DenTek Platinum Dental Guard

If you or your partner suffers with stress, you may find that you grind your teeth when you sleep, you may have a condition called Bruxism.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is where you grind your teeth when you are asleep, you may not have any symptoms and even know you are doing it. Or you may find you suffer with an aching jaw or headaches when you wake in the morning.

Symptoms of teeth grinding include

  • facial pain
  • headaches
  • earache
  • pain and stiffness in the jaw joint – temporomandibular disorder (TMD)
  • disrupted sleep for either you or your partner
  • worn-down teeth, which can lead to increased sensitivity and even tooth loss
  • broken teeth or fillings

The pain often disappears when you stop grinding your teeth, you should see your dentist if your partner tells you about your teeth grinding, your teeth feel worn or sensitive, you suffer jaw, face or ear pain.

I have often spoken about TMD as this is something my Daughter suffers with along with her chronic illness, and it is actually quite common.

DenTek Platinum Dental Guard

The DenTek Platinum Dental Guard combines the ease of a ready to wear dental guard with the customization of a formed guard.  Which will protect against damage caused by night-time teeth grinding with the customized guard for ultimate comfort.

  • Band adjusts two ways to customize the length and angle while comfort strips adjust for a custom fit
  • Ready to use right out of the box, no boiling water, heating, or molding required
  • 2 way adjustable band and cushioned bite pads
  • Contoured bumpers for comfort
  • 6 month protection guarantee
  • Includes antimicrobial storage case

Our Thoughts

As I stated above and in previous posts my daughter suffers with TMD, and she has a mouth guard she uses which we had moulded for her at the dentist. She uses this at night to help her jaw. She hates using it and often I will find she has taken it out during the night when asleep.

I asked her to try this guard, and she found it much easier and much more comfortable than her proper dentist guard, and she kept it in all night and did not moan about it the next morning.


If you or your partner suffers with grinding their teeth, DenTek are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Platinum Dental Guard.  To enter see below

Dentek Dental Mouth Guard

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DenTek Platinum Dental Guard





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Comments (63)

  • Iain maciver 2 months ago Reply

    not so far

  • Catherine McAlinden 2 months ago Reply

    I tried one a few years ago when my dentist said I grind my teeth. I found it really uncomfortable so I binned it (after paying £80) and now I wish I hadn’t!

  • Angela Treadway 2 months ago Reply

    no i havent tries before x

  • Solange 2 months ago Reply

    No, I have never tried a mouth guard before.

    Linda Turner 2 months ago Reply

    Have never tried before but would so love to. Brilliant giveaway

  • fiona waterworth 2 months ago Reply

    I have tried a mouth guard years ago but they were nothing like these

  • Isabel 2 months ago Reply

    No I’ve never tried one before but I’d give it a go.

  • Natalie Burgess 2 months ago Reply

    Ive never tried a mouth guard before xx

  • Shak 2 months ago Reply

    R. Kelly might see nothin’ wrong with a little bump ‘n’ grind… but, this grind just hurts my teeth. 😎🤙

  • Stuart Hargreaves 2 months ago Reply

    No we have not , longing to try it though

  • charlotte isobelle 2 months ago Reply

    yes but just for having my braces not for grinding

  • ADEINNE TONNER 2 months ago Reply

    When i was younger i had used a mouth guard but i haven’t used one in a good amount of years

  • Anthony Harrington 2 months ago Reply

    My Wife is a chronic pain sufferer and as such always has a clenched jaw which she can never relax that leads to TMJ. Also she has bruxism which has lead to her smashing her 4 wisdom teeth vertically rendering them unsaveable. I would love her to try this to see if if could help to relax her jaw. thanks for this info.

  • Margaret Gallagher 2 months ago Reply

    I have and they do work – so expensive to buy

  • Pauline Hill 2 months ago Reply

    No, I have never tried a mouth guard

  • Jodie Green 2 months ago Reply

    No, I have never tried one

  • Christine Lockley 2 months ago Reply

    No, I’ve never tried one

  • Rich Tyler 2 months ago Reply

    Never, but always firs time!

