Thursday Plantation Travel Must Haves

Thursday Plantation Travel Must Haves

The summer holidays have arrived, which means family holidays or days out enjoying the sun.  Making happy memories or carefree fun days.

While we all look forward to these happy times, we must always be prepared for any event good or bad.  Which is why today I am talking about Thursday Plantation and their travel must haves.

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is natures most powerful antibacterial solution, which is used for a variety of different reasons and treatments.

Tea Tree Oil is distilled from specially selected Melaleuca alternifoilia leaves.  Which is a plant native to the coastal regions of northern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland,

This Tea Tree Oil is 100% pure natural oil and is a powerful antibacterial.  Which inhibits a broad spectrum of bacteria and cleanses and protects skin abrasions and blemishes.  Tea Tree Oil is well tolerated by healthy skin tissue and does not inhibit normal cell growth.

Tea Tree Manuka Honey Balm

tea tree manuka honey balm

This is a new balm from Thursday Plantation, the Tea Tree Manuka Honey Balm is great for popping in your bag.  The balm is a unique combination of powerful natural ingredients to provide symptomatic relief to

  • minor skin damage
  • inflammation
  • minor cuts
  • wounds
  • abrasions

As you can see the balm has a great range of uses and benefits.  100% pure Tea Tree Oil is a naturally sourced antiseptic, while Manuka Honey provides a moist, low pH environment to promote wound healing.  The balm helps to minimise skin irritation and does not sting making it great to use on the whole family.

I have been testing out the balm on a skin irritation and it does as it says on the tube and now a firm addition to my handbag.

A great offer for you

Thursday Plantation do not want you to take my word for how great their products are.  They want you to try them for yourself and are offering one of my lucky readers the chance to win a great bundle.  See below for the prize and how to enter

The prize bundle consists of –

  • Tea Tree and Manuka Honey Balm
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Tea Tree Bar Soap
  • Tea Tree Body Wash
  • Tea Tree Face Foam

To enter please see below

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Bundle

Good luck and if you have not already entered I have more great giveaways currently running

NADS sensitive Wax Strips 

Pernaton Gel

Childrens Summer Essentials bundle

Thursday Plantation Travel Must Haves






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Comments (180)

  • Iain maciver 1 month ago Reply

    not putting suncream on

    Sunita 2 weeks ago Reply

    I tied my sons sun hat too tight when we went on a speed boat in Thailand so it didn’t blow off it was a scorching day so he needed the protection, it was one of those big “the man from del monte” hats….we couldn’t undo the knot and he couldn’t get it off and nobody had anything to cut it with. .he is 15 and wasn’t at all impressed, I on the other hand couldn’t stop laughing

  • Kim Neville 1 month ago Reply

    Breaking my collarbone from going on a banana boat :-/

    Ioana Cristina Popescu 3 weeks ago Reply

    My dog jumped on me and scratched my face. I have had to stay like that the whole summer

  • Solange 1 month ago Reply

    Falling asleep with my sunglasses on resulting in ridiculous tan mark.

  • pete c 1 month ago Reply

    walking barefoot on my driveway and cutting my foot with a stray nail (my own carelessness though)

    Kerry Brown 3 weeks ago Reply

    Walking through the woods in flip flops, stubbing my toes on tree stumps and roots, getting thorns stuck through the bottoms ofnthe flip flops and into my feet then to finish off… Lots of stinging nettles haha

  • Tracy Newton 1 month ago Reply

    When I was younger, Not applying enough sunscreen and getting really bad sunburn

  • Susan B 1 month ago Reply

    I put a little radio on top of the car while lying in the sun at the beach but was so exhausted that I forgot it was there and drove off with it still on the roof. Whoops!

    christine goody 1 month ago Reply

    Ah, not being thoroughly covered in factor 50and then spending 4 hours on the golf course on Tuesday

