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I know for all of you out there with younger children, enjoying the baby stage . Where they stay in one place and coo and smile at you. Or the toddler stage where they are turning into little people. Then there is the school days where it is all an adventure.  You read my posts and are filled with dread at the upcoming pre-teen years. When your little angel turns into a tween. So I thought I would write about something a little less scary.

I promise when they reach the tween years,  it is not all bad. In fact a lot of the time it is great.

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The Battles

I posted yesterday and pointed out a few little battles we have, fairly regularly. And I was ready for another battle yesterday evening.  So thought I would share what happened in our house yesterday.

We decided to put a desk in her room, she had no idea. While she was at school we brought in the desk from the studio. We got it upstairs and put in position and I then piled a mountain of clothes etc onto her bed. I was ready for a huge meltdown and how mean I am conversation when she got in from school.

Arriving home

She walked in, was in an ok mood. She actually spoke instead of shrug her shoulders. Pr muttered some grunt you have to try to decipher, and went upstairs.  We sat and waited and heard nothing. She appeared a few minutes later (for food and a drink). She had a smile on her face saying she did not know she was getting a desk.  I told her I wanted her room tidied and homework finished. Again expecting all sorts but she just said ok.

She went back upstairs and put everything away and her room is tidier. There are still areas , and I had to bite my tongue though.  She set her laptop up on her desk and she did her homework. She sat there for hours doing her homework properly and really enjoying it. Also chatting to her friends and even helping them. You see nothing scary at all.

We also had our little daily chat, which I love. She is so funny and enthusiastic at times and I just love our one on one time we have, even if it is a quick 5-10 minutes.

So life with a pre-teen is fun, and not all bad, yes she drives me mad at times but I would not change her one bit. It really isn’t scary at all.

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