  • Rebecca Nisbet 2 months ago Reply

    No i havent, but they do look like they do some good

  • lesley renshaw 2 months ago Reply

    I haven’t but all the elements mentioned above are relevant to me so I really should.

    Thanks for the chance

  • Emma Walton 2 months ago Reply

    I’ve been grinding my teeth and have been looking at dental guards. I haven’t tried one before though.

  • Laura Pritchard 2 months ago Reply

    No, but think I need one!

  • Lorna Ledger 2 months ago Reply

    yes, I have one made every few years at the dentist , but I soon bit through them 🙁 be nice to give this a go!

  • Craig Havery 2 months ago Reply

    no i have not

  • Ruth Harwood 2 months ago Reply

    I have always had issues with grinding my teeth in my sleep and so I do use a mouthguard as it helps teach my body not to do so (which isn’t working, tbh) and also helps me sleep now I’ve had one so long – definitely worth investing in! I’ve worn half my teeth away before I started using it!

  • Allan Wilson 2 months ago Reply

    Never tried one before

  • Claire Woods 2 months ago Reply

    I tried one when my dentist said I grind my teeth. I used it until it start to go funny. I have a new dentist who mentioned teeth grinding.

    Jade Brookman 1 month ago Reply

    I have one and it helps a lot but unfortunately they don’t last forever especially with chronic tooth grinding so I would love a new one

  • Al MacInnes 2 months ago Reply

    Brilliant for Mrs Mac

  • Susan B 2 months ago Reply

    I have worn one at night but not for playing sport. I would like to see wider use of them in schools and sports clubs. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • janine atkin 2 months ago Reply

    i had one made by the dentist and it kept coming out hile i slept so i stopped using it for fear i might choke on it

  • Mandy Doherty 2 months ago Reply

    I have a night guard and it would be handy having a spare one

    Rebecca Roberts 2 months ago Reply

    Iv not used one but my dentist said I grind my teeth at night without knowing I’m at dental hospital for my wisdom tooth in a few weeks he said he will talk to me about mouth guards then

  • Kirsty Taylor 2 months ago Reply

    My dentist has just told me he thinks I grind my teeth when I sleep as my teeth are starting to crack with wear and tear. He’s told me to get one of these

  • Hayley Colburn 2 months ago Reply

    I have one of the big gum shield type ones and it’s so uncomfortable, can’t believe how much grinding has moved my teeth, my bite used to line up just fine and now I have a noticeable gap and I swear they stick out more

  • Allan Fullarton 2 months ago Reply

    No, I have never tried one

  • Mary Baldwin 2 months ago Reply

    No, I’ve not tried a mouthguard before but need to try something new to stop me grinding my teeth.

  • Victoria Prince 2 months ago Reply

    No I haven’t, I didn’t even know they existed until comparatively recently! A friend of mine was told to use one and it’s made a massive difference to her

  • Debbie Miller 2 months ago Reply

    The only guard I have had was a brace .. I do suffer badly from TMJ and keep putting going to the dentist due to cost… my teeth are actually flattening off with the constant grinding.. I also bite my tongue when I sleep…….. this would be invaluable. xxx fingers crossed. x

  • Adrian Knox 2 months ago Reply

    I do use one but find them uncomfortable so I would like to try one of these

  • Troy Easton 2 months ago Reply


  • Susan Willshee 2 months ago Reply

    I’ve never tried a mouthguard but I’d love to try one. I have epilepsy and that causes me to grind my teeth while I’m asleep

  • Lisa Wilkinson 2 months ago Reply

    No I’ve never tried one

  • Rachel Craig 2 months ago Reply

    No. As previously I had no need that I was aware of.

    Unfortunately the last few months have brought stress :- From others, who ideally should have been provided the opposite. Such is the Real World.