  • Jeb o 1 month ago Reply

    Sunburning my scalp after forgetting to put sun cream on my hair parting

  • david waterworth 1 month ago Reply

    We were on the Norfolk broads and it was a beautiful sunny day and it was hot, never being on a boat before, I was sat with no shirt on, driving the boat, I did not realise that reflected sun could burn worse than normal sun with the result I could not wear anything on my top half or even sleep comfortably for the rest of the holiday, much to everyones amusement

    Carol Thomas 2 weeks ago Reply

    Tripping over our grandchildren toys in the garden. I still dont know how as they were big enough to see

    Sandra Fortune 2 weeks ago Reply

    Toppling over in the deckchair in the garden -sideways .Shouldn’t have sat on a slope . My grandson was highly amused

  • Ritchie Dee 1 month ago Reply

    I burned my feet when walking on hot sand.

    Emma Caristi 2 weeks ago Reply

    Falling asleep on the beach in a heatwave. Ouch!

  • Peter Watson 1 month ago Reply

    Falling asleep at a festival with no shirt on.I got badly sunburnt.

  • laura stewart 1 month ago Reply

    not putting sun cream on x

  • Sheena Batey 1 month ago Reply

    Kneeling om a wasp

  • Claire V 1 month ago Reply

    While trying to get a ball from behind the shed I stepped on a nail which went through my sliders and into my foot.

    Harvey Salmon 2 weeks ago Reply

    Standing on a rusty nail which went through my croc.

    Jo Hutchings 2 weeks ago Reply

    I’ve stepped bare foot on a wasp before!

  • Cheryl G 1 month ago Reply

    Burning my feet – I must have forgot to put cream on them as they were the only but that burned. Couldn’t wear anything but flip flops for a week

  • Yasmin0147 1 month ago Reply

    This is great for the summer

  • Jamie Edwards 1 month ago Reply

    Not using make up or skincare with SPF!

  • Graham Ross 4 weeks ago Reply

    Not checking the weather forecast

  • Sue McCarthy 4 weeks ago Reply

    Found a bumble bee had fallen in my pond. Tried to rescue it with a leaf, which was ineffective. So instead of doing the sensible thing & running inside to get a spoon, I rescued it with my hand & promptly got stung!

  • Ursula Hunt 4 weeks ago Reply

    I fell off a kerb while messing about with the children and broke my ankle

  • Mary Heald 4 weeks ago Reply

    Going walking in shorts and getting stung by nettles

  • Marycarol 4 weeks ago Reply

    Missing bits when applying suncream and having a rather striped effect

  • Sarah 4 weeks ago Reply

    Getting badly sunburnt.

  • Stuart Hargreaves 4 weeks ago Reply

    Being knocked down by a car

  • Emily Hutchinson 4 weeks ago Reply

    Drenching myself with water while using the hosepipe to water garden.

  • Jesse Partington 4 weeks ago Reply

    Trapping a wasp under a sweater I was carrying over my arm. This, of course, made the wasp a little unhappy. So was I for the next ten days or so while I nursed a very swollen arm.

  • Mark Matthews 4 weeks ago Reply

    Relaxing in the sun with my arms crossed behind my head, and dozed off. I had applied suncream, but not too my armpits! Very painful.

  • Sarah Lambert 4 weeks ago Reply

    Only applying suncream to my nose so rest of my face burnt so had a white nose and red face wasn’t

  • Phil Wright 4 weeks ago Reply

    Getting tipsy at the Folk festival and losing my sunglasses

  • Kate Sutton 4 weeks ago Reply

    Burning my feet on the sand

    Rebecca Roberts 3 weeks ago Reply

    Getting stung by a wasp and tripping up in my flip flops

  • Mary D 4 weeks ago Reply

    Like lots of other commenters I got very badly burned at the seaside one year. My mother put me in the bath and poured the whole bottle of calamine lotion over me which did help a bit.

  • Sara Dean 4 weeks ago Reply

    Cool prize would love to win

  • Helen B 4 weeks ago Reply

    walking around the garden barefoot and stepping on a dying wasp

  • kris mc 4 weeks ago Reply

    sunburn, of course 🙁

  • Hazel Christopher 4 weeks ago Reply

    Wearing shorts through an overgrown wooded area and stinging my legs of nettles and brambles!

