Today I am going to talk about Men and Shopping, as like most of us, I do the food shopping every week. I never take a list as I am a nightmare with lists, as my Mum found out when I went with her and I had her shopping list. We were walking from one side of the shop to the other.  I know what I need and very rarely forget anything.

The weekly shop

Every week off I go armed with my shopping bags. I drive to the supermarket and steer my way around the various aisles.  Whilst also dodging people who just stop in the middle of the aisles. Or who block you looking for things, barge past you and never say thank you. All as I carry on with my own shopping, whilst muttering under my breathe.

I need some compan

I often think just once it would be nice to have someone else do my shopping for me. my husband but then I remember why I stopped taking him shopping.

Our last shopping trip together

Last time he came shopping for food with me, he was like a kid in a sweet shop. We had to go down every aisle as the trolley was being filled with all these things that I either never buy, or he hadn’t seen before. As well as the items he has not had for ages as I never buy them.  I kept quiet and let him fill the trolly as we shopped. Whe he had finished we headed to the checkout. As I was finishing bagging up the items, I left him to pay. Once he had got up from falling to the ground in shock at how expensive it was. I smiled that smug little smile, and said now you know why I don’t fill he trolley with all this rubbish, that you just have to have and I never buy.

Last Friday

This now brings me on to last Friday evening. He had been out to meet a mate, and comes home and gives me £25 he had in his pockets. I said I didn’t need any noney and leave it on the side.  He says you are going shopping tomorrow. Now I have no idea what planet he lives on, and he obviously never listens to me. So I asked him since when has our weekly shop ever come to £25. I can spend £30 popping into the shop for some milk.

The weekend

Then at the weekend, he announced that amazon are doing a pantry box. We sat and had a good lok through together, but did not place an order. Later he announced that he had placed an order, it contained pot noodles, beer and a packet of haribos, need I say more.

Please tell me I am not alone in this, and that you haven’t got a husband who will do the food shop and come home with what you need rather than loads of other stuff you don’t need.

Have you seen my Wagamama revew, I needed something as his shopping was not going to feed us for a week.

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