Pernaton Gel Review and Giveaway

Pernaton Gel Review and Giveaway

There is nothng worse than being in pain.  Whether it is a muscle ache or just general aches and pains, it makes us miserable.

I was recently asked if I would like to review Pernaton Gel which is a specially formulated gel to aid connetive tissue and joint care.

pernaton gel


Having a child with a chronic illness, also means she suffers with muscle pains, especially in her legs.  A lot of things we have tried over the years have not helped.  So wanted to try this on her to see if it gives her any relief from the daily pain she suffers.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to try this out on her yet, so can not comment if it is any good or has helped with her pain.

I can however, talk about my Mum.  She slipped getting out of the shower, which worried us a bit as she cut her head and had a huge lump, but also bruised and hurt her shouders and lower back.  She could hardly move.

I mentioned that I had a cream to try which is for pain, which I was going to try on C, did she want to give it a go.  I rubbed it on her affected areas and she said it was cooling and a little tingly, but she was amazed at how well it helped ease the pain.

She has found that when she uses it the pain is far less than if she does not use it, which you can see for yourself as she moves around. So definitely a winner in the StressedMum household.

What is Pernaton?

Pernaton is a gel specially formulated to aid connective tissue and joint care,

  • Contains Green Lipped Mussel Extract
  • Added mentol and other essential oils to help improve joint mobility
  • Quickly absorbed creating and instant cooling effect
  • Parabens Free, tried and tested formula

*Not suitable for small children or those with a shellfish allergy

The Giveaway

If you would like to try this amazing cream for yourself or a loved one, why not enter my giveaway where you can win 2 x 125ml tubes on Pernaton.  See below on how to enter

Pernaton Gel Giveaway

If you are feeling lucky why not see my other great giveaway to win a summer essential bundle.

Pernaton Gel Review and Giveaway

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Comments (62)

  • Peter Watson 2 weeks ago Reply

    Don’t fight your body.If it tells you to rest,then rest.

    Danika Lloyd 2 weeks ago Reply

    Know your body and be kind to yourself

    Margaret GALLAGHER 1 week ago

    Heat and pressure- works winders

  • Dale Dow 2 weeks ago Reply

    I only wish I had a top tip. Sometimes a warm bath can help

  • Iain maciver 2 weeks ago Reply

    a long soak in the bath

  • Alice Dixon 2 weeks ago Reply

    A good rest with a hot water bottle

  • Annabel Greaves 2 weeks ago Reply

    I find a walk in the air can help

  • laura stewart 2 weeks ago Reply

    pain killer and plenty of rest

  • Keith Hunt 2 weeks ago Reply

    Hot Water Bottle

  • cat 2 weeks ago Reply

    try meditation, pain is in the mind distractions are best.

  • fiona waterworth 2 weeks ago Reply

    A really good heatpad helps me

  • Gentle exercise releases endorphins which will make you feel happier

  • Solange 2 weeks ago Reply

    Heat pads or ice packs.

  • Tamara Payne 2 weeks ago Reply

    massage and pain killers

  • Sheena Batey 2 weeks ago Reply

    A hot water bottle

  • Helen Irene Lear 2 weeks ago Reply

    Be honest about your pain and listen to your body

  • Louise Heaton 2 weeks ago Reply

    Lavender for migraines and salt baths for soaking away aches and pains

  • Emma Morgan 2 weeks ago Reply

    Heat, I swear by a hot water bottle for most of my aches & pains

  • Nageena Ahmed 2 weeks ago Reply

    Do some meditation and deep breathing to help you relax.

  • Vivien Taylor 2 weeks ago Reply

    A Hot bath with a big scoop of epsom Salts or Magnesium Salts

  • Amanda Baggott 2 weeks ago Reply

    I find a relaxing bath usually helps

  • Emily Hutchinson 2 weeks ago Reply

    Don’t ignore it and overdo things

  • Claire V 2 weeks ago Reply

    Deep slow breathing to get through waves of pain

  • Tracy Newton 2 weeks ago Reply

    My advice to others is rest when your body is telling you to. Although I am very busy semi single mam. I don’t practice what I preach.

