Today I am writing A letter from the heart to my beautiful Daughter.  To let her know she is not alone and we are here to fight her corner.

Dear Daughter

You have been ill since New Years Eve, you have been in pain, and unwell for all this time.

I have taken you to numerous Dr appointments, various hospital appointments, held your hand when having your many blood tests. Cuddled you, chatted with you when you have been able too. Gone out shopping to get you something you fancy to eat.

I have chased results, rushed around picking up various prescriptions.

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I feel your pain

When alone, I cry as I can not take away the pain you are in. I can not take away the sadness in your eyes. If there was a way I could be the one who is suffering I would swap in a heartbeat.

You have been so brave, you do not like the blood tests. But you just get on with it, you were a star when having your MRI scan.

I know you are scared, upset and miserable at the moment. You have no energy, if you do anything you are in pain in your head and legs.

You miss school, you miss your friends, I know you think I am nagging you or being mean trying to get you up for school, as you can not concentrate because of various things when you are there and, I know you are scared as I am that you are falling too far behind.


I am fighting for you everyday, with the health professionals who are trying to get you better and with school, to try to work out what is best to do. They are just as helpless as I am as to what to do for the best.

I make this promise to you though, I will not stop fighting, I will not stop trying to get you up and about and I promise I will find a medication that will help you maintain a normal life.

Dad and I have stopped your medication as they did not help with the pain and just made you sleep or left you spaced out.

My heart breaks a bit more each day to see you so ill and not know what it is or what to do, I am not sleeping properly as I am so worried.

Just remember I love you so very much, and I will not stop until I get my happy Daughter back.

Love you always

Mum xxx

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