far I have told my Dad I’ll get him some cupcakes – I should really think of something else to go with them.

    admin 1 week ago Reply

    My Dad has just had his birthday so got bits he needed/wanted then. He has asked for beer or wine for Fathers Day

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra 1 week ago Reply

    My husband would love to have the Tile. He keeps on looking for his Kindle when it is just either under his pillow on in the drawer of his night table. The Dapper wrapper would be nice too. That would keep all his chargers and in-ear headsets in place.

    admin 7 days ago Reply

    I think both of these are going to be popular for gifts this year x

  • Rebecca Smith 7 days ago Reply

    Such lovely ideas for Fathers Day! Steve’s old Zippo lighter recently gave up the ghost after many years so I might have to buy a new one from the kids.

    admin 7 days ago Reply

    Zippo lighters go on forever don’t they until they just have enough, the one on my guide is great for the outdoors

  • Kara Guppy 7 days ago Reply

    My husband needs some new clothes so have been finding bits and bobs for him online. No idea what to get my Dad, but have a couple of ideas now – thanks

    admin 7 days ago Reply

    It’s is difficult my Dad is easier than my husband need to speak to C about him x

  • Yeah Lifestyle 7 days ago Reply

    Some lovely selection of items here, love the Wine, Watch as well as the Chia & Cacao Choc Chip Brownie Baking Mix. Perfect for my husband as we spend a chill night at home.

    admin 3 days ago Reply

    They are lovely ideas and exactly what my husband would love as well x

  • Rowena Corderoy 7 days ago Reply

    Some great ideas here. I generally completely forgot I do need to start thinking about presents for him!

    admin 3 days ago Reply

    I am glad I gave you some ideas and a reminder it is not far away x

  • Stephanie Merry 6 days ago Reply

    I find shopping for my dad quite hard as he literally has everything! But for him, wine is always a good shout x

    admin 3 days ago Reply

    I have the same wine is always a good idea with mine as well x

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