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Lockdown projects for everyone!

With many of us practicing social isolation, it can all feel a bit daunting at times. One of the things I’ve found the hardest are ways to keep my mind from wandering into an anxious space. Therefore, I have been taking up projects to keep my brain focused and where I can, making sure I can include the little ones as well, mwahah! 


messy room

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Organising your living space is a great way to keep people occupied during lock down. Being cooped in-doors does mean that we begin to have an appreciation for more space and this is where decluttering can be a great task to get the family to join in. You may also earn some money if you have old ipads that you no longer use, by selling them.

If you have really little ones it may be a bit of a nightmare to try to keep anything tidy but creating games such as storage boxes and points for tidy rooms may encourage some to be a bit neater – for others more engaged with the activity, encouraging getting rid of items they no longer need so it can go on to be useful for someone else is a very positive activity. Basically, Marie Kondo it up! 



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Is a fabulous way to practice mindfulness and be creative at the same time. Just choose a pattern that you like, get tooled up, sit down and off you go! Instagram and pinterest are full of amazing hashtags and trend boards to help anyone find inspiration in a style that they like and there are some great learner patterns for those with  children who wish to get involved. If you have very young  children who aren’t **quite** ready for using needles solo then making a cross stitch based on their favorite words, shapes or TV characters can be a really fun way to include children in your projects.

If you want to look for free patterns, subscribe to Yarnie. It’s a needle craft newsletter for anyone interested in hand embroidery. In each newsletter, you can get free patterns including free cross stitch patterns with instructions.

Learning Digital skills 

online course

Photo by Lewis Keegan – on Unsplash

Digital learning has during the lockdown period become one of the biggest niches for people to Google search lessons about. If you are looking for a more advanced introduction to code then places like codeacaemy can be great. If you want a smaller project or looking for something 

The giffgaff academy may be for you with it’s introduction level videos just being launched in various digital skills. Me and the kid made a game of Tic tac tao. Get.In.


tik tok

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

This craze seems to be getting stranger and stronger with videos popping up on our feeds every day, and you know what they say? If you cannot beat them then join them. It’s a great way to have positive family fun online and keeping everyone entertained for a few hours as well. Certain trends suchs as lipsyncing and group dances are appearing in realtime so there is always something you can all try out together – or even aone if you want to have a stab at becoming a tiktok influencer! 

If you have started any projects or have been inspired by the above ideas. Make sure to share your projects below and on the social channels! 

Lockdown projects for everyone!

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