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3 Apps To Make Your Life That Little Bit Better

This might be an age thing, but it feels like time is getting faster every day. And trying to achieve all your life goals is about as manageable as trying to catapult yourself from Earth to Jupiter. Today we are talking about 3 Apps To Make Your Life That Little Bit Better.

The interminable rush of daily life is in part driven by the internet. Which has created a world that’s connected 24/7. You can’t switch off from the news because it’s available 24 hours a day. There’s no ignoring Twitter when it sends hourly push notifications to your phone. And the lure of Facebook is so strong that you’ll mindlessly procrastinate online for hours every day.

3 Apps To Make Your Life That Little Bit Better

But while the internet might have made it feel as though there are never enough minutes in life, it’s also created a huge number of conveniences that we take for granted. What’s more, many of these time-saving aids could help you reach your goals in a jiffy.

To help you cram more into those precious hours, we’ve put together this indispensable list of time-saving sites and apps that’ll help you learn more and get to where you want to be.


Learn a language

If you’re British then the idea of learning a language is probably as foreign a notion as Greece or Papua New Guinea. After all, most countries speak English, right?

Not only is that an arrogance which stems from an ancient colonialist mind set, it’s also dead wrong. Learning a new language isn’t just about being able to order from a restaurant in a foreign country. It also improves your memory, widens your knowledge of other cultures, improves your hireability in the job market, and impresses anyone you’re dating.

Language classes can be pricey and time-consuming, but language-app Duolingo is a godsend for the cunning linguist on a budget.

With over 85 different language courses on offer, Duolingo can improve your vocab on the go in a series of bite-sized classes.

Distance learning

Tuition fees have become prohibitively expensive for anyone from a working class background and, unless you fancy starting your life with a bundle of debt. Taking on a degree-level course is becoming more of a middle- to upper-class privilege with every passing year.

But Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning is changing that with long-form online courses that will give you a bona fide degree.

These vocational courses are ideal if you’re hoping for a promotion in your current job. Or skill-building for the next one.

Get fit

Any fitness freak worth their salts should have ‘run a marathon’ scribbled on their bucket list in capital letters. It’s not an easy feat, but running 26 miles in one go is guaranteed to impress your pals.

To achieve this, download the Nike Run Club app. This nifty bit of tech will track your run and has a marathon planning feature. That will create a personalised training programme to fit your body type 

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