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Meet The Blogger

Meet The Blogger

Meet The Blogger

This is my brand new weekly series Meet The Blogger.

Each week I will host a different Blogger who all answer the same pre-set questions.

I share this with you all, bringing you together with a new blogger you may not have heard of, or read before.

I have had such lovely feed back, on my Meet The Blogger series.  Both from the Bloggers who have taken part, to those who have been introduced to a new blog.

The Blogging community is a very supportive community, always helping out if there is a problem.  That this is just one way I can say thank you.

Even before I started Blogging, I used to love reading about the person behind the blog.  To find out a little more about the real them.

Please keep checking back each week, to see the latest Blogger.  I am always happy to hear from you as well as you have all proved to be just as supportive.

If you are a Blogger and would like to take part in the series, you can find a link to the questions on any of the posts.