  • Danika Lloyd 4 weeks ago Reply

    Getting sunburnt…

  • Fiona jk42 4 weeks ago Reply

    The only time I’ve ever got badly sunburned was when we went on a boat trip through a wetland reserve to look at pelicans and flamingos. I forgot my bag containing my sunscreen back in our room. It was very sunny and the reflection off the water made the effect even worse. I had put some sunscreen on before leaving the hotel, but this was not enough and I got a badly burned nose and shoulders.

  • Dean T 4 weeks ago Reply

    I was walking with some Greek friends down a very dusty road over there when I toppled over from losing my concentration (it was so hot) and ended up hobbling

  • Hannah Wilding 4 weeks ago Reply

    Not drinking enough water whilst being in the sun all day and then subsequently getting heat stroke

  • Kirsty Taylor 4 weeks ago Reply

    I wore a floaty skirt at the seaside and did a Marilyn Monroe on several occasions

  • Rich Tyler 4 weeks ago Reply

    Failing backwards off a wall into a thorn bush!

  • Tammy Tudor 4 weeks ago Reply

    forgetting the suncream and thinking that I’ll be alright on a cloudy day! I wasn’t I looked like a lobster

  • Lyn Geddes 4 weeks ago Reply

    I fell over the guy rope holding the gazebo up

  • ⁹Geri Gregg 4 weeks ago Reply

    Forgetting my bag when going to the beach- it had the towels, picnic and suncream in!

  • Lesley Bradley 4 weeks ago Reply

    getting a sunburnt bum whilst snorkelling!

  • Charlotte H 4 weeks ago Reply

    slipping over in the water I tried to throw at someone 😂

  • Gillian Hitchen 4 weeks ago Reply

    sting by a wasp on my nose!

  • Natalie Burgess 4 weeks ago Reply

    Tripping over my small garden wall when stepping over it face down into the pavement!

  • Lucy 4 weeks ago Reply

    Using water suncream because I ended up very patchy!

  • charlotte isobelle 4 weeks ago Reply

    i always seem to miss one part of my body when it comes to sun cream no matter how hard i try so i end up with silly little patches

  • Dale Dow 4 weeks ago Reply

    Forgetting to put sun cream on during the hottest day of the year

  • Jade Jones 4 weeks ago Reply

    some years ago (when I was 14) I was out doing my newspaper delivery round… Id taken my brother with me and was showing off…. I had not long learned to ride with 0 hands and we found it funny much to my brothers amusement when I hit and speed bump and fell off my bike straight over the handle bars head first landing in a sat up position and smacked my face off a parked car knocking myself out for a minute or so. When I come round i just pushed myself to the wall using the one hand the worked… I did ligament damage to my elbow and my eye was legitimately swollen and sealed shut like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson…. Was not my best day to say the least and I 100% missed out on the army cadets weekend camping trip I had the following day . It took a whole 2 weeks before I could open my eye and a full 8 weeks to regain the use of my elbow again … ouch I found the picture my mum took the other month lol not a good look for me aha

  • ADEINNE TONNER 4 weeks ago Reply

    Has to be falling over a family having a picnic in the park as i was trying to catch my dog and didn’t notice the family sitting enjoying a picnic together

  • Lorna Ledger 4 weeks ago Reply

    Probably weeing myself at a National Trust park ;/

  • Kim Carberry 4 weeks ago Reply

    I have been very silly in the past and got very sun burnt. I always put the sun cream on the kids and forget about myself.

  • Sally Collingwood 4 weeks ago Reply

    Been very badly sunburnt a couple of times

  • Laura Williams 4 weeks ago Reply

    Getting sunburn through clothing!!

  • Alison Johnson 4 weeks ago Reply

    Starting to put suncream on then getting distracted to ending up with a burnt foot & part of my leg & a really good hand print of where I got to.

