Meet The Blogger – Lieze


Following on in my Meet The Blogger series, today I am introducing you to Lieze who blogs over at Glitter Rebel.

Meet The Blogger – Lieze



My name is Lieze. And I am a Belgian living in Dubai with my British husband. We made a conscious decision to travel the world. My husband as an international teacher, me as a freelancer and travel blogger. It was the best decision we ever made!


I have been blogging since forever. I started as a music journalist for some online music magazines and I did this for 5 years. Also I was specialized in Metal and Punk and was meeting (and sometimes even partying with) people who I looked up to. As this was interfering with my studies, I decided to turn it down a notch which ultimately meant I quit.

I also had a food blog, one of the biggest ones in Belgium. At that time I had not a single clue how to monetize websites so even though I was involved in projects with national Belgian TV I decided to pull the plug and move on. I still hate that decision and swore never to make that mistake again. At that time it just seemed like a very sensible thing to do.

A few years later

A few years later I met my husband and I was basically commuting between Antwerp and London. I was 3 days in Antwerp and 4 days in London. I had quit my job 4 months after I met him so I could move in 3 months later. It might seem very soon, but “when you know, you know.”

It’s on those long Antwerp-London commutes that I started my book and self-publishing blog. I had always been interested in writing books but found that there wasn’t a whole lot of great information out there for authors looking to publish and market their books. I started a podcast and a blog and although the podcast is long gone, the blog is still going strong. In London I started my career in Marketing, first with a Kensington-based skincare brand, later on as an Online Marketing executive.

Having to look at blogs the whole day and getting acquainted with the beauty/lifestyle blogger world made me want to start a blog too! That’s why I created as a beauty and lifestyle blog. Turns out that if you are not very passionate about your niche, it is hard to keep blogging. So glitterrebel was abandoned for about a year before I blew off the cobwebs and started blogging about my life as a soon-to-be expat. It is now a travel blog full of great travel advice interspersed with a few lifestyle posts.


Massively. Blogs are not a static entity. As the owner of the blog changes, the blog and the content change. There are so many lifestyle bloggers who became mommy bloggers because their situation changed, because they got a kid. The same happened to me. My husband and I decided that we wanted to spend our life travelling the world and as that became the focus of my life if automatically became the focus of my blog. I am 100% sure that once my husband and I have kids there will be a whole load of articles and blog posts about travelling Asia with kids.

As the niche of my blog changed I also changed the look of my blog. I am always on the lookout for great themes or new graphics to include in my blog. Another thing that changed was me choosing to start writing long form. Almost all of my articles since I started blogging again are 1000 words minimum. Most of them are between 2000 and 3000 words. That’s a MASSIVE amount of writing, but I feel that long form is the best way to provide my readers with great articles filled with tons of helpful information and tips. Apparently it’s also great for SEO as long-form articles are linked to more than others which obviously drives up your backlinks and DA.


Nothing I can think of


I haven’t had bad experiences or moments yet. Touch wood! I just have this one small problem that Dubai tends to block the servers my websites are stored on. I use Versio because the have cheap packages when it comes to hosting multiple websites on one server. But it now turns out that i need to use a VPN to work and access my websites – which is a bummer!


1. Be patient. I know there are thousands of articles out there of bloggers claiming to have made 1000’s in their first month. That’s great for them, but don’t let it discourage you when it doesn’t happen for you. A blog and the traffic need time to grow. As long as you work hard and come up with great and unique content, you will get there.

2. Focus on providing your readers with great content, information and tips and tricks. I get a lot of emails from bloggers complaining that it is too hard to get collabs or to attract readers. When I visit their blog I notice that 90% of their posts are about their everyday life. When people read a blog post they are looking for 1. Information or 2. Entertainment. Most posts about your personal life are neither of these two. Make sure that great informative posts are the corner stones of your blogs. You can intersperse with very personal posts but I would keep these to a minimum – maximum 1 in 10. Once you notice these posts getting traction you can increase the number steadily.


How much you can earn blogging. Wow! Some people are EASILY making double what I did as a marketing executive in London. Okay, sure. You need to work very hard. But to me that’s worth it.


My husband and I travel a lot. We went to Nepal in March/April, China in Summer, Belgium, France, the UK and Ireland after, and I have a whole list of other countries and tickets we are currently booking… you get my drift haha.

We also like to eat! as we are massive foodies and we actually travel to eat! No seriously, we choose destinations depending on the food we would like to try in the destinations. We went to Nepal because I wanted to learn how to make MoMo. We are also geeks – we play dungeons and play a lot of computer and boardgames.


Invest it in real estate and then travel the world off the rent.


Blogger… I don’t really know. Vlogger: BaldandBankrupt! If you’re into travel you NEED to check him out

You can follow Lieze at

Blog – Glitter Rebel

Pinterest – @glitterrebelblog

Instgagram – @glitterrebelblog

Thank you Lieze for introducing yourself and telling my readers all about your Blog and yourself.

If you missed last weeks post or any of the other posts in the series, you can find the post in my Meet The Blogger section.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your interview with Lieze. I thought she shared some great suggestions; things that I will definitely keep in mind, especially about what people read blogs — to be informed and/or to be entertained. Good insights!

  2. I always enjoy so much reading about everyone story here on your blog and discover new bloggers.Lieze sounds like such a lovely girl and blogger !

  3. Hi Lieze! thanks for sharing a bit of your story! That commute sounds like it would have been horrid when you were first married. And thanks for the encouragement about #s and stats. I don’t make money from my blog but I do get free press tickets to review shows that i otherwise couldn’t afford. And BTW I love your hair color. Gorgeous!!

  4. I’d love to travel much more internationally too. I loved Brussels and I schooled in England. Alas, I’ve got a full-time career but I still manage to squeeze in trips abroad and within the country too.

  5. I am glad to know about Lieze. It’s a great way to introduce other bloggers to us. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love her advice of being patient and maintaining ones focus, those are important for anyone that wants to be successful as a blogger.

  7. Always good to meet another blogger. I hear you on the travel, as I love to do as much as I can xx

  8. Great to meet Lieze. Appreciate her advice about writing good content and focusing on information and/or entertainment.

  9. Great interview as always, you never fail to deliver. It is true that blogs with a minimum of a thousand words and up tend to be more popular but if a writer doesn’t have that many words to write, it’s best they write what they can provided it is meaningful. I also agree that blogging requires patience just like everything in life. Nice read.

  10. It’s so cool to read the perspective of someone who’s been blogging for so long. I feel like the average age of a bloggers a couple years, so when you exceed that it gets really interesting to see who has made it that long.

    1. A couple of years is an achievement as a lot of people give up before this time as they never realised the work that goes into it x

  11. It’s great to hear Lieze‘s story. I too was surprised by how much money can be made from blogging, at first it was more of a hobby but now I am able to help support my family using my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Patience is something that many newcomers doesn’t have nowadays and they always want things get it quickly and easy. All things needs time.

  13. This is inspiring and I can totally relate with her. I had tried different niches for my blog and yes, if it’s not your passion, it would be so hard to write. I am actually planning to start a book/ book review blog. Planning to launch it before the year ends. Thank you for sharing her story.

  14. I really identify with the idea that since the beginning the blog has changed massively. It’s like a totally different site!

  15. Nice to meet you Lieze, thanks for sharing yourself and your story. I’m also thinking of putting something like this in my blog soon.

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