Pernaton Gel Review and Giveaway

Pernaton Gel Review and Giveaway

There is nothng worse than being in pain.  Whether it is a muscle ache or just general aches and pains, it makes us miserable. If you suffer pain my Pernaton Gel Review and Giveaway will be of great interest to you.

I was recently asked if I would like to review Pernaton Gel which is a specially formulated gel to aid connetive tissue and joint care.

pernaton gel


Having a child with a chronic illness, also means she suffers with muscle pains, especially in her legs.  A lot of things we have tried over the years have not helped.  So wanted to try this on her to see if it gives her any relief from the daily pain she suffers.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to try this out on her yet, so can not comment if it is any good or has helped with her pain.

I can however, talk about my Mum.  She slipped getting out of the shower, which worried us a bit as she cut her head and had a huge lump, but also bruised and hurt her shouders and lower back.  She could hardly move.

I mentioned that I had a cream to try which is for pain, which I was going to try on C, did she want to give it a go.  I rubbed it on her affected areas and she said it was cooling and a little tingly, but she was amazed at how well it helped ease the pain.

She has found that when she uses it the pain is far less than if she does not use it, which you can see for yourself as she moves around. So definitely a winner in the StressedMum household.

What is Pernaton?

Pernaton is a gel specially formulated to aid connective tissue and joint care,

  • Contains Green Lipped Mussel Extract
  • Added mentol and other essential oils to help improve joint mobility
  • Quickly absorbed creating and instant cooling effect
  • Parabens Free, tried and tested formula

*Not suitable for small children or those with a shellfish allergy

The Giveaway

If you would like to try this amazing cream for yourself or a loved one, why not enter my giveaway where you can win 2 x 125ml tubes on Pernaton.  See below on how to enter

Pernaton Gel Giveaway

If you are feeling lucky why not see my other great giveaway to win a summer essential bundle.

Pernaton Gel Review and Giveaway

Pernaton Gel Review and Giveaway

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    1. I can only think deep heat and massage helps apart from pain killers. Though my sister in law has sciatica and has been having acupuncture which has been working well

  1. My advice to others is rest when your body is telling you to. Although I am very busy semi single mam. I don’t practice what I preach.

  2. Top tip for pain relief is to go lie down and close your eyes. Don’t feel guilty about taking time out of your day and just relax and focus on the now. Along with lavender and Pernaton!

  3. I love a hot water bottle. My kids have them too. It isn’t just a pain relief- it relaxes you too, which makes you feel better.

  4. As an ehlers danlos syndrome patient Pain is one of the biggest complications i face every day. My biggest tip is to pace yourself. The more you do i find the more pain it causes

  5. I use a lot of painkillers, but that wouldn’t be something I’d recommend as I’m addicted, but Ibuprofen gel is good for pain x

  6. A good soak in the bath with Epsom Salts is my go to relief. It really is so soothing. Please try it… I get 10kg from an online retailer.

  7. I know this may sound a bit corny but deep, steady breathing can control all sorts of stress and pain.

  8. I often find a hot water bottle very comforting for back and shoulder pain and occasionally I may use a painkiller to speed the process though prefer to do things as naturally as possible.

  9. For muscle and joint pain its always better to treat with heat – so a hot water bottle or a soak in a warm bath.

  10. Various combinations of painkillers, tens machine, hot water bottle, ice pack, distractions! Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I like to give this gel a try.

  11. I live with a severe chronic pain disease and take a lot of medication but I find if I keep moving it helps. Giving in to it allows your muscles to stiffen and makes the pain worse. Gentle walks and keeping warm helps the most.

  12. try and find something you can do that doesn’t aggravate the pain to take your mind off it and distract yourself!

  13. l always find heat helps to a certain extent so a hot bath or hot water bottle is my first step, then cream or tablets depending on intensity of pain

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