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These days I seem to rarely forget to post how proud I am of my wonderful children. They all make us very proud. Today I am sharing A Proud Mum Post.

My eldest Stepson is 21, he works hard and supports himself. We have not seen him in ages, but my younger stepson keeps us updated.

My youngest Stepson is 17, he turns 18 next month, and keeps giving me the countdown. He is at college for mechanics and works weekends and holidays at Legoland.  Also he has also just signed up for a plumbing course for next year.  He wants to have a trade and he is such a hard worker.  Although he is cheeky and caring, he is always asking how his sister is if he has not spoken to her.

The cheeky one

He is coming to stay for a few days in the school holidays which will be lovely.  I do have times when I see things on facebook or if he has told me something, have to tell him off. But do try to do this via messenger, text or phone and not embarrass him.  He used to be such hard work and there were times I really wanted to throttle him. He admits now how bad he was. We have such a great relationship and he always pops up to say hello or have a chat, or to have a chat if he needs some advice.

My Daughter

My Daughter, has had a very rough year, as you all know, with now being diagnosed with CFS. She went from being an active 12 year old. Going out with her friends, and starting to enjoy her little bit of freedom, for it all to be taken away from her overnight.  We have had the tears and the why me conversations.  But she is soon back smiling, we laugh about her illness now, not nastily. But it is her way of coping and in a way preparing her for awkward times.

She missed most of last term at school and we worried about her education.  We should not have worried so much as we saw her teachers last week, and they were so positive about her, we spoke about how she was before she got ill and now, and worked out how to bring her back up to date with everyone else, and were told she is trying so hard and she is not too far behind.  She has times she is so worn out, and times she can not walk.  But she is a trier and she is getting her sparkle back.

I am so very lucky to have 3 such great children, I may be ‘wicked’ stepmum to 2 of them, but they have been in my life for so long they are my kids. Being a stepmum is hard work, but just as rewarding as if they were your own.

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