As parents we have all been there, with a child who is unwell.  We have sat up at nights with them when they can not sleep, we have cleared away the sick. Changed beds at times we never knew existed during the night. Even bathing them some nights.  We have nursed coughs and colds, sickness bugs, viruses, nursed their temperatures, soothed them. What do you do When your child is ill and you have no idea what is wrong.

An ill child

When your child has been ill for nearly a month. She has had tests that have thankfully all come back ok. Is still not well what do you do?

This has meant she has hardly been in school as she is just not fit enough to go. She is tired, lethargic, has pains in her head. School are being supportive and working with me,  I am so grateful as it does make my life a bit easier.  They have seen for themselves how ill she is.

The worry

We are worried sick, I mentioned before that they thought it could be glandular fever. She had further tests this week which came back negative.  In a way I feel a bit sad that it is not glandular fever, as this ould have let us know what we wree dealing with and she would get better slowly.

At the moment we have no idea. All we get told is wait 2 weeks and bring her back. I am not waiting 2 weeks, I am taking her back on Monday. Someone somewhere must be able to give me an answer.

I jokingly told her it is the weekend now she can be ok as no school. It made no difference to how she is feeling.  We have offered to take her to her favourite place to eat, she just said she will have a drink.  My parents got tickets to take her to see Shrek the Musical tomorrow. he has been looking forward to this,it is also part of her christmas present. She cried as she feels so ill. I have talked her into going saying she will be sitting down and it might perk her up a little bit. Also it will be nice to get out, My Dad is not going now and I am going in his place, as C wanted me there with her. Also means my Dad can drop us and pick us up right outside the theatre.

Not eating

She gets hungry, and then hasn’t the energy to eat, I have made soups, got her all her favourite things she likes, it is breaking my heart. We just don’t know what to do anymore. She is rarely sick apart from the odd cough or cold, and the odd migraine, so this is totally new to all of us.

If anyone has had anything similar, please let me know, or have any suggestions. We have been let down by the medical profession so far.

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