Our ME Story

Our ME Story

As you will have seen from my post yesterday, this week is ME Awareness week, and everyday this week I will be posting a different post regarding ME. Yesterday I wrote about what ME is.  Today I am sharing our story of how ME came into our lives.

Before ME struck

She had just finished Primary school and was looking forward to starting her new Secondary school in the September.  She was moving there with friends and they were all excited.  During the summer holidays we had spent a fortune on her uniform and accessories.

As a treat my parents booked to take her on a Disney Cruise around the Med, which was Disneys first Med Cruise.  She was so excited.  As work commitments got in the way for us, we took her on a mini break to Paris which she loved.

The first signs

This is where our story starts. She returned from the Cruise with my parents, my Mum said she is not well, she had come down with something last night.  High temperature, sore throat etc.  We thought she had a bug having no idea that this was just the start.  I helped her up to bed and dosed her up with Calpol, and let her sleep.

She started to recover and luckily was well enough by the time the new term started.

Starting Secondary School


She settled in very well to her new school. Enjoying the extra freedom this allowed her.  As she went to school and back by bus.  Trips into town at the weekend with friends.  Even wearing mascara to school.  I remember one morning the world ended. She could not find her mascara which of course was Mums fault. I ended up giving her my expensive one to keep the peace.

She was doing well in lessons and in the top set of most subjects, her teachers loved her, she never got into trouble.  Life was going great.

She got tired more than usual, and started getting more headaches.  So I took her to the opticians and her sight had not changed.  Some days she would ring or text me to pick her up from school as she was just too tired to walk around to the bus stop.

I would joke with her about my school run days being over, but would always pick her up.  Stupidly we thought it was just getting used to the new school and work load.

Christmas 2015

When the time the Christmas holidays started C was exhausted, she just had no energy.  Even cancelling trips out with her friends. Again we just thought it was because it was the end of term.  Looking back all the signs were there.

On 31st December 2015 we went to a friends New Years Eve party, luckily it was a small party.  At 11.45pm C came up to me looking awful saying her head and legs were hurting and she collapsed down onto the settee.  This was the moment our lives changed forever, and the start of Our ME Story

Tomorrow I will talk about the medical side.

You can read more about our journey you can find all about it here



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  1. Oh gosh, poor thing, is it usual for the symptoms to develop so early? My partner has ME and has to pace himself on his good days. 💕

  2. I’ve read quite a few stories of adults with ME but I have never even thought about it in a child, it must have been devastating. I look forward to reading the next instalment.

    1. Thank you, our GP sat and told me children do not get it, I proceeded on getting my phone out showing a group I am in where there are thousands of chidren with ME. I am writing a different topic on ME every day this week x

  3. Oh my goodness, poor thing. Thank you for sharing your story to raise awareness, I can’t imagine how tough it must be to go through and watch your little one suffer with, but hopefully, your family’s story will help someone else spot the signs.

    1. Thank you, it has not been easy it has been the hardest thing we have ever been through and heartbreaking, but sharing our story shows how it can happen and sadly it is something I do not think you will notice until it happens. But it is knowing there are others out there going through the same who can offer support that makes the difference x

    1. Thank you I will not lie it has been very hard and emotional, and sadly it is now our daily life x

  4. This must be so difficult for your daughter and for the family. I wish I could give you a hug right now. Thank you for sharing your story. We must be very vigilant in spotting symptoms of disease in our children.

    1. Thank you it is hard but it is daily life now so our normality we just get on with it. C got ME from having Glandular Fever, I had it years ago and recovered, everybody is different. You do not know until they go into a crash x

  5. What a story. It must be so hard to see your daughter going through this. I never knew it could start so early and with no warning x

  6. I’m sorry, it must be difficult for her, and you all. One of my friends discovered she has ME when she was a young teenager too and i’ve seen what a struggle it can be sometimes.

    1. It is difficult but we manage, everyone sufferers differently and at times lead a normal life but it never goes away x

  7. Gosh, how difficult. It’s great that you are sharing what happened, to help us all be more aware. Mich x

  8. Wow, I haven’t heard of ME until you shared info about it. I am glad you’re sharing more about it.

  9. Thanks for sharing! We went a lot of things difficult and happy on life but the way we enjoy it is something we are all unique of.

    1. Gosh, that sounds so scary for her… And for all of you! How horrid that it gradually built up like that. I wouldn’t have noticed the signs either.

      1. I know, looking back they were there staring us in the face but we never knew, that is the horrible thing with ME x

  10. It must be so tough dealing with ME as a young person, let alone as an adult. It’s great she has such a loving Mum to support her 🙂

  11. It’s so disappointing for a parent to see a kid go through such things. I wish she finds the right doctor and treatment which will help her in to recovery.

  12. So sad to hear about this. Hope everything will be fine. Be strong, your daughter depends on you and yohr emotional strength. Prayers for all of you, God bless

  13. I so much feel for her. She is such a cute girl. Poor little thing suffering is something so difficult to accept.May God get her well soon.

  14. Aww bless her, I can not imagine what it must be like especially as she was about to start an exciting part of her life.

    1. Thank you, we did not really know about it either until we were faced with it. ME and many other illnesses are just not known about and awareness needs to be raised which gladly I am able to do.

  15. I am not too familiar with ME so I really don’t know what to say. Anyway, I hope for the best for your little girl. I hope she gains strength soon.

  16. I just google ME so that I could really understand how it impacts lives and I so glad that you are so willing to share your story with others

    1. Thank you, if I can make others aware of the condition it really does mean I am making a difference x

  17. Such a beautiful young lady and I am sorry that she has to deal with such a painful illness. But, I know she has great family support to help her pull through and learn how to live her new life. Thank you for sharing and making us all aware of the effects of ME.

    1. Than you, this really has pulled us very close nit and both myself and my husband are very protective over her x

  18. Whenever I think of ME, I always assume that it is something that strikes people in their late twenties or thirties rather than youngsters. It must be so difficult to see the change in her.

    1. That has been the hardest especially when FaceBook memories come up, there are children a lot younger than her suffering as well which is heartbreaking x

  19. I have become aware of ME through a friend. He has his good days and his bad ones. I hope your daughter is doing well.

    1. Sadly more and more people are suffering, my Daughter is currently bedbound mainly due to her 24/7 migrane head pains that are worse when sitting or standing x

  20. Thanks for sharing! I went a lot of things difficult and happy moment in my life. I enjoy what make happy.

  21. Thanks for sharing! I went a lot of difficult things and happy moments in my life. I enjoy what is happy at the moment.

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