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Lost -Social Life

Help I have a lost -social life. Do you remember those days before you had your children? When the weekends meant nice long lie ins. Then out shopping on a Saturday aternoon browsing the shops. For that latest dress or pair of shoes you just had to have for that night. Having lunch with the girls, maybe a glass of wine or two.

Then getting ready for an evening out, whether it be to a party, dinner, drinks with friends, clubbing. Staggering home early hours of Sunday morning.  Enjoying a lovely lie in and lazy Sunday, or back down the pub in the afternoon/evening. Maybe popping out in the evenings during the week. Basically, just doing what you wanted when the mood took you. Now I have Lost -Social Life

It all changes

Then, you become a Mum (or Dad) and life changes, you stop going out as much when pregnant, if like me because you were just too ill to move from anywhere very far, tiredness or just feel to huge to go anywhere.  Then baby arrives and outings then become a major affair of everything needed for the baby, nappies, wipes, bottles, change of clothes etc etc, then just as you are about to go out, baby decides to be sick and you need to change them, by the time you get to set foot out the door, you are shattered.

Their first playdates

Then they start nursery, and play dates are arranged, their social life begins. Which is lovely they get to play and socialise, while we get to make friends and have a coffee in some sort of peace without too many interruptions. They then start school, and it is play dates, going to friends for tea, or friends coming round for tea, and as they get older sleepovers.

This week is their first full week of summer holidays and so far her diary has been.

Monday – Swimming and then to a friends for a sleepover that evening (me driving her to swimming and back and then to her friends later on)

Tuesday – pick up daughter from her friends

Wednesday – Bowling

Thursday – An actual day at home having a lazy day fingers crossed

Friday – Another sleepover

My social life has been meeting my friend who she had a sleepover with and at the bowling, which was lovely.

And, although I sometimes dream for those pre-children days of lazy weekends and going out whenever you feel like it. I really wouldn’t change my life now, no matter how envious I am that my 11 year old has a much better social life than I do. Please return my lost social life if you find it.

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