  • Laura Banks 4 weeks ago Reply

    putting my phone under my sun lounger then moving it and forgetting the phone was there and cracking the screen

  • Emily G 4 weeks ago Reply

    Sunburn by trying to get nice and tan

  • Michelle Ferguson 4 weeks ago Reply

    Standing on a wasp three times, always used to go round bare foot in the summer

  • Christina Palmer 4 weeks ago Reply

    I was chasing my grandson around in the garden and tripped and fell fully clothed into the paddling pool.

  • Carole Nott 4 weeks ago Reply

    Going out for the day in hot weather and completely wearing the wrong type of clothes

  • melanie stirling 4 weeks ago Reply

    I was walking along and tripped over a kerb and suddenly disappeared behind a parked car. Everyone wondered where I had suddenly gone. It was embarrassing but funny too!

  • Katie Harmer 4 weeks ago Reply

    Sitting out in the sun for too long and fogetting to put on suncream. I have very white and pastey skin because I don’t tend to sit in direct sunlight due to having Lupus and Fibromyalgia. These conditions make me hypersensitive to sunlight and heat, so I always opt for shade and never go sunbathing.

  • Nicola S 4 weeks ago Reply

    Carrying 4 ice creams and tripped over. They went everywhere. I was mortified!

  • betsy ferguson 4 weeks ago Reply

    it was so cloudy and overcast on a beach in spain, that i became complacent, and didnt bother with any sunscreen or clothing (i was wearing shorts and tshirt) – i got badly burnt – just because it is cloudy, does not mean that the sun isnt getting through x

  • Chloe Taylor 3 weeks ago Reply

    Forgetting sun cream and getting VERY burnt! Also getting sand all over me at the beach. it’s a right pain to clean off skin! x

    Amanda tanner 3 weeks ago Reply

    Probably same as most people getting sunburned whilst falling asleep in the sun

  • Natalie Crossan 3 weeks ago Reply

    Saying thank you to a cash machine, with someone behind me. So embarrassing

  • Amy Bondoc 3 weeks ago Reply

    falling in a pond trying to catch the dog!

  • Jo F 3 weeks ago Reply

    Burning the tops of my feet after forgetting to put suncream on

  • Christina Palmer 3 weeks ago Reply

    I fell asleep in the sun and woke up looking like a beetroot

  • Patricia Avery 3 weeks ago Reply

    Ramming the pedal of my bike into my leg when trying to get on. Don’t ask me how! All I know is I still bear the bruise and scab 3 weeks later.

  • Jessica Powell 3 weeks ago Reply

    I once burnt my legs in stripes after wearing stripy tights in my goth phase!

  • Samantha Mytton 3 weeks ago Reply

    Probably dropping my phone in the dogs water bowl whilst on the way home from holiday in the car, then a mad panic realising all the holiday photos were on there.

  • Tracy Newton 3 weeks ago Reply

    I am not sure if I have ever had one

  • Rikka B 3 weeks ago Reply

    I mistook my bottle of foot refreshing spray for my dry oil body moisturise

  • Hazel Rea 3 weeks ago Reply

    Some years ago we had a long car trip and the side of my face got burned while sitting in the car – I hadn’t thought to put sunscreen on as I was going to be in the car for hours.

  • Mandy Doherty 3 weeks ago Reply

    I got stung on the bottom of my foot by walking in bare feet and standing on a wasp

  • Lynn Neal 3 weeks ago Reply

    Putting my hand down on a wasp!

  • Man Tat Chung 3 weeks ago Reply

    Been sun burnt on holiday a few times. Very easy to do on the beach when you nod off under the sun. Apply sun cream and never again!

  • janine atkin 3 weeks ago Reply

    dropping sausage and chips on the floor before eating a scrap

  • Mark Mccaffery 3 weeks ago Reply

    Getting badly sunburnt on the hottest day of The year.

  • Sarah Mccaffery 3 weeks ago Reply

    I once mistook mayonnaise for sun cream.

  • Susan Hoggett 3 weeks ago Reply

    Our patio set is getting old and I sat on one of the chairs which was rotting away and fell through it!