    Throughout that stressful time :- I found that with the excessive stress I had begun to tightly clench my teeth :- Caused damage to inside of mouth, and tongue. To the extent that there was swelling, and also bleeding. Part of a filing fell loose also.

    Certainly would love to win this product. I have had tempomandibular joint dysfunction for decades. No mouth guard offered when I was in childhood :- Perhaps they were not available.

    Also with Dentist :- It is a Two tiered system. That being NHS ( National Health Service) and Private. This I believe has led to POOR service provision for some. I do know from what I have read in regards to History :- Bevan had wanted FREE Dental Care for ALL at the point of NEED. Yet unfortunately some ( maybe majority) of dentists removed teeth and provided dentures :- Real reason being it provided them with more money ( Not the Aim of the NHS). There are a variety of Services which are Two tiered e.g. Doctors :- Consultants, Dentists, Chiropodists, possibly more. This has been detrimental to meeting NEEDS of the Public.

    I have received Private Service :- Dentures and Veneers via Dentist. At that time I was in paid employment, I was concerned about staining of front teeth where I had small fillings ( Seemed when I was young School Dentist was frequently filling or removing teeth from my mouth). When ideally natural teeth are surely best for us.

    Back to Private Dental Care experience. When I asked about veneers :- I had seen poster in waiting room. I was informed yes, I could have veneers, they were suitable for me. Though available privately. I asked if I could pay in instalments :- Told yes. Also told about private dentures available :- I also went for those, and they were much much better than what I had previously had (via NHS). So there can be a Range of Options.

    Seems that perhaps the client / patient is not the centre of Care / priority. Business is likely the Driving Force in lots of aspects within Britain.

    Yet, surely level of Care impacts on long term outcomes. May cost the individual, and / or NHS at the time and in the longer term.

    Oh! For a Return to people working for a living. NEEDS being a Priority, etc. As Quality of Life is Important for ALL.

    Rachel Craig

  • Emily G 1 month ago Reply

    Never had a mouthguard before but i think it would be really helpful

  • Julie Edwards 1 month ago Reply

    I have never tried a mouth guard before xx

  • Laura Corrall 1 month ago Reply

    No, I’ve never really known about them. I suffer from migraines and grin my teeth. So I’d love to know if this would relieve some of my migraines.

  • Kim M 1 month ago Reply

    No, but would like to try one, gnash my teeth and bite my tongue at night x

  • Denise Wilden 1 month ago Reply

    No I have never had a mouth guard

  • Kirsty Fox 1 month ago Reply

    Yes I use mouth guards as I grind my teeth every night.

  • Adrian Bold 1 month ago Reply

    No, I’ve never tried one.

  • Carly Belsey 1 month ago Reply

    Yes I have, I have been given two by my dentist to stop me grinding down my teeth. I really need a new one but they are so expensive that I have to save up for a while first

  • Cathryn Crawshaw 1 month ago Reply

    would love to give it a go

  • emma kinsey 1 month ago Reply

    i have never tried

  • Carol Boffey 1 month ago Reply

    great giveaway

  • Diana 1 month ago Reply

    I’ve never tried one

  • Jason Tolliss 1 month ago Reply

    I have to wear one at night, as I grind my teeth in my sleep

  • Kim Neville 1 month ago Reply

    I havnt myself but my daughter has

  • Amanda Walsh 1 month ago Reply

    I havent no, but I definitely need to try one

  • Pauline Burroughs 1 month ago Reply

    No I haven’t tried one

  • Georgie Wright 1 month ago Reply

    No but I go through phases of grinding my teeth so I should really!

  • Darren Bourne 1 month ago Reply

    Yes, the dentist gave me one.

  • Natalie Gillham 1 month ago Reply

    yes I have tried one that my dentist gave me but it was too uncomfortable and clumsy, this one looks much more bearable. Thanks for the chance to win x

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