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How to Dog Proof Your Floors

Being a mother, a nanny, and a dog lover is hard work – on my floors! Admittedly, when it comes to which of my beloved tribe of messy monsters is the worst offender for ruining my best efforts to present a clean and comfortable home. I’d have to say the children make the bigger overall impact on everything from my doors, floors, table tops, and even walls. But that’s sort of to be expected, and it gets better with age. What’s never going to get better, however, is the mayhem caused by mucky animal claws and paws as they tread through the entire downstairs of your home, leaving a trail of scrapes and muddy destruction in their path. So what can be done? I have some answers.

How to Dog Proof Your Floors

Skirting Boards – Say Goodbye to Scuffs

Ok, there’s no real permanent way to say goodbye to scuffed skirting boards without installing some sort of small fence around the edges of your rooms. BUT. That’s not to say that we can’t make the maintenance side of things a lot easier on ourselves. I’ve been looking into simple and affordable skirting board designs that look great and above all offer enough detail to be classy without making the design difficult to paint and repaint to cover any marks. My advice is to avoid heavy duty skirting boards that are difficult to install and replace. Instead, choose the easy way – go for a lightweight MDF skirting board that won’t require a team of professional fitters to hammer into place. You can do this!


Wooden Flooring vs Carpets

Wooden flooring is the new style must have. Well, I’m not sure if we can call stylish wooden floors ‘new’ any more, because it seems like the slow trend towards hardwoods over carpets has been well and truly won in the past decade or so. Nevertheless, there is a huge consideration here for your home if you have dogs: replacement flooring costs. Dogs have claws. Claws have sharp tips.

Sharp tips destroy wooden flooring. It really is that simple. No matter how much you buy into the sales spiel that this or that type of wooden floor is best for pets, you’re going to end up with scratches and a substantial bill to maintain the floor or replace it. My advice is to choose carpet for the areas in which your dogs are most likely to spend most of their time. If you can, also keep the food and water bowl on easy to clean lino (for obvious reasons!).


Dog Rugs

Everybody knows that pets love to have their own bedding area that absolutely stinks of their own scent – eventually you do have to wash their bedding and you’ll notice how unhappy they are with the result. Use this behaviour to your advantage by introducing a thick and comfortable rug that your pet can sit on when not in bed, keeping any damage from claws to a minimal. This is especially useful in the winter months when dogs love to sit in front of radiators and fireplaces – whether you choose to go carpeted or wooden, protect those floors with a dog rug!

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