  • JULIE WARD 3 weeks ago Reply

    Not concentrating where I was going and walked into a bollard

  • Margaret Mccaffery 3 weeks ago Reply

    looking smug walking back from a stall with an ice cream, the watching everyone laugh as it fell to the ground.

  • emma kinsey 3 weeks ago Reply

    Went to the park climbing the high wooden bridge with my son stood up to soon and hit the bridge of my nose on the wooden bar really hard it was a nightmare came home with blood streaming down my face not the greatest day out

  • Sarah Biles 3 weeks ago Reply

    I love tea tree!

  • Nikki Hayes 3 weeks ago Reply

    A bad case of sunburn down one side of my body when I fell asleep on the beach in Hoek van Holland whilst out there on a working holiday – it took 2 years before the lines faded!

  • Joy Winn 3 weeks ago Reply

    Dropping my mobile phone into the fishpond whilst cleaning it out

  • Claire Reavy 3 weeks ago Reply

    Forgetting to put sun cream on the tops of my shoulders when wearing a cold shoulder top!

  • Jan Cox 3 weeks ago Reply

    Falling over playing tennis – felt a right plonker

  • Hannah Igoe 3 weeks ago Reply

    Slipping on the swing and landing uncomfortably and cutting my leg

  • Margaret Gallagher 3 weeks ago Reply

    No shoes on and stepped on glass – ooouch

  • Troy Easton 3 weeks ago Reply

    I would be me getting out the swimming pool and then knocking a lot of the water out by mistake.

  • Amanda Kahs 3 weeks ago Reply

    Falling off my bike in public when trying to stop, because I’d raised the seat up too high!

  • Laura Turner 3 weeks ago Reply

    Running through what I thought was just long grass to find it hiding a plethora of brambles and nettles. OUCH!

  • Ani Costa 3 weeks ago Reply

    Not putting suncream on resulting in a 5 day burn lol

  • Nadia Josephine 3 weeks ago Reply

    I broke my wrist jumping in a swimming pool because I hit the edge of the pool! Silly goose!

  • Shak 3 weeks ago Reply

    Wearing flip flops… for a hike. 😎🤙

  • lucinda duxbury 3 weeks ago Reply

    moving what i thought was a plastic bag while swimming in the med….it was a jellyfish, that stung for days

  • Leslie Evans 3 weeks ago Reply

    Forgeting to put Suncream on my Nose

  • Louise Crocker 3 weeks ago Reply

    Forgetting to lock the toilet door on the train…. you know what happens next.(

  • Rebecca Whatmore 3 weeks ago Reply

    Not preparing myself for mosquitos with deet and getting very bitten!

  • sarah parker 3 weeks ago Reply

    not putting sun lotion on after swimming

  • donna large 3 weeks ago Reply

    falling down the kerb and spraining my ankle

  • claire little 3 weeks ago Reply

    forgot to put sunscreen on.

  • Chirag Patel 3 weeks ago Reply

    getting badly sunburnt

  • Katie Skeoch 3 weeks ago Reply

    Definitely burning my face so badly that all of the skin peeled like a lizard

  • Victoria Prince 3 weeks ago Reply

    Falling over the parasol base…you’d think it was big enough for me to see it!

    Steven Beasley 2 weeks ago Reply

    When I was a child I got out the swimming pool and stood on a dead wasp or bee on the side on the pool. Ouch!

  • Ruth lee 2 weeks ago Reply

    burning my lips

  • Jazmine Higgins 2 weeks ago Reply

    Falling out of a tree whilst on a summer date in the country

  • christine westlake 2 weeks ago Reply

    I fell into a shrub in the garden and cut and bruised my arm

  • Lydia Graham 2 weeks ago Reply

    I honestly can’t think of anything

  • Alison 2 weeks ago Reply

    Jumping over a fence into what I thought was grass only to descend into a large wet ditch

  • olivia Kirby 2 weeks ago Reply

    I can’t think of any that I have had but my husband nearly always gets stung by a wasp when we are away!

