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How do you know?

For us Mums, raising a family is a lot more than just making sure the kids are fed and watered and have clean clothes etc.  We have to be mind readers also.  How do we know we are doing it right?

Just a few things that have come up recently between myself and my Daughter


Ok I know we have just had the school holidays, but everyday I ask her if she has homework and if so when it is to be in by. Over the holidays I asked her and she said she just had maths. Us parents also get a nice little email reminding us our child has homework and we can log in to see, which I did to find a long list of history as well.  Queue arguments and strops, so the nagging starts and she eventually does her history.

The nagging starts again and I get Dad involved and she finally did her Maths with him sitting over her.  I can not get through to her if she did it straight away, it would be done and could be put away and forgotten about, and no more nagging.  But no this seems to be a regular argument in our house, and many across the country.


I have to say I am pretty good at knowing if my Daughter is ill. She is also pretty good at knowing if she is well enough for school or not. Usually going in to see how she gets on.  On New Years Eve and yes just before the clock struck midnight, she came over to me her legs were shaking and hurt. Since then she has had pains in her leg.  As any Mum (or Dad) will know pain can be for any reason. You get on with it and hope it will work itself away, I do worry sometimes depending which leg and where due to her break previously.  So yesterday, I had enough of her whinging on about it and took her to the Dr.  We are monitoring it for now and to just take pain relief, Ok, so there may be something wrong,

Putting things away 

My biggest thing with my Daughter is, I do her washing and ironing. I pair socks up etc, I place them nicely in her bedroom for her to put away all nice and tidy. In a 12 year olds view this means opening her wardrobe door and launching

It changes today

So today, I am coming down hard. I am going to write a chart and she has to do all these jobs before being allowed any of her electronics. She won’t like it but tough. Will I like it not much as it is my job to do all these things, but she is 12 not 3.  She is getting lazy and just not doing anything apart from chatting with friends and drawing.

I will update as to how she takes it. She won’t like it and we will have tantrums and not fair, and banging around, maybe slamming doors.

How do you cope with your pre-teens?

I can be proud of her as well, pop over to my Proud Mum post to find out


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