  • stuart hargreaves 2 weeks ago Reply

    A good soak in a hot bath and then apply a decent deep pain relieving gel

  • Pauline Hill 2 weeks ago Reply

    a long long soak ina hot bubbly bath

  • Alice Gilkes 2 weeks ago Reply

    To rest the area and use a hot water bottle.

  • Maria Gellar 2 weeks ago Reply

    Sleep is so restorative.

  • Jo m welsh 2 weeks ago Reply

    A good quality rest with a heat pad

  • Mel Turner 2 weeks ago Reply

    A soak in a warm bath

  • Rose H 2 weeks ago Reply

    Top tip for pain relief is to go lie down and close your eyes. Don’t feel guilty about taking time out of your day and just relax and focus on the now. Along with lavender and Pernaton!

  • Marycarol 2 weeks ago Reply

    A nice warm relaxing bath

  • Sarah Rees 2 weeks ago Reply

    I dont really have one, but when I am in pain I just sleep

  • Sean Eccles 2 weeks ago Reply

    Relax in the bath and just because your having a day in not so much pain don’t over do it

  • isabelle smith 2 weeks ago Reply

    a meditation session

  • Geri Gregg 2 weeks ago Reply

    Hot water bottle, medication and rest

  • clair downham 2 weeks ago Reply

    dont do too much

  • Debbie W 2 weeks ago Reply

    I love a hot water bottle. My kids have them too. It isn’t just a pain relief- it relaxes you too, which makes you feel better.

  • Natalie Burgess 1 week ago Reply

    Medication and a long soak in the bath xx

  • Maggie 1 week ago Reply

    I find heat packs can help

  • Jade Jones 1 week ago Reply

    As an ehlers danlos syndrome patient Pain is one of the biggest complications i face every day. My biggest tip is to pace yourself. The more you do i find the more pain it causes

    admin 1 week ago Reply

    Do sorry you suffer pacing is the key

  • Justine Meyer 1 week ago Reply

    I am still looking for the answer after 20 plus years

  • Sharon Wilkes 1 week ago Reply

    Nice warm soak in bath. a massage. Hot water bottle.

  • Sarah Birkett 1 week ago Reply

    SOMETIMES just a hotwater bottle is enough to relax your muscles

  • Lisa Parker 1 week ago Reply

    A hot bath or a hot water bottle.

  • Ruth Harwood 1 week ago Reply

    I use a lot of painkillers, but that wouldn’t be something I’d recommend as I’m addicted, but Ibuprofen gel is good for pain x

  • Claire Woods 1 week ago Reply

    Distraction. Keep busy so you are not thinking about the pain.

  • christine Goody 1 week ago Reply

    A good soak in the bath with Epsom Salts is my go to relief. It really is so soothing. Please try it… I get 10kg from an online retailer.

  • Felicity Mc 1 week ago Reply

    Tiger balm is another natural product that works like magic.

  • Paul Bingham 1 week ago Reply

    Long hot bath

  • Angela Treadway 1 week ago Reply

    try to take painkillers as soon as you have signs that your gonna be in pain x

  • Lorna Ledger 1 week ago Reply

    I have a hand held massage tool , it really is great, It was £30 but well worth it

  • Lisa Wilkinson 1 week ago Reply

    If I hurt myself then I take Ibuprofen as soon as I can and apply heat to the affected area.

  • Jodie Green 1 week ago Reply

    Painkillers, pain relief gel and rest

  • leanne weir 1 week ago Reply

    I favour hot and cold packs over tablets

  • Carolyn E 6 days ago Reply

    Go to bed with a hot water bottle, a drink and a magazine

  • Charlotte G 6 days ago Reply

    A hot water bottle or ice pack, depending on what hurts

  • Amy Bondoc 6 days ago Reply

    make sure you dont overdo it reast you need to!

  • Christina Palmer 5 days ago Reply

    A nice long soak in the bath with some relaxing music.

  • Lynn Neal 4 days ago Reply

    wallking around and a hot water bottle

  • zoe brown 2 days ago Reply

    microwave heat bags

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