  • sharon martin 2 weeks ago Reply

    sitting on the suncream bottle and getting all over my shorts

  • min 2 weeks ago Reply

    Forgetting sunscreen!

  • Lisa Hall 2 weeks ago Reply

    Getting stung on the lip by a wasp who wanted to share my can of cola

  • Fiona Johnstone 2 weeks ago Reply

    Climbing over a fence when I was out a walk with my dogs. Got half way over, foot slipped and I was left stuck, half over the fence. My body lying in a field , my leg stuck in the fence. Dogs loved it.

  • Dawn Hull 2 weeks ago Reply

    Tripping over while wearing flip flops. I don’t wear them any longer!

  • Jayne K 2 weeks ago Reply

    Having an old style deckchair collapse on my finger when I was young and my fingernail turned black then fell off.

  • Kerry Smith 2 weeks ago Reply

    Slid down a flight of steps whilst wearing flip flops bruised my bum badly

  • Sharon Burroughs 2 weeks ago Reply

    Forgetting to put suncream on my feet!

  • Carolyn E 2 weeks ago Reply

    Kissing a man who I thought was my husband. While he watched!

  • Bee HUNT 2 weeks ago Reply

    Took a swig from a can of drink only to realise too late that a wasp was on top of the can and it stung my lip! The tea tree oil would’ve come in handy

  • Samantha M 2 weeks ago Reply

    Frequently tripping over my dog’s lead, especially when hill climbing!

  • Adrian Bold 2 weeks ago Reply

    Thinking I had everything covered with SP50, but forgot my feet in flip flops. You could see the straps for days….

  • JoanHewes 2 weeks ago Reply

    Wearing a thin nylon blouse & it melting on to my skin!!!!!😡

  • Christine Hobbs 2 weeks ago Reply

    paragliding and fainting whilst up there. Cant remember much about the experience but just know I would never do it again.

  • Gemma Aktekin 2 weeks ago Reply

    I was once sat on some rocks, on a beach in Wales, watching the kids play, a lady walked past with 2 beautiful black Labradors, stupidly I did what most Brits do and said “hey” to the dogs in a silly voice and reached out to give one of them a pet, that was a silly move, little did I know how excited he would be to see me, he jumped straight up onto my lap and knocked me backwards off the rocks.

  • sarah Morris 2 weeks ago Reply

    Not putting suncream on regularly

  • Emma Davison 2 weeks ago Reply

    Banged into the conservatory door handle and bruised my arm.

  • Marie Rungapadiachy 2 weeks ago Reply

    My silliest accident is slipping and falling into the swimming pool.

  • Hannah Whitling 2 weeks ago Reply

    The worst thing I did was when I was about 8 and playing with my brother out in the garden, exploring behind the greenhouse- which we were not meant to do for our safety, and I got a nail cut open my leg from my knee to my ankle. Still got the scar from it!

  • Laura Napier 2 weeks ago Reply

    I was literally out for 30 mins and got sunstroke

  • Wendy Tyler 2 weeks ago Reply

    Running my hand through long grass and getting a horrid, deep “paper cut”. It hurt 🙁

  • Fiona Martin 2 weeks ago Reply

    Wearing flipflops to go on a long walk!! Blisters between the toes is not pleasant!

  • Caroline Signey 2 weeks ago Reply

    my Son had one the other day we were out walking and along the way catching pokemon on pokemon go! He had my phone and I said please be careful with it I don’t want it dropped, next thing he trips up saves the phone but grazes his knee and elbow. He said at least I saved the phone! Lol

  • Jayne Townson 2 weeks ago Reply

    I once sat on a wasp.

  • MERYL THOMAS 2 weeks ago Reply

    Getting stung by a wasp (to which I react very badly) while on. family picnic and having to be taken home

  • Jodie Green 2 weeks ago Reply

    Not sure its fully classed as an accident, but many times ive worn a tshirt with a pattered back – burned – and given myself a lovely patterned tan!!

  • Christopher Podmore-Stiles 2 weeks ago Reply

    Just tripped on the end of my flip flops, was carrying a burger back from the BBQ and it ended up in the kids pool 🙁

  • Jessica Hutton 2 weeks ago Reply

    Not putting on enough sun tan lotion and sleeping on my tummy. I burnt so badly I couldn’t sit down

  • Ruth Wollerton 2 weeks ago Reply

    Camping near some poison ivy when on holiday in America

  • Thomas Riley 2 weeks ago Reply

    getting severe burns from sunbathing

  • jules eley 2 weeks ago Reply

    taking the dogs for a walk with the kids I slipped and fell into stinging nettles. 🙁

  • Elzbieta Znyk 2 weeks ago Reply

    I really didn’t have any.

  • Angela Kelly 2 weeks ago Reply

    I don’t know about the silliest, but I consistently choose the wrong types of shoes.

  • Janine Houghton 2 weeks ago Reply

    Breaking a bone in my foot because of unsuitable sandals and having to go on holiday with crutches and a wheelchair

  • Sue Carter 2 weeks ago Reply

    Last year I tripped on something I knew was there, fell and dislocated my shoulder. It was 2 days before I was due to go on holiday for 2 weeks. Unbelievably painful and ruined my holiday.

  • SU WILLIAMS 2 weeks ago Reply

    Not wearing comfy shoes and going on a long walk and then suffering with blisters for the rest of the holiday

  • Ali Duke 2 weeks ago Reply

    Digging in the garden whilst wearing flip flops, I brought the spade down hard on the ground but hit my big toe instead! Needless to say the nail went black and came off, won’t do that again lol

  • Nancy Bradford 2 weeks ago Reply

    My daughter was trying to learn to do a handstand in the pool. She thought it would be easier if she moved to the stairs and immediately forgot about them and dove into the water and hit her head on the steps. She was OK.

  • Jocelynne Harrison 2 weeks ago Reply

    It that silly but I was walking bare foot in my garden last week and stood on a bee. It killed!

  • Amy Stevens 2 weeks ago Reply

    Sunburn from falling asleep in the sun. Was very red

  • Kathleen Lynch 2 weeks ago Reply

    Slipping on ice cream I had just dropped and ending up not being able to walk for two weeks. Slapstick or what?

  • Carla Carthy 2 weeks ago Reply

    stung my arm on stingers when getting football out the bush 🙁

  • Sallyanne Rose 2 weeks ago Reply

    I sat on a wasp today outside of costa

  • Rebecca Hussey 2 weeks ago Reply

    Attempting to put on my own sun lotion on my back and missing bits and ending up with what looked like a bat sign on my back

  • Andy Craig 2 weeks ago Reply

    Stubbing my toe in the end of my tennis trainer and being injured for 4 weeks

  • Tammy Neal 2 weeks ago Reply

    Dropping ice-cream down my clothes x

  • Lauren Hobson 2 weeks ago Reply

    Leaning off a pony as a child trying to reach peas growing in a field and sliding off

  • Natalie Gillham 2 weeks ago Reply

    On a summer holiday in Spain I went jogging in a bikini, I fell over boulders a truck had dropped on the road, and went surfing down the hill on my stomach scraping all the skin off the front of my body and braking my leg.

  • Sarah Roberts 2 weeks ago Reply

    When we went to Dominican Republic we were sunbathing, l had the hat, suncream you now l was set. But after a hour or so l look down and realised the brolly wasnt covering my feet and l got burnt so much it was agony for a few days even wearing flip flops! always check your shade!

  • Kirsty Fox 2 weeks ago Reply

    A couple of weeks ago on holiday I went for a bike ride for the first time in about 10 years and within five minutes had crashed into a wall and taken the top layer of skin off my right arm.

  • Sophie Carter 2 weeks ago Reply

    Playing hide and seek with three little monkeys and not realising I was hiding in stingy nettles ooops & ouch 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Georgie Wright 2 weeks ago Reply

    I slipped sideways out of my sandal which made me stumble and twist my ankle